Cryptocamperltd Review: a Broker to Avoid!

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Cryptocamperltd Review
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Cryptocamperltd is an entity that is not offering clients negative account balance protection. Investors could lose more money than what they initially deposited. Additionally, the scheme is not working with reputable financial institutions to segregate their accounts from traders. 

Cryptocamperltd is a company whose main focus is to provide excellent trading conditions. They use the best cutting-edge innovative platforms. The company builds a conducive investment environment. It assures investors that join them of exceptional performance. 

Nonetheless, you should perform thorough research on a company. Do not only take into account what the platform avails. The number of fraudulent schemes in the market continues to surge. Traders that are not cautious end up losing a lot of money. 

Cryptocamperltd Review, Cryptocamperltd Company

Cryptocamperltd state it is an award-winning enterprise. Their service targets both retail and corporate investors. Unfortunately, the scheme leaves out the name of organizations which recognize them for their great work. This is a recently established scheme. We suspect it uses false information to win over more victims.

The entity lacks a trading history. Their performance reports are missing from the website. The company does not have what it takes to transform the investment sector. They lack transparency. The broker’s survival is determined by new clients that sign up on their website. The moment people stop buying their narrative, the firm will not receive funds. The only thing left is for them to shut down the website. Review

Cryptocamperltd is offering over 15,000 products. The advantage of having several products is investors can diversify their risks. We cannot guarantee whether the offshore platform is trading several assets. The venture claims it operates in over 200 countries. 

You should ask yourself if the scheme is legally in business. Financial bodies have strict rules that investment schemes must comply with. The problem with dealing with unregulated schemes is the company tends to violate investors’ rights.

Cryptocamperltd falsely claims it is licensed. The scheme also claims it works with top-tier liquidity providers. They fail to disclose the organization they partner with, and we can only assume this is another ploy to trap more victims. The founders of the entity are early crypto investors. They have gained good insight regarding trading activities. Unfortunately, they choose to remain discreet. The company fails to credit them.

Investing with anonymous people is unwise. The individuals can end up disappearing in thin air. If the company had nothing to hide, it would not have a problem operating in full transparency. 

For those looking for legitimate crypto investment opportunities, you can try out some of the best companies in the market. The ventures are working with professionals. They have also been in the market for years. 

Trading Conditions of Cryptocamperltd

Cryptocamperltd has TradingView charts. Investors cannot use these materials to execute the trade. They can only confuse novice traders with such materials. Investors that are experienced can easily detect the loopholes of the broker. The MetaTrader interface is one of the popular software in the industry. It has extensive advantages and rips more returns. Review, Features

The company advertises leverage of 1:500. The cap is beyond what various financial bodies approve. The European region only allows the broker to provide leverage of 1:30. A high limit does the open possibility for higher returns. However, leverage is a double-sided sword. It can also lead to substantial losses. Withdrawal and Deposits 

Cryptocamperltd is an expensive investment company. It accepts a minimum capital of $500. Investors can cash in via BTC or contact the company for alternative methods. We do not recommend making a deposit using crypto payments when you do not trust a company. 

Crypto payments are futile. It is impossible to issue a chargeback or identify the wallet holder. The shady company does not have legal documentation. Therefore, it is impossible to know the withdrawal requirements. We cannot verify the duration it takes for them to process the withdrawal requests. 

Cryptocamperltd is the kind of company that will ask for hidden charges. The information converses when investors ask for a cash-out. The con artist will retain your money in their system for as long as possible. 

Scammers use intriguing adverts to trap more victims. They are pretty convincing, and those looking for rich quick opportunities click on their bait. The Ponzi schemes will keep asking for more money with the promise of more profits. However, you will receive distasteful treatment once you run out of money. 

The same friendly and sweet individuals will turn against you. They may even call you names and refuse to pick up your call. Fraudsters never last long in the market. They shut down their business after a year. They will emerge again using a different name. The cycle goes back and forth. The only way to avoid scammers is to educate yourself on trading activities. There are numerous free resources that you can use. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Unfortunately, we do not know the company’s area of operation. Cryptocamperltd has fake contact details, which are pointless to discuss. It is impossible to trace down the broker once they exit the market. Never share personal data with people who cannot entrust their whereabouts information to the public.

Genuine companies understand the importance of being transparent. They will hire a  team of professionals to handle the issue facing traders. We did not see clients’ reviews on the platform. Therefore, we do not know the quality of support clients will receive. 

Regulatory Status of Cryptocamperltd

Cryptocamperltd state it has a license from the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC). The other license is from Vanuatu financial agency (FSC). We checked the database of the watchdogs. Sadly, the platform is lying about its regulatory status. It is a serious offense to mislead traders. 

Their office address shows the scheme has offices in Switzerland and UK. These are strictly regulated jurisdictions. Investment schemes ought to acquire a license before collecting funds. The outrageous platform has multiple red flags, making them unfit to be legally in the market.

Cryptocamperltd is an entity that is not offering clients negative account balance protection. Investors could lose more money than what they initially deposited. Additionally, the scheme is not working with reputable financial institutions to segregate their accounts from traders. 

The venture can misuse clients’ funds without their knowledge. The shady firm could become insolvent. The worst thing that can happen is leaving the market with traders’ money. Offshore firms do not offer compensation to their clients. It is also impossible to track them down. 

Cryptocamperltd registration number is fake. It does not mean much having a registration document as the form is easily and cheaply acquired. This broker cannot afford such a certificate makes us doubt whether the firm can successfully run an investment scheme. Avoid offshore companies as the risk which comes with them are numerous. 

Final Verdict 

Cryptocamperltd makes unrealistic promises. The determination of the entity to remain relevant is on another level. The scheme even claims it has regulatory certificates from three reputable agencies. Unfortunately, the information is both misleading and false. Moreover, the shady entity lacks a terms and conditions policy. They also do not have decent trading software. The only thing that can save investors from the scheme is to avoid the entity.

Invest wisely by choosing some of the best crypto trading companies. Go for platforms with trading history. Those that existing customers endorse. You will enjoy better rewards and peace of mind. If you face any shortcomings, you can count on their professional team to resolve them. 


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