Cryptofundfx Review: an Obvious Scam

Cryptofundfx Review, Cryptofundfx Company
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Cryptofundfx Review
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Cryptofundfx is an awful crypto trading scam platform that was created with the sole aim of stealing client deposits. The company has many negative reviews by customers who previously used the website as an investment. Chose to invest in reliable and trustworthy crypto trading companies, which ensures transparency.

Cryptofundfx is a company that is dealing with cryptocurrency and Forex. Several financial watchdogs have already blacklisted this platform. Investors who joined them with the prospect of making returns will be disappointed.

However, this company market itself as a reliable, innovative and simple cryptocurrency trading entity. The registration process is allegedly very fast, and once you deposit funds, you can begin earning a huge return.

The platform promise traders a generous margin that can help increase their profits.  They also send trading signals to their customers. You can also contact their professional team regarding any query during trading activity.

Cryptofundfx Review, Cryptofundfx Company

Cryptofundfx is a company that has no intention of making anyone rich. They are dealing with very volatile assets. Nonetheless, this firm promise is a return of 92%. Such claims are only made by scammers. Every investment encounters losses. There cannot only be profit-making scenarios.

The broker fails to provide their trading results to back up their claims. Moreover, the team that the scam brags about is not credited for their good job. The platform expects investors to believe in them blindly without showcasing the qualification of the year account managers or who they are. Review

Cryptofundfx assures investors that they can trade over 500 cryptos and ICOs in the market. Some of the coins you can trade include; NEO, ETH, BTC, IOTA, XRP, Montero etc. The company claims that it is reliable and uses a  superior mechanism to generate stable returns.

Investors can trade using web-based platforms with several features that allegedly grant you easy accessibility in a trading strategy. The entity also assists their client in managing their risks. The charts offered by the venture are integrated and powerful.

The layout is customized to suit the needs of traders. Unfortunately, all these pictures are useless coming from a Ponzi scheme. The narrative of becoming rich overnight is vague. You will only be making these scammers rich by falling for their ploy.

Cryptofundfx is another scam that is hiding behind technology and promising traders an easy money-making option. They boast about being among the best cryptocurrency venture in the industry. The company stated that it is accepting funds via MasterCard, visa, digital currencies, and wire transfer.

We do not recommend this platform to traders because the red flag it showcase are multiple. Invest with reliable crypto investment companies that care about your experience. They treat their customers professionally and process withdrawals in time.

How Does Cryptofundfx  Operate?

Cryptofundfx is a pyramid scheme that relies on their existing clients to invite more customers for them. The company subject traders to do their dirty buildings on their behalf. The platform promises a range of $200 up to $2000 as affiliate rewards.

You won’t find a legit crypto trading company having a referral program if they are conducting trading activities. There is no evidence that the entity is involved in investment services. Therefore, once you give them access to your money, there’s no going back or recovering it.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Cryptofundfxis an expensive extortion system. Their cheapest investment account will cost you $1000. This is above the average market standard. There are better reliable cryptocurrency investment companies that charge as low as $100.

We found that the company is only accepting funds via wire transfer method. It contradicts the information that the platform provides. Wire transfer does not allow clients to issue a chargeback. Therefore, once you deposit your money, kiss it goodbye.

Whenever you deposit funds with a company that is not reputable, we recommend that you use the credit or debit card option. This is because it allows you to issue a chargeback for up to 540 days. The financial institution is trying its level best to protect investors against fraudulent activities.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Cryptofundfx request investors to fill out a contact form to help them resolve their issue immediately. The company displays three office addresses on its website. Based on the information, they are located in Switzerland, Canada, Cyprus, Dominica, Germany, and United Kingdom.

Cryptofundfx Scam Review, Cryptofundfx Customer Support

You can contact the support team via email or telephone number. However, several complaints have been raised by traders regarding the unethical behaviour of this platform. Investors are reporting negligence of the support in handling their queries. A legit company will respond to their customers in time. Additionally, they don’t feature false office address for transparency purposes. You can visit them whenever you please to process your issues.

Cryptofundfx Regulation Status

Cryptofundfx claims to have offices in strictly jurisdiction areas. The various government are on the lookout to protect their citizens against dealing with scammers. Investment companies need to meet certain measures before starting their business.

A company ought to have deposited a certain amount of fund as initial capital before commencing its investment activities. The amount act as compensation in case an entity faces bankruptcy. Scammers will often discredit getting licensing documents because they are only after enriching themselves.

Furthermore, the financial regulatory body of Austria has blacklisted Cryptofundfx. This is a critical and serious red flag that should not be taken lightly. The crypto trading entity is an obnoxious scam that will leave you high and dry.

They do not provide funds for safety, and the uncertainty of their survival is a dire factor. Investors will wake up one day and find their website down. And fewer that you invest with a  reliable company that is legit.

Clients Feedback

Cryptofundfx has acquired several client reviews online. Investors are complaining of fraudulent activities regarding this entity. Once you open an account, there are no activities that take place. However, the broker will contact you requesting more funds.

They do not process the withdrawal request. Upon investors request to cash out and they give all sorts of excuses. The company will entice you in the beginning that withdrawals are processed immediately. It is unprofessional of them to ask for more money.

Unfortunately, Cryptofundfx also has some positive reviews which we believe are fake. There are clients who claim to have made a fortune using this firm. Clients are praising the account manager for helping them throughout the trading process.

They claim that this broker is the best in the market. Sadly, there’s no evidence of payment taking place. The ponzi scheme takes advantage of Innocent investors by presenting false information to attract more sales.

The negative reviews surpass the positive endorsement. Investor claims that they would see funds increase in their account over time. Once you deposit a minimum amount of £250, you will gain massive profit. However, once you proceed to withdraw, the company cuts communication by blocking you.

Traders after logging in are reporting a negative balance, which is against the requirement of financial watchdog. You will never find a legit broker with such shady behaviour. The alleged fund managers will take you on a complete ride if you try getting your funds back.

A client who is skeptical regarding the negative reviews is constantly reassured that this is not the best venture in the market. We recommend that you research before depositing your funds in any system to determine the legibility of a platform.

Final Verdict

Cryptofundfx does not have a terms and conditions policy. Moreover, they are not licensed by the appropriate financial regulatory bodies. The negative testimonials of investors who have used their services before are a clear indicator that this is not the right company.

There are several better cryptocurrency trading company that you can utilise. You can view their trading history as well as the happy client feedback. Never settle for less and choose the top trading bot in the market.


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