CryptoFXStream Review: Beware of this Unregulated Crypo Scam

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CryptoFXStream Review
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The entity is only interested in making money. It is privately registered and it is therefore hard to determine the people that are running this venture. The entity has a low alexa traffic.

CryptoFXStream is allegedly an investment company that is dealing with crypto trading activities. The firm states that it is based in the UK. The broker state that Its mains objective is to provide an opportunity that allows investors to increase their money.

You only need to deposit funds with them. Moreover, the entity is also dealing with forex. They strive to meet the needs of their clients. The company states that forex trading is one of the many ways that you can use to earn a passive income.

The broker claims that it knows and understands the struggle which investors go through. Therefore, they have built their website in a way that is easy for them to use. The platform has a one-click trading option. Therefore, you do not need to have a trading experience to benefit.

CryptoFXStream Review, CryptoFXStream Company

CryptoFXStream also trades on the behalf of their clients. It brags that their traders’ team is experienced. They have been trading for years. The broker speaks highly of itself. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up their claims.

They fail to show the currencies that they are trading. We also do not know the mechanism which the company is using to generate these high returns. If you are not keen and proceed to invest with them you will be counting high losses. Review

CryptoFXStream is a modern-day scam that lacks transparency. The entity only promises investors they are going to make high returns. However, the qualification of the people that are behind this organization is not availed.

How will you know that the platform has what it takes to generate high returns for you? They also do not have trading results. The broker only has an appealing trading narrative. Their website is also built with attractive colors. That is all that the entity has.

CryptoFXStream does not have a history in the market. Avoid them at all costs. The ultimate objective of this company is to steal from as many traders as they can. It is an unprofessional scheme that does not care about its clients.

The company subjects its clients to have a BTC wallet before registering. It is a custom that has grown popular with fraudsters. The reason why they ask you to avail of the information is that the entity is only receiving funds via crypto.

Invest with legit crypto trading companies that are reputable and genuine. You will generate real-time returns without compromising your safety. Moreover, these platforms discuss their trading activities in detail.

Investment Accounts and Returns

CryptoFXStream has four investment accounts. The starters plan account accepts funds ranging from $40 up to $600. You will receive 4% returns after 24 hours. The more money that you deposit the higher returns that you are going to generate.

You need to deposit $15000 or more to earn 15% profits within 72 hours. The company sounds like a dream come true. Investors who come across this entity and lack adequate knowledge of how investment operates will lose funds.

CryptoFXStream Scam Review, CryptoFXStream Features

 Cryptocurrency and Forex trading activities are not getting rich quick assets. You need to gain the relevant skills if you want to trade successfully. Moreover, there is no evidence that there are clients that have earned using this entity.

Features of CryptoFXStream

The platform state that it has multiple features those investors can benefit from if they choose to trade with them. The broker states that it has the best security in the industry. Therefore investors’ funds are secure.

However, the only thing that this broker has to show is their SSL and DDoS certificates. The material shows that your data is secure and cannot land at a third party. Nonetheless, this is not enough to guarantee your money is in good hands.

The people running CryptoFXStream are the ones that you should be wary of. These are con artists that present information that lures innocent investors’ into their scheme. The entity state that it has multiple methods the investors can use to earn.

It does not matter the amount that you deposit eventually you are going to earn big. These promises are usually made by scammers. Moreover, the company brags that it has a professional team that manages its activity.

Customer Support

CryptoFXStream state that it has a reliable customer support team that is ready to respond on time. The team operates 24/7. Therefore, you can entrust your funds with them. You can contact them via email, live chat, or phone.

Scammers will provide you with all the assurance that you need. The problem is that once the firm gets money from you will cease to be important. Their phone will no longer go through. You will not have anywhere to turn to.

Additionally, Ponzi schemes provide random addresses which are not their actual location. Therefore, trying to contact them will be futile. The best thing that you can do is to trade with genuine legit brokers that present all the relevant information.

Regulation and Registration

CryptoFXStream is a company that features a registration number on its website. This does not mean that the entity is operating legally. A Registration form will not safeguard your money. The entity state that it is based in the UK.

However, this information is not true. Moreover, the entity is not in the database of the FCA. The company is offering investment services without having the necessary documentation. The Financial Conduct Authority is a strict watchdog that protects the citizens of the UK.

A company must deposit an amount of 730K Euro for them to operate legally. It acts as an initial deposit and investors stand a chance of being compensated once the entity faces insolvency. An investment firm must also report its daily trading activities.

CryptoFXStream does not meet these requirements. The entity is targeting traders from the United Kingdom. Exercise caution and stay away from this venture to avoid becoming their next victim. They are also accepting payment using means that limit investors from issuing a chargeback.

The Domain Insight

The company registration took place in August 2020. It will expire in the same month the year 2021. Nonetheless, CryptoFXSteram lies that it was in existence since 2019. Once a platform cannot be trusted with minor details like these ones it creates more worry.

The entity is only interested in making money. It is privately registered and it is therefore hard to determine the people that are running this venture. The entity has a low alexa traffic.


Final Verdict

CryptoFXStream is a broker that appears to be dealing with BTC investment only. The entity has investment accounts that have very high profits. Nonetheless, the entity also states that it is dealing with forex assets. We could not find any information that validates this data.

There is a lot of info that is missing from this entity which is not a mistake. The platform features statistics that show they are lying. The entity is allegedly serving investors from over 85 countries. The withdrawal that the entity has handled since it began its business does not rhyme with the traffic that is visiting their website.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the market that are actually trading. These ventures care about their clients’ satisfaction. Therefore, your money is safe with them. It will be a priority trading and earn passive returns.

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