Cryptofxtrades Review: a Scam

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Cryptofxtrades Review
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Cryptofxtrades is a scam that will not be in the market in the future. They do not have a license from the regulatory body. Therefore, investors will not benefit from their trading activities. Invest with the best crypto trading venture instead.

Cryptofxtrades is a company that specializes in digital currency investment services. On their website, several pops keep indicating the funds that their clients have earned. However, there is no evidence of investment services taking place.

The entity is allegedly accepting investors from all over the world. Unfortunately, this entity does not meet the requirements set by various governments. They guarantee constant returns to their customers.

Cryptofxtrades states that it wants to achieve mass adaption for cryptocurrencies. The venture states that it has invested its funds in blockchain technology. Therefore, their experts will assist you in generating stable returns.

Cryptofxtrades Review: Cryptofxtrades Company

The company brags that its team has experience in both traditional and technology markets. The entity brags that it is a legal venture. Unfortunately, all we see with this firm are red flags. They are operating anonymously without having the necessary documentation.

Investors should research a platform before depositing their hard-earned funds. The market is plagued with multiple scammers. Their sole intention is to steal from as many people as they can. Moreover, they only end up exiting the market without any notice. Review

Cryptofxtrades is an investment company that is offering financial advisory services to its clients. The platform assures investors they will increase their total growth. Investors need to manage their assets wisely to be able to generate constant returns.

The firm allegedly invests in various financial sectors in the industry. The entity will minimize the risks as they maximize the profits. The company is a get rich quick scheme. Unfortunately, this remains a fantasy that will never come to pass.

Investors need to understand that there is no easy way of generating ridiculous returns.  Cryptocurrencies are not a money-making machine. This is the hard truth. Cryptofxtrades is a venture that does not have a great reputation in the market.

The firm assures investors their security is the platform’s main priority. The only thing they have is an SSL certificate, which does not mean much. The main people that you should be scared about are the ones running this venture.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies that are trustworthy. These firms have been in the market for years. Moreover, you can also read their happy clients’ testimonials. Investors should be keen when dealing with discreet investment ventures.

How Does Cryptofxtrades Operates?

Cryptofxtradesis allegedly accepting funds via Bitcoin Cash, Visa, Perfect Money, Master Card, Ethereum, Wire transfer, Payeer, Tether, Dash, and Bitcoin. However, considering that this is a scam, there is no method available to recovering your funds.

They only put up these requirements to appear as credible ventures, which they are not. Additionally, the platform also features statistics that will leave your mouth wide open. Sadly, the time that this company has been in the market does not reflect these numbers.

It is important to note that it takes time for an investment firm to establish itself. Therefore, there is no way that Cryptofxtrades has low traffic then claims to have served a high number of clients. The entity is a losing entity that will leave most investors high and dry.

The company does not disclose its trading conditions. Therefore, it is hard for investors to know the average win rate or the drawdown to expect. Moreover, we do not know the trading tools which this firm is using.

Our best advice to investors is to look for better crypto trading companies in the market. Research about a company before blindly entrusting your funds to them. Additionally, it would help if you acquired the trading skills and familiarize yourself with the trading process.

Investment Plans and Returns

Cryptofxtrades has four investment plans. The venture offers professional charts to their clients. Moreover, they also assure them of sending them trading alerts. Their plans are very expensive. The least amount that you can deposit is $900.

Cryptofxtrades Review; Cryptofxtrades Plans

The weekly VIP plan requires a deposit of $100000, the monthly premium packages accept $90000, and the monthly VIP does not have a limit. The company does not disclose the money that you are going to make.

Nonetheless, you must note cryptos are very volatile. Therefore, it is not easy to predict the profits that you are going to yield. Scammers use enticing deals to lure in more victims. However, you will never get your funds back.

Regulation Status

Cryptofxtrades claims it is registered in the USA. Often you won’t find many investment companies based in the United States. It is because there are strict measures that financial companies need to adhere to and observe.

The country is strict and protects its clients from scammers. Therefore, avoid this entity as they are not licensed. The venture is operating on its own accord without being managed by anyone. There are better investment ventures in the industry that you can use.

Investing with a regulated broker comes with multiple benefits. For instance, investors stand a chance of being compensated once the broker faces bankruptcy. Additionally, there is segregation of funds, which ensure money does not go directly into the fraudsters’ pocket.

Cryptofxtrades Contact Details

Cryptofxtrades is a platform that claims to be based in the USA. Sadly, this information is put on their website for transparency purposes. The venture chooses to operate anonymously. It is a suspicious venture that we do not know their whereabouts. Additionally, investors can reach the entity via email.

The company has a telephone number. Unfortunately, the platform will only contact you when they need more money. Once you try reaching them, it will be a mouse cat chase. Scammers never respond to the email address of their customers.

Therefore, you will be in for a rude shock once you try getting your funds back. The entity will disappear from the face of the earth. The sad thing is that you will not get anything out of your investment.

Clients Testimonials

The company features a number of testimonials on their website from their alleged investors. One client claims that he had a bad experience in the past. He even thought that crypto investment is a scam. However, one of his friends assured him that Cryptofxtrades is a game-changer.

Additionally, he assured him in case he made any losses, the funds will be refunded. The investors’ life has changed ever since. Therefore, he urges newbies not to be afraid and join the company. The platform is being marketed as a legit and transparent entity.

Cryptofxtrades grow the funds of their clients at high speed. The withdrawal requests are also handled in time without any delays. We also learned that the venture is dealing with Binary Options. These assets have been banned by several governments in the market.

The risk associated with them is high. Unfortunately, the testimonials that this venture presents are fake and misleading. The company manipulates the information to win over more victims. Third-party websites do not have clients’ feedback.

Moreover, the venture is using stock images, which are a major red flag. The determination of this scam to stay relevant is astonishing. Investors should be careful when investing with Ponzi schemes in the market.

Final Verdict

Cryptofxtrades is a company that is operating without a license. The entity uses false testimonials to lure innocent investors into their dirty scheme. We do not recommend this entity to the public. The best thing you can do is to protect yourself from fraudsters by acquiring the relevant knowledge.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the industry that are regulated. Their customer support is also reliable and friendly. Invest with the best ventures that will save you from investing with the wrong platform.

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