CryptoIFX Review: a Notorious Crypto Platform

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CryptoIFX Review
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CryptoIFX is a broker that has negative reviews. The venture is capable of making away with your funds if you give them access. The entity has tempting offers for its customers, but this should not be why you venture with them.

CryptoIFX is a company that claims it has multiple assets for investors. You can trade forex, equities, cryptos, and derivatives under one account. The entity is accepting clients from all over the world. They also assure investors that their money is highly secured.

The broker is all about integrity and trust. However, this is a company that you should not be quick to trust. It displays multiple red flags that make them undesirable. The firm state that it has over 100 trading assets.

CryptoIFX Review, CryptoIFX Company

CryptoIFX performs thorough research on behalf of its clients. You do not need to perform any hard tasks. Some of the venture’s currency pairs are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and USDCAD.

There is also a calculator that investors can use to estimate their payout. Despite the entity having to lure trading leverage, investors are still not interested in their services. The company does not have client reviews which prove this is a dirty scheme. Review

CryptoIFX does not have endless opportunities. The entity states that it has attained success during the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, this is a platform that does not have a trading history. The people that are operating this scheme are running the whole show behind a closed door.

The broker does not have a trading result, which is a big red flag. Additionally, it does not disclose the drawdown to expect from them. They guarantee fast transactions to investors. You can trade with the best entities that have been in the market for years.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the world. You will earn real-time returns without the fear of being exploited. The trading results of these companies prove that they are worthy of your trust.

Trading Conditions of CryptoIFX

The platform has a leverage of 1:400. It is beyond what the financial watchdog permits. The EU limits the leverage to 1:30 while the USA and Canada have a limit of 1:50. As you can see, CryptoIFX has questionable deals.

The entity states that it has a user-friendly, secure trading platform. Unfortunately, we do not know which interface is available. We suggest that you find a broker with a MetaTrader platform you will get the best outcome and multiple features.

Investors might be tempted to give this venture a chance. However, the risks that you are exposed to are severe. We always encourage our clients to invest in the best ventures in the market that has the best interest for them.

CryptoIFX is an unregulated offshore firm that can disappear at any time. They are nasty, and taking such a cap from them will jeopardize your trading. We do not know the spread to expect from this firm. Trade wisely and invest with the best firms.

CryptoIFX Withdrawal and Deposit

The broker is accepting funds via MasterCard, bank, visa, and wire transfers. However, we took the information from their website. Therefore, we cannot verify whether all the above methods are accessible. If this review fails to convince you that this is a scam, we suggest using debit or credit cards to deposit money.

The minimum amount to deposit at CryptoIFX is $250. Unfortunately, the broker does not feature any info regarding the withdrawals. The company avails this data to clients that deposit money on their website. Review, CryptoIFX Features

Therefore, investors can only speculate when it comes to this entity. The platform is luring investors to their website. Once you join them, you expose yourself to multiple risks. The company does not have a trading history or a legal document.

Hence, they are not guided by a policy. The inactivity duration period and fees are left out. We additionally do not know whether the venture is charging fees upon withdrawal. The company is unworthy of traders’ trust.

CryptoIFX Contact Details

CryptoIFX location is at 5 Richmond Hill Road, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent, and Grenadines. The platform has icons for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, once you click on them, you will be directed to the home page.

We do not understand why the platform has put up the data. You can contact them via email only. There is no other communication channel available. Legit investment companies usually set up several modes of communication.

You can also easily reach them via phone at any time. The firms ensure they hire a professional customer support team. They will treat you in a friendly manner and respond in time. The ventures are also transparent.

Regulation and Registration

CryptoIFX is based in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. The area does not license forex trading companies. Additionally, the spot is infamously known for accommodating fraudulent firms. Therefore, once you come across a venture bragging about being located here, watch out for them.

The company has a registration certificate from the area. However, there is a big dissimilarity between being regulated and being licensed. Therefore, walk away from this broker while you still can. The firm does not offer fund safety to the investors.

CryptoIFX is a Ponzi scheme that plans to exploit investors. You will not get compensation once the firm seizes to exist. Therefore, find a more genuine broker with a license from FCA, NFA, ASIC, CySEC, or any other reputable financial watchdog.

The Domain Insight is a company that is new in the industry. The broker was established in March 2021. They seek to be in the market for only one year. They do not have much traffic visiting their webpage. Despite the broker being fresh in the market, they can publish their performance to win over traders. Unfortunately, since we are dealing with a Ponzi scheme, it has nothing to show.

Clients Feedback

CryptoIFX is a broker that has negative reviews. The venture is capable of making away with your funds if you give them access. The entity has tempting offers for its customers, but this should not be why you venture with them.

They have incentives that purport investors will make unrealistic returns. However, you will be engaging with a fraudulent entity. Their marketers use adverts for marketing fraudulent business. Avoid sharing your phone number with this entity because they will call endlessly.

Scammers never give up until you give them cash. They are tactical and skillful with their work. Even if you are keen, the sales reps will convince you otherwise. It would help if you did not underestimate them. They will even redirect you to their account managers.

CryptoIFX might pay investors at the initial stage of their investment. Nonetheless, this trend does not go on for long. They will stop, and your money shall be trapped in their system. Avoid trusting easily without performing research.

Additionally, check for proof of payment. You will always learn about a platform and what to expect from their customers’ testimonials. Therefore, read the client reviews on third-party websites.

Final Verdict

CryptoIFX is a company that does not have a single advantage for its customers. It is hazardous to entrust your personal data to these fraudsters. The only thing that the people running this broker want from investors is their money.

The platform does not have a license. You put yourself to several risks. The venture is also anonymous, which is enough to prove that they are involved in illegal activities. You cannot go after them once their website collapse.

Invest with genuine crypto trading companies that have multiple coins to trade. Additionally, the performance of these platforms is verified. Therefore, you have nothing to lose once you join them. Sign up today and earn passive income.


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