CryptoLiquidityX Review: An Awful Scheme

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CryptoLiquidityX fails to disclose its regulatory status. It is only in their terms and conditions that give a hint the venture is abiding by the rules of Estonian Governing laws. However, there is no evidence of the firm having a license from the region.

CryptoLiquidityX is a platform that is trading forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. Their main products are digital currencies. The platform allegedly also has a cutting-edge trading platform. They claim to have won multiple awards since being in the industry. The firm claims it has fast trading software and top-security measure. 

CryptoLiquidityX Review, 'CryptoLiquidityX Company

It also allegedly has the best web-trader. Unfortunately, the firm fails to disclose the venture that awards them these titles. Once you register, the process only takes a few seconds. The venture is accepting clients from all over the world. Nonetheless, the entity does not have a license.

Before joining any venture, you must ensure it is operating legally. It appears ‘CryptoLiquidityX is an offshore scheme. It is good that they are inclusive but does the scheme abide by rules set by various watchdogs in the industry?  The venture gives investors the liberty of trading in various assets. 

The scheme promises investors high profits. The mechanism it uses to achieve high returns is still unknown. Moreover, we cannot seem to find the trading results of the venture. Hence, we cannot prove clients are earning from the broker. Review

CryptoLiqudisityX advertises low commission, competitive trading conditions, advanced trading interface, and high-security protocol. Sharing your data, phone number, email, ID, and proof of identity with suspicious firms is unwise. They will keep calling until you give in to their demands.

The sales rep of unregulated firms can do whatever they want without minding the outcome you get. Your privacy is at high risk. The platform is also working as a leverage provider. Them being a market maker, they could make you lose for them to benefit. Nonetheless, the firm states that it does not require clients to provide their data when registering. 

They will need the material when withdrawing money. The venture also claims it has a low commission as they want clients to get the best out of their entity. Some of the available currencies include; CHFJPY, CADCHF, and NZDCHF. The entity wants to transform the lives of its clients. 

Gaining financial freedom does not happen overnight. You need to have the relevant skills to earn real-time returns. Brokers that quick promise reaches end up stealing from innocent people. 

Stick to the regulated cryptocurrency investment schemes in the market. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your money is in safe hands. Moreover, you can read their happy clients’ reviews.

About CryptoLiquidityX

The entity allegedly was established in 2010. It has over 1,500 existing assets. They work with over 14 liquidity providers. It has 200 and above employees, and 7 offices. The statistics that the venture provides are unreliable. The firm has been in the market for a few months.

There is nothing to prove the entity is trading. Moreover, we cannot see the technology that the scheme is using. CryptoLiquidityX is mainly targeting novice traders. You will not find experts wasting their time on the platform. Moreover, we are yet to see the qualification of their team. The entity could be bluffing, yet the people traders entrust to their money are not experts. 

Instead of getting an excellent trading experience, you lose everything. Refrain from dealing with offshore schemes. The majority of them end up leaving the market without giving notice. 

Trading Conditions of CryptoLiquidityX

The entity is offering leverage of 1:80 to 1:500. The more amount you spend, the higher the reward you shall receive. The scheme claims it has multiple indicators and several trading tools. The broker avails a web-based trading platform. Review, FeaturesCryptoLiquidityX claims it has inbuilt risk management tools. The leverage that the scheme offers is not what the regulatory bodies permit. This means more risks that you are going to get. The spread ranges from 2 pips to 3 pips.

It is unfair to clients because investors will be required to pay more. Bonuses are prohibited in various countries like the US and the EU. This is because schemes will manipulate you into meeting unrealistic trade volumes to be able to cash out.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can deposit is 250 EUR. The listed payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, and Wire Transfers. Nonetheless, it appears the platform is only taking funds via crypto payment. You cannot reverse the payment, and neither can you know the person that receives the funds. 

If you gain funds, let say bonuses and other lucrative, you cannot cash out the money immediately. CryptoLiquidityX has the right to reclaim the funds. Instead of wasting your time in this losing entity, we suggest that you look for a genuine scheme. 

Customer Support

CryptoLiquidityX is allegedly operating from Zurich, Switzerland. They also have offices in Qatar, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Berlin, Johannesburg, and Dubai. Unfortunately, the entity does not feature the same region that it operates from.  Hence, there is no proof that the entity originates in either of the places. 

The only method you can use to reach the support is by filling the contact form at the website’s footer. This does not appear to be a serious investment scheme. If they cared about their customers, then all the relevant information should be available.

CryptoLiquidityX is trying its level best to remain discreet. If you encounter any problem, they are not going to respond. Refrain from doing business with the dirty entity. You can invest with some of the leading entities that have the best services in the industry.

Regulation Status of CryptoLiquidityX

CryptoLiquidityX fails to disclose its regulatory status. It is only in their terms and conditions that give a hint the venture is abiding by the rules of Estonian Governing laws. However, there is no evidence of the firm having a license from the region.

After checking on the database of the German regulator BaFIN, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and Swiss watchdog, we did not find the name of the broker. You are not safe with them. There is no fund safety. The scheme lacks transparency. 

You should not trust a broker that does not disclose their actual location. The scheme is also not working with a reputable financial institution. Therefore, all the money that you deposit is going into their account. They also do not have a compensation scheme in place. Hence, the money you cash in will be lost if the firm exits the market.

The Domain Insight

CryptoLiquidityX is a company that claims to have many years of experience. However, it turns out the firm was only registered in March 2020. They plan to exit the market after one year. There is no evidence that the platform existed before using a separate name. The traffic that is visiting the firm is insufficient. Moreover, we cannot trace the feedback of their customers.

Final Verdict

CryptoLiquidityX is not a genuine investment company. The venture is operating as it pleases. They do not have a license from a reputable financial regulator. The people that are running the broker remain discreet. We recommend that you refrain from doing business with a fraudulent scheme that does not care about your safety.

Here is a list of some of the genuine crypto trading companies in the market. You will earn real-time profits. Moreover, the security of your money is guaranteed. These are ventures that have an excellent trading history. 

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