CryptoMarginPro Review: A Desperate Broker

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CryptoMarginPro is an offshore broker that looks forward to offering incredible trade services. They guarantee the use of the most sophisticated tools capable of fast trade executions. Furthermore, they urge you to unlock your way into the crypto trading world once you invest with them. Also, the trading world is not a walk in the park, especially without proper education and technology.

CryptoMarginPro looks forward to attracting the most from crypto investments. Moreover, before you decide to make any deposit with the company, there are numerous factors that you should consider before making further steps with the company. Hence as you read this impartial review on CryptoMarginPro, we highlight the multiple red flags they expose and why your money is not safe.

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Meanwhile, unlike CryptoMarginPro, these crypto trading companies apply tried and tested strategies. CryptoMarginPro features a terrible trade interface, and from a first glance at the website, you immediately doubt the milestones they set. The company requires you to immediately set up a live trading account and benefit from its services. CryptoMarginPro promises a wide range of trade instruments and reliable trade conditions. Review aims to provide its services to all sorts of traders, and they promise commitment to forex education. Moreover, they do not have any helpful educational materials on their website. Hence novice investors will have a hard time understanding how the market operates. Also, without proper education and understanding of the market, your trade experience will be awful.

CryptoMarginPro does not reveal any information on the founders or its employees. Thus you will end up counting on people who hardly have any experience in the trading world. Scammers often hide personal information from customers since they open new companies and make more attempts to rob innocent customers. CryptoMarginPro requires you to provide personal information, yet they do not follow suit. Furthermore, counting on mysterious people is unheard of to profit investors.

CryptoMarginPro was introduced in 2018, but the transparency hardly shows its reliability. The company does not explain how they function, and the software it uses is unknown. does not reveal any algorithm they use to help them stand out from competitors in the market. Nevertheless, automatic trading is preferable to humans since it does not mix with emotions. Even so, you ought to beware not to fall for the wrong instruments.

How Operates does not showcase any specialties despite the overestimated returns they project for customers. They expose numerous similarities to fraudulent schemes, and you do not expect them to function differently. Also, you should fully understand how the software operates, and that, as well as the founders’ information, remains a mystery. They look forward to providing services to customers, yet no educational tools are visible. Furthermore, no expert trader would waste a single dime on the platform.

CryptoMarginPro will find many ways to persuade you into making a deposit. They will urge you to take advantage of one-time opportunities and watch your money multiply fast. You may even come across bonuses on your first deposit up to 100%. However, when you fall for the catch and make a deposit, then consider any business between you and them over. Fraudulent schemes like will block you from accessing their website and cut off communications with you when they have your money. Review, Company

CryptoMarginPro software is not compatible with any reliable trading platform such as Meta Trader, convenient for investing. Accordingly, the company does not seem to have any ongoing trade activities on the platform. They may be attracting negative returns; such data is not welcoming to new traders. Additionally, past trade data for at least three months or more is convenient for investing. Nothing CryptoMarginPro does or promises traders makes any sense.

Funds Safety

CryptoMarginPro claims that your funds are kept in segregated accounts, boosting your money’s safety. However, they do not prove any safety measures as back up thus, investing money in the platform is at your own risk. The company does not have any banking information to affirm that funds safety is reliable. Moreover, the security of your money should always be a top consideration. CryptoMarginPro just exposes so many red flags to warn you against investing even a single dime.

They hide information of the people behind the company, and who is in charge of controlling funds in the platform is unknown. CryptoMarginPro does not allow you to test the platform and familiarize yourself with it before opting to invest real money. They do not have a demo account, so real money is risky to deposit. The platform does not have any data to prove swift transactions from customers. Therefore the only ones benefiting from are the anonymous people who might be keeping your money in personal accounts.

Deposit and Withdrawals

CryptoMarginPro minimum withdrawal is not known. Thus when you contact them, they will persuade you to make hefty deposits. Accordingly, they claim to focus on crypto trading. Consequently, wire transfer and cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible when you make a deposit. Hence if you still want to deposit with CryptoMarginPro, you should use credit/debit options. They guarantee a chargeback of up to 540 days after making a deposit.

CryptoMarginPro does not have a refund policy, and getting money back from the entity is an arduous task. Accordingly, they do not have any details on withdrawals and how long requests take to complete. The company does not have any evidence of successful withdrawals made by customers. Also, you should have instant access to your funds, and any sort of murkiness should serve as a warning.

Customer Support

CryptoMarginPro features a location address: Nieuweijds Voorburgwal 182, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Moreover, during our research on the company, the location information they provide is made up. Accordingly, you can reach them via email and telephone contact on the website.

In addition, there is no guarantee of any response once they have your funds. CryptoMarginPro aims to provide a friendly interface, yet without proper customer service, achieving the same is hardly possible. Working customer support helps in gaining more trust between you and the company. 


CryptoMarginPro does not fall under the radar of any regulator. Furthermore, it is illegal in most countries to generate funds from the public without adhering to regulation. Unregulated companies break trade laws as they please since they are not bound to any laws. On the other hand, these regulated crypto trading companies operate transparently. You can easily find and verify the regulation information they provide with the responsible organs.

Furthermore, the founders of the shady broker hide personal information since they risk facing criminal charges. Regulation is different from registration, and you should not mistake one for the other. Scammers can hardly afford regulation fees and will easily face bankruptcy. 

Final Verdict

CryptoMarginPro is not transparent with numerous information that is important to traders. They operate anonymously, and their uses for trading are unknown, raising more doubts about their services. The company does not have any past trade data to help determine the returns to expect from them.

Therefore you should invest with these reliable crypto trading companies. Nothing does or promises traders makes any sense. Also, investing in the platform puts your funds at risk for personal information and may end up in the hands of criminals.


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