CryptoMatex Review: a Pathetic Fraud

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CryptoMatex Review
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CryptoMatex claims that it is a trustworthy company. Unfortunately, this is another fat lie of the scam. First, the venture fails to credit the people behind their success. The other loophole is that the broker dos not have trading results.

CryptoMatex is an investment company that mainly focuses on crypto trading investment. However, you do not need rocket science to notice that the entity is a fraud. Nonetheless, the venture is also dealing with forex trading activities.

Trading activities have ups and downs. Sometimes you win while others lose. Diversifying your portfolio by trading on various assets helps to minimize the risk. You also need to set stop losses. Various platforms utilize multiple risk mitigation measures.

CryptoMatex Review, CryptoMatex Company

CryptoMatex claims that it is a trustworthy company. Unfortunately, this is another fat lie of the scam. First, the venture fails to credit the people behind their success. The other loophole is that the broker does not have trading results.

How are we supposed to access whether the company is worth investors time? There is also no evidence that shows there is trading activities. Legit crypto investment companies will let you know what you are signing up for. The average drawdown and win rates are disclose.

Therefore, you make the right decision knowing what to expect. However, scammers love showing investors that they are getting the best services from them. Unfortunately, when it gets down to results, they have nothing to show. Review

The broker assures clients that it has reasonable fees. Their spreads are also wide and low. You stand a better chance of maximizing your profits if you sign up with them. All you have to do is to follow the simple registration process.

Before buying the narrative of CryptoMatex, we suggest you take the time to read this review. When you encounter an investment company, one that should come to your mind is whether the venture is licensed.

The majorities of the Ponzi schemes are unruly and never follow the set rules. Therefore, they end up doing anything the company pleases with your income. You cannot report them to the authority since the firms are anonymous.

CryptoMatex claims that it has over 200 tradable assets. Moreover, investors don’t need to download anything to kick start their journey to financial freedom. The greatest mistake of all time is to trusts a platform that does not have a trading history.

Cryptocurrency trading is a process that requires skills. Therefore, you cannot just enter the market-fresh like a daisy and expect to make huge returns. Any broker that guarantees you quick money is a complete waste of funds.

How Does CryptoMatex Operate?

The company boldly claims that it is famous across the globe. Its fast trading execution process has made them popular. Another feature that the entity brags about has an intuitive platform. Once we accessed the Web-based interface, we were disappointed.

They are also accepting both rookie and expert traders. However, experienced investors would not dare to risk their security with such a company. There are multiple reliable and trustworthy crypto trading ventures in the market.

There is no transparency in CryptoMatex. The venture also claims to have won three awards. Nonetheless, they don’t feature the organization or the title that they were awarded. This is another bluff to get more victims.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The platform requires investors to provide their documents for the verification process. The scheme is asking for too much, yet they fail to provide their real office address. They have a market calendar bit this does not serve any good when their legitimacy is questionable.

The FAQ page of CryptoMatex is a complete joke. They are trying to answer generic questions regarding various assets instead of helping them understand their entity better. The support is available only via email.

Ponzi scam phone number starts going through the moment there aren’t funds coming their way. Furthermore, they do not hire a qualified team to cater to the needs of their clients. Their main concern is getting more people trapped in their system. Look for a company that has a world-class support team.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The available payment method is Bitcoin, VISA, and MasterCard. Unfortunately, we cannot verify that these are what the company is using. The minimum amount that you can deposit in the industry is 250 EUR.

CryptoMatex takes approximately 2 days to respond to the withdrawal request. The platform is not worth a try. Their main aim is to leave you high and dry. You shall empty your pockets dry as you make them rich.

CryptoMatex False Clients Testimonials

During our thorough research, we did not encounter any clients feedback from reliable sources. There are multiple legit third-party platforms that you can get an honest review regarding a broker. The only statements from their customers are the testimonials that CryptoMatex features.

Investors claim to have joined the platform for a short time, and their accounts are already blowing up with high returns. More so, the individuals have also increased their trading experience. The entity is helpful, and they thank the entire time. Review, False Testimonials

Additionally, the customers also praise the customer support for being friendly and responsive. They don’t take ages before responding to clients. CryptoMatex also features feedback from experts that have allegedly been trading for over 18 years.

The client state that he can identify a professional finance manager. The EA of the platform is efficient and of high quality. This makes the trading experience enjoyable. Their advanced tools will improve your trading activities drastically.

The main problem with Ponzi schemes like CryptoMatex is that they manipulate information. It is hard for a newbie to notice the red flag with the information featured on the website. For starters, the venture is using stock images.

The other red flag is that there is no proof of payment from any of these people. They only claim to have earned massive ROI. Are we supposed to rely on their words? The company would have done better, even attempt to provide their verified results. Of course, they cannot dare feature such materials since there is no trading happening on this website.

The Domain Insight is still a new company. Nonetheless, the months they have been in the market enough for them to validate they are trading. Another red flag worth noting is that the venture is only registered for a period of one year. It is most likely they won’t renew their registration. The global traffic visiting the entity is also low.

Regulation and Registration

CryptoMatex is a company that is on the warning list of FINMA. The entity is targeting investors from Switzerland without having met the requirements. Therefore, trading with this entity will only land you in trouble.

Additionally, the platform features a phone number from the UK. However, the FCA does not oversee its trading activities. The Terms and Conditions of this scam are not applicable. The venture can change them or fail to apply the rules whenever they feel like it.

Investing with CryptoMatex does not grant fund safety. The platform will not compensate you once they leave the market. Additionally, your money is also not segregated in separate accounts. It goes to their wallet.

Unregulated brokers can do whatever they want. This is because nobody knows who they are or where they are operating from. We recommend you trade with a licensed company. There are multiple advantages that you are going to enjoy.

Final verdict

Avoid CryptoMatex when it is still early. The blacklisted entity has terrible trading conditions. They insinuate that you will attain 1:400 leverage, but once you register, you get 1:10 which is below the standard market.

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