CryptoMineExpress Review: a Monster Scam

CryptoMineExpress Review, CryptoMineExpress Company
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CryptoMineExpress Review
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CryptoMineExpress is a company that claims to be involved with BTC mining activities and offers its clients an opportunity to earn a great return on investment. Unfortunately, the company is shady and is conducting murky operations with no credibility and verifiable information. Invest with legit crypto mining companies to enjoy stable and reliable returns.

CryptoMineExpress claims that the company is a decentralized mining firm. The platform is dealing with BTC mining activities. The entity’s main objective is to offer the best services to its clients. They want to ensure everyone gets to earn passive returns.

However, BTC mining activities are not as profitable as they used to be in the past. The mining costs are high, and buying high-quality mining hardware is expensive. Small scale investors are limited from mining individually.

CryptoMineExpress Review, CryptoMineExpress Company

Therefore, the only option left is for them to join existing mining pools. They do not have to deal with cooling and noisy mining process. Once you deposit funds, the investment services commence. However, you need to ensure that you trust a genuine venture.

CryptoMineExpress is one of those fraudulent firms that are after investors’ funds. The entity has no intention of making anyone rich. Moreover, we highly suspect that this company is offering no investment services or products.

The platform fails to discuss how it deals with hefty charges. Moreover, we do not know the location of the servers of this firm. The venture is a fraudulent entity that has visible red flags. They are targeting novice investors in the market. Review

Expert investors will never waste their time in a losing entity. The company brags that it has processed over $220 million, and a $586 million withdrawal. The platform states that it was established in 2014. However, a quick search on will show you that this company is lying.

The platform was registered in May 2020. There is no way that this entity existed without having a website. The venture is privately registered, and we cannot tell who is the person running this company. Their domain will expire after one year.

CryptoMineExpress states that they conduct trading activities. The mining process of this firm is still a mystery and we do not advise you to invest with these firms. The mining cost distribution is not available.

The company states that it is a transparent venture. They allegedly display their trading results on their website. The entity states that they assign account managers to all their clients. This is an offshore venture that you should not trust.

Invest with legit crypto mining companies that are profitable. You will earn genuine returns without compromising your safety. Transparency of a company is key. You should not risk your safety with Ponzi schemes.

Mining Contracts

CryptoMineExpress has several mining plans available for investors. They are available to assist clients in meeting their financial goals. The starter plan accepts funds ranging from $500 up to $1000. They assure investors a payout of 18%.

Moreover, you will also get a 24-hour virtual assistant. The economy plan costs $1000-$10000. You will receive 27% returns within 24 hours. The final contract accepts funds worth $10,000 up to $50,000.

CryptoMineExpress assures investors of 36% profits within 24 hours. Once you come across this venture, you should not rejoice. They are only displaying these high returns to entice investors.

Mining is not as profitable as these entity projects. Various factors come into consideration before receiving these profits. The entity claims that money grows from the ground in their venture.

They promised returns that are exaggerated and unattainable. You cannot only be making profits; there are both bad and good days. Cryptocurrency investment is not a get rich quick scheme.

CryptoMineExpress Customer Support

CryptoMineExpress does not feature information regarding the company that manages its activities. Unfortunately, this entity does not have an office address. Therefore, investors can’t visit the office of this platform.

CryptoMineExpress Scam Review, CryptoMineExpress Cusomer Supportt

The venture features an email address and a telephone number. They assure that their live support is responsive. They do not have contact support, and it might take an eternity before receiving a response.

Investors should avoid such firms because eventually, they exit the industry. CryptoMineExpress is a firm that is not worthy of your time. They will only be able to scam you of your hard-earned money.

Regulation Status

CryptoMineExpress is a company that is not licensed. The entity does not care about the law. Venturing with them puts you and your money at high risk. Investors need to find reliable, regulated firms that are the best in the market.

Fund safety should be your main objective. Never settle for less or with an offshore firm. Various governments have come up with strict rules to protect their customers against making losses.

Ponzi scheme has plagued the market. They offer their services without putting their clients into consideration. Expect them to change their terms and inflict high charges. The platform only wants to exploit its customers.

Clients Testimonials

CryptoMineExpress features several testimonials from their clients. Investors state that this is the most profitable and easiest investment scheme in the market. Investors allegedly earn a stable income.

The company is being awarded 5 stars rating. The information available is cherry-picked and false. Clients who had no investment skills claim they have earned and transformed their lives.

The software is being viewed as a fast-growing entity in the market. However, they use stock images. The venture is trying very hard to stay relevant in the market. The entity also claims to be on various financial websites. However, this is nothing but another fat lie.

Is CryptoMineExpress Legit?

The company is not legit and only eyes for innocent investor’s funds. They claim that investors can cancel their plans whenever they please. However, it would be best if you leave feedback.

Speaking of feedback, this venture assures investors that they will yield tremendous returns. Unfortunately, there is no single client who endorses CryptoMineExpress. Lack of client review is a big red flag since it shows nobody has tested their results.

The entity brags that it is secure and puts the safety of its clients first. However, they only have an SSL and DDOS certificate. The entity does not have a license, putting your money at even high risk.

The venture is asking for a lot of money from their clients. It is an extortion firm and their only concern is getting its hands at your savings. The platform team manages the portfolio of investors.

However, we do not know the qualification that these people possess. Entrusting them with your funds is an uncalculated risk that you should not be willing to take. The entity also claims it has partnered with reputable ventures in the market like Coinbase, Hashflare, and Binance.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to prove their allegation are true. The entity features its road map and accomplishments in the market. However, this is a mere PR, and there is nothing that the venture has achieved.

Final Verdict

CryptoMineExpress is a suspicious entity that is operating against the law. They claim to have a huge social media presence. However, there is no proof of payment despite there being multiple endorsements on their website. Avoid Crypto Mine Express as it has all features of a scam.

We advise investors to invest with the best crypto mining companies that are genuine. They have the best customer support services and you will generate reasonable returns while your safety is being at top priority.

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