CryptoTradeCorp Review: Unworthy Crypto Platform

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CryptoTradeCorp Review
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CryptoTradeCorp is not secure to venture with and you should not easily trust their word. The company avails a web-based interface, which is commonly used by fraudsters in the industry. The firm trading conditions show it is not genuine.

CryptoTradeCorp is a company that is trading cryptocurrencies. There are varieties of coins that you can trade. These include; BTC, ETH, XRM, LTC, and many others. The firm claims it has the best privacy protocols.

They also allegedly maintain healthy communication with their customers. However, it is impossible to verify their claims. They state that investors can have everything in one place. CryptoTradeCorp has a welcome bonus for its clients. Nonetheless, stay away from such lucrative offers. This is because the firm uses this tactic to lure innocent investors to their doorstep.

CryptoTradeCorp Review, CryptoTradeCorp Company

You must meet unrealistic trade volume for you to cash out the reward. The money legally belongs to the company. Therefore, they can choose to hold it or not. Moreover, legit investment firms do not present such opportunities to their customers.

Take these as red flags. It will save you the trouble of losing your hard-earned money. Additionally, you won’t have to trust a shady firm with your personal data. They tend to use it against investor’s will. Review

Investors can access the platform from anywhere in the world. The first thing that should come to your mind is whether they have a license from all these areas. The broker is also offering educational services to their clients.

They are several currency pairs like AUDJPY, CHFJPY, CADJPY, and GBPCHF. CryptoTradeCorp provides the latest financial news. Therefore, clients will never miss an opportunity in the market. Our main problem with this venture is its lack of transparency. There is no visible proof that shows the venture is trading crypto or forex. You expose yourself to severe danger by trusting a discreet entity.

If they have nothing to hide then everything should be availed to the public. The past trading history and information of their employees can be available on their website. However, since the legitimacy of this firm is shaky then you should avoid them.

Ensure you trade with the best crypto trading firms in the market. The accuracy of these trading bots is high. The platforms are also reputable and you can read their happy clients’ reviews.

Trading Conditions of CryptoTradeCorp

The broker has an advanced trading platform for investors. Investors do not have to download anything. They also guarantee a fast cash-out process. The scam is also promising high payouts to clients. However, no statements can be verified.

CryptoTradeCorp is not secure to venture with and you should not easily trust their word. The company avails a web-based interface, which is commonly used by fraudsters in the industry.


The leverage of this firm is 1:200 that is above what the EU regulatory body permits. Therefore, this is proof that the entity’s location is not in the European Union nations. The spread that the firm promises are that of 3.8 pips.

It means that investors need to pay more. It is also beyond the usual market standard. The trading conditions of CryptoTradeCorp are unfavorable to investors. The entity will exploit you and collapse.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity accepts funds via wire transfers, debit, and credit cards. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250. The withdrawal requirements are harsh for the traders. The least amount to cash out for credit and debit cards is $100, while the wire transfer is $500.

CryptoTradeCorp handles client’s withdrawal requests within 7 to 10 days. This is not usually the case with legit firms. The company is unfit for your trust. There is also a high chance that the firm charges fees. Moreover, the broker states it has the right to use customers’ deposits and profit to pay any commission and fees that a trader might have. Sadly, the entity does not reveal any fees.

CryptoTradeCorp can also set limits on behalf of their clients in all their trading experience. This is a big red flag since the platform can misuse your information without giving notice. Avoid this manipulative investment firm at all costs.

The company also states in its terms and conditions policy it is not liable for the losses that its clients might experience. The platform does not intend to release the funds of traders. The bonus offer is another red flag that shows this is a nasty scheme.

Trading Accounts of CryptoTradeCorp

The company has five trading accounts. The more money that you deposit the higher the advantages to receive. The basic account does not offer trading signals, training, or economic indicator. Investors can also receive more assets. Review, Investment Plans

Nonetheless, for the VIP account features clients have to contact the account managers. The entity displays murkiness since legit firms avail themselves all the necessary benefits.

Regulation and Registration

CryptoTradeCorp claims that it protects the funds of investors in EU banks. However, they do not disclose which these financial institutions are. Moreover, the firm does not have a license from the government.

The Seychelles Financial Service Authority (SFSA), which is the financial watchdog of the company’s origin, does not permit them to operate. The entity also proclaims that investors in countries with jurisdiction that do not permit them to trade with CryptoTradeCorp should avoid the firm.

However, this is a popular statement that scammers use to confuse traders. The company is the one that should make sure it complies with the rules of the country it is licensed from.

The company does not provide fund safety to its clients. The money that you deposit might end up being used for unintended purposes. The firm lacks transparency and it can use your information for all the wrong reasons.

Customer Support and Contact Details

CryptoTradeCorp location is at Second Floor Sound $ vision house Francis Rachel Str. Victoria Mahe Seychelles. Customer support is available via phone and email. We cannot attest whether the firm will respond in time.

The platform is capable of treating investors like it, please. They do not care about the experience that you get. The scheme is definitely an offshore firm that is unworthy to be given trust.

Once the firm gets what it wants it will leave you high and dry. Their phone might not go through. Additionally, the venture might blacklist you. The dirty venture can use the info that you share with them for illegal purposes.

The Domain Insight is an anonymous firm. The entity registration in the market occurred in November 2020. It shall expire in 2022. The broker will not assist you if you trade with them. Their traffic is low indicating that there not many traders are falling victim to their fraudulent activities.

The Final Verdict

CryptoTradeCorp is a company that does not have a license. Therefore, the firm is not allowed by the government to collect money from the public. The broker should be avoided at all costs. The firm will steal from you and act as if nothing happened.

The platform trading conditions are unfit for investors. The terms and conditions of the broker show that this is not a legit firm. Their main aim is to exploit traders. The customer support will never reply to your query.

Therefore, try out genuine crypto trading bots that have a high accuracy rate. These companies have been in the market for years. You can read their happy clients’ testimonials on third-party websites. Additionally, investors can check the trading results of the firm.



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