CryptoWorldTrade Review: A Swift Confusing Investment Company

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cryptoworldtrade Review
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They also lack client feedback. It seems that nobody is interested with the dirty scheme of CryptoWorldTrade. Their traffic also is also low suggesting that their website is not getting much traffic. Observe with caution and you will see all the red flags that will make you not trade with this broker. Invest only with the best forex trading brokers.

CryptoWorldTrade claims that it is a regulated broker. Checking their name you might think that this is the best crypto trading company in the market. However, you will be surprised because there is no investment taking place.

This is a confusing investment entity that is not worthy of any one time. Moreover, they also claim that they are the best Forex trading broker. The platform states it has over 100 tradable assets. Investors need to make sure that they have the right skill before trading.

If you just deposit money without gaining experience chances of losing money are high. CryptoWorldTrade allegedly has the best team in the market. Therefore, they will guide you in your investment activity.

cryptoworldtrade Review, cryptoworldtrade Company

The platform state that it is a regulated entity for over 7 years. They are providing false information. The broker has not been in the market this long. Moreover, this is an offshore entity that is untrustworthy.

There is a better alternative in the market that you can use. Invest with a reputable and regulated investment firm in the world. These licensed ventures have the best customer support services for investors. Review

The company states that they are constantly advancing their trading tools. They use the latest modern technology to make them earn more profits. Their use of technology is one of their main contributors to their success.

CryptoWorldTrade states that their clients will only trade at the best times. The platform does not care about pleasing or meeting the goals of its customers. The broker has several account types with various requirements and benefits.

The accounts range from weekly to monthly. The firm is trading forex, indices, and features. They also have over 70 trading assets available for their customers. The leverage that they offer makes us question the returns that they are promising.

Invest only with the best entity that does not have to lie to stay relevant or win sales. The entity is also trading digital currencies. Cryptos are volatile and it is hard predicting the market. Therefore, you cannot make stable returns all the time there are high and lows.

CryptoWorldTrade is a company that is not reputable. They are also discreet which is not a good sign in the investment. You will find that there are multiple reasons as to why we do not have faith in this entity.

Trading Conditions

CryptoWorldTrade proclaims that it is providing an MT5 trading interface. Sadly, this is false information. We do not know why the company would lie to their clients about such a serious thing. In fact, this company does not have a trading platform.

It is clear that there is no trading activity taking place in this entity. Therefore, it is impossible t determine the trading conditions which the broker is offering. Nonetheless, their leverage cap is that 1:100.

cryptoworldtrade Scam Review, cryptoworldtrade Features

Their spread is that of 1.2 pips and 1.9 pips. The company state that it is trading crypto yet does not discuss the drop-down that clients can expect. Moreover, there are no trading activities taking place. This is evident from the lack of information and trading tools.

It does not send a good image when CryptoWorldTrade uses false information to lure in innocent investors. The MT5  is a great trading software that can benefit investors if only it is offered by a reliable trading entity.

Withdrawal and Deposits

CryptoWorldTrade displays a number of payment methods on its website. These include; Skrill, Neteller, MasterCard, Visa, and BTC. The weekly trading account has 5 plans. The monthly one on the other hand has 7 plans.

The least amount that you can deposit in this firm is 500 EUR. The money is a lot and considering that this broker is not reliable we would not advise you to trade with them. This is not the only red flag with this broker.

CryptoWorldTrade the minimum amount that the company accepts according to their terms and conditions is $300. Stating different information will mislead investors. The entity is also lying about the payment method that it accepts.

Once you trying cashing in the broker will indicate that you can only pay using NTC. Cryptocurrency payments are fast compared to traditional methods. However, this does not mean that they are ideal for unreliable entities.

You need to understand that you cannot issue a chargeback once you deposit money. Moreover, you will also not know the person that will receive your money. CryptoWorldTrade provides their clients with bonuses.

They range from 10% up to 250%. The money does not belong to you. It is the fund of the company. Therefore, they can choose not to give it to you. Avoid such incentives to be able to trade without any fear.

CryptoWorldTrade Contact Details

CryptoWorldTrade does not care to provide information regarding their location. The entity is operating in an anonymous area. It would be a big mistake to trust this broker with your money or personal data.

Once they decide to exit the market there is nothing that you can do. Moreover, the government cannot also be able to help. This is because without know the address or the people they are going after it will be an impossible task.

The authority has also warned traders and all investors to avoid unregulated entities. CryptoWorldTrade is a scam that has nothing exceptional to offer. Moreover, they also do not have a customer support team.

Ask yourself how you will contact the entity if they are operating in this manner. It means that once you encounter any problem you cannot resolve it. Moreover, the broker does not have trading results.

They also lack client feedback. It seems that nobody is interested in the dirty scheme of CryptoWorldTrade. Their traffic also is also low suggesting that their website is not getting much traffic. Observe with caution and you will see all the red flags that will make you not trade with this broker.

CryptoWorldTrade Regulatory Status

CryptoWorldTrade claims that it is complying with the rules that have been set by various regulatory bodies in the market. The broker state it is licensed by the MFSA in the US. However, this is not even the licensing body of the USA.

The company is allegedly being overseen by CWT Ltd. The platform states that it can secure the funds of its clients. They allegedly segregate the account of their customers with top-tier financial institutions in the market.

The Domain Insight

The company does not disclose the people that are managing their business. Their domain is old, not old enough. Moreover, the people that visiting this website are not many which should worry you. Investment companies that are not reputable usually turn out to be scams. The platform was registered in August 2017. Their domain name will expire in 2021. There is a high possibility of them not renewing their contract. However, if they do renew please stay away.

Final Verdict

CryptoWorldTrade is a broker that does not have a trading platform. What is the reason for them being in the market? Lacking such an essential tool show that this is not a serious investment company. They are only interested in deceiving and stealing from investors.

Investors should be keen and settle with only the best investment schemes in the market. Trade with legit investment forex brokers that have proven to be trustworthy. You will never regret trusting them.

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