Cyptonatorex Review: A Cloned Trading Platform

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Cyptonatorex Review
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Avoid investing with Cyptonatorex, and you will lose your $$$ with the platform. Investors have been complaining of withdrawal issues with the platform. Here’s more in our detailed review.

Cyptonatorex ( is yet another crypto investment platform waiting to rip off investors. The platform has been in the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. Investors feel that the platform is cheating them outright. These investors are not wrong; is pouncing on anyone who invests with them. Withdrawing funds from the platform is next to impossible. Hundreds of investors have been facing the same issue for days. Please find out more in our exclusive CYPTONATOREX REVIEW.

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About Cyptonatorex

Cyptonatorex Advantages and Disadvantages

On the about us page, Cyptonatorex claims to be one of the first platforms to invest in Cryptocurrency. The platform also boasts of being a successful Blockchain investment company. Unfortunately, these are false statements, as no one has heard of this platform.

We believe that is an exit scam. The platform will soon close down shop after the exposure. Most investors will now see the truth and red flags surrounding the platform. But unfortunately, no one gets to enjoy the fruits of investing with the platform.

There are hundreds of other scams similar to this one. Another scam with the same web aesthetics is BloomTradingFX. These two platforms have the exact website design, and the only difference is the domain name and other small details.

Luckily for you, we will expose all the red flags found on the platform. Those who invest with the platform will likely lose funds. The platform doesn’t give reasons as to why the blockade is there.

Experts recommend that you research on a platform before signing up. These experts want you to help protect yourself from exit scams. An excellent way is to read our thrilling reviews on crypto and forex products and services.

Acceptable funding methods

There are several funding methods available on the platform. You can fund your account using bank and wire transfers. However, the platform prefers you deposit funds using cryptocurrency avenues.

Some of the depository options listed include Perfect Money and any 500 listed coins. Of course, the platform will prefer you deposit funds via Bitcoin or any other crypto for a reason. Unfortunately, tracking down the receiver is not possible.

Once you fund your account, the balance will reflect within 24 hours. You can then start seeing the account balance increase by the day. Remember that after depositing funds, the platform takes over your account.

To make you believe your investment is working, the account balance increases. Woe unto you when you hit the withdrawal tab. The platform will suddenly show its true colors and block your withdrawal.

That’s what has been happening to the majority of investors. None of them has made any withdrawals for the past eight weeks. The platform gives investors several false reasons why this is not possible.

One of the many reasons is that your bank account refuses to accept its payment system. The other excuse you might get is that your wallet address is incomplete. These are the reasons members get for not getting their funds on time.

Accounts Cyptonatorex

Cyptonatorex avails eight different accounts to choose from. Each of these accounts has various features and depository requirements. The eight include Starter, Bronze, Mini, Standard, Silver, Legend, Gold, and Platinum.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these accounts;

Accounts Cyptonatorex


It’s the most basic account, with investors depositing $200. The account guarantees you to make a profit of $2,000.


For bronze account holders, investors must deposit $300 to get started. You get a promise of making $3,300 with the account.


There’s a minimum acceptable balance of $500 for the mini account. Investors get a promise of making $4,500 in ROI.


You have to make a minimum deposit amount of $2,000 to get started. After that, there’s a promise of making $18,000 in ROI.


With the legend account, you have to deposit $5,000 to get started. Members of this account get a promise of making $30,000 in net profit.


There’s a minimum acceptable deposit of $10,000 with the gold account. Investors get a promise of making $50,000 with this account.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit $20,000. The account targets institutional clients. You get a promise of making $150,000 in ROI.

Account features

The problem with all these accounts is the promise of making huge returns. Records show that the platform guarantees members to make a profit. That’s impractical as the market is volatile, and losses are bound to be made.

As an investor, you should be realistic when it comes to investing. The platform takes advantage of investors who seem to want to make high returns quickly. Unfortunately, that’s the platform’s target, and investors end up losing funds.

Ask any expert; no algorithm or robot can achieve such a feat. With market volatility, losses are inevitable. And that’s why making such bold statements is unnecessary. Please stay away from such platforms or risk losing everything.

Affiliate and partner program

There’s an affiliate program that promises a 5 percent commission. However, before you become a partner, you need to realize the consequences of directing users to the platform. First, the platform won’t pay any commissions to investors.

The platform is notorious for failing to make good on its promise. These investors you direct will also lose their investment. You end up facing the blame for all these losses. That’s why you need to stay away from it.

Your connections to the investment world are what the platform is after, nothing else. The platform wants to cast a wider net through affiliates. You will note that the platform fails to release conversion data to affiliates.

Are funds safe with Cyptonatorex?

Business holder

We don’t see any records indicating ownership of the platform. And this makes Cyptonatorex an anonymous crypto investment platform. The platform doesn’t even have a valid business registry.

These are why we feel that investing with such a platform is a mistake. You don’t know who handles funds in such a platform. And this is why trying to recover funds from such platforms is futile.

Hiring recovery agents won’t help your cause. A recent investigation revealed that some of these recovery agents are part of the scam. You get a call from them claiming to have won a lawsuit against the platform.

To get a piece of the settlement, all you have to do is pay legal fees. If you mistake sending funds, that’s the last you will hear from these recovery agents. Please beware of these platforms and resist signing up.

Cyptonatorex License and Registration

Cyptonatorex is far from being a licensed or registered platform. You won’t get any valid license despite their claims of enjoying compliance. We don’t see any proof that the platform has gone through regulatory tests.

Deposit fund safety Cyptonatorex

Is Cyptonatorex Licensed or Regulated?

Your funds are far from safe with an anonymous and unregulated platform. And that’s why you need to stay away from the platform. Anonymous platforms rarely offer legit investment services. Instead, most are only interested in your funds.

Final Verdict

After exposing all the red flags, we recommend that you stay away from

The best investment advice we can give is to use unwavering crypto trading robots.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries.

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