Dach Finanzen Review: Dach-finanzen.com Another Fraudulent Company

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Dach Finanzen Review
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The experienced team that Dach Finanzen brags with is nowehere to be seen. If they have the skill, then the broker would not have any trouble showcasing their qualification. No evidence proves the entity is profitable.

Dach Finanzen promises to make investors professional traders. The platform speaks highly regarding its activities. Their services are also allegedly professional. However, can you rely on this venture for security? Unfortunately, the firm has shady features that make it untrustworthy.

Dach Finanzen Review, Dach Finanzen Company

Nonetheless, the broker brags it has dedicated support. Additionally, it claims to attain success through its use of technology-oriented methods. As a result, investors can trade cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, and equities.

It is important to diversify on the risks. Dach Finanzen is a company that is targeting investing in targeting investors from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. However, they are also accepting clients from all over the world.

‘The technology-oriented firm is no match to the reputable and licensed forex trading platforms. The legit ventures offer the best trading conditions. You can as well check out their trading results to make an informed decision.

The majority of scammers hide their murkiness by claiming to be using the latest innovative measures in the industry. Sadly, once you join them, the reality is far from their claims. The only thing that you will be experiencing is losses.

Dach-finanzen.com Review

Dach Finanzen state it has the best security measures. The company claims it segregates customers’ money into different accounts. However, they do not reveal the bank it partners with. Furthermore, the location of the scheme is undisclosed.

The platform also guarantees that the data of clients are safe. However, you should not be quick to believe them. Offshore firms usually steal the information of traders. Some even use it for identity theft. Additionally, the ventures don’t survive long in the market.

The companies reappear again using a new name ready to defraud more people. They will cold call using the data you had prior shared. The best thing is to avoid Dach Finanzen. Avoid this unregulated entity at all costs.

The experienced team that Dach Finanzen brags with is nowehere to be seen. If they have the skill, then the broker would not have any trouble showcasing their qualification. No evidence proves the entity is profitable.

We could spot grammatical errors as we explored their website. The assets that the broker is offering are very volatile. Even the best companies do not make absurd promises of only delivering high returns. Various factors affect the final results.

The Trading Conditions and Platform available

Dach Finanzen is offering a Web-trader interface. They claim that the software is ideal and execute orders fast. Even better, you can use it from anywhere in the world. Sadly, this is no match to the MetaTrader platform. Nevertheless, it is recommended as the best software in the market.

Some of the features you get from it are Expert Advisors, the best charting tools, indicators, and various customizable perks. However, most of the investors prefer the MT4/MT5. The broker is offering a spread of 0.5 pips for the EURUSD currency pair.

The widespread is an advantage to the traders because they will pay less. However, since we are dealing with an exposed scam, we don’t recommend them. The leverage cap of Dach Finanzen is 1:400.

The limit is hazardous and beyond what Austria and Germany’s financial body permits. Therefore, you expose yourself to more danger if you proceed to give them access to your funds. We suggest that you invest with Canadia, the EU, or the Australian government.

Dach Finanzen Withdrawal and Deposits

The company accepts funds via Epayblock. The least acceptable amount is 250 EUR. Several legit firms take even $10. You stand a better chance with them than with Dach Finanzen.

Despite the mode of payment the broker is using is licensed. We don’t recommend this shady entity to the public. Moreover, the company fails to disclose the minimum amount that traders can cash out from their system.

Dach-finanzen.com Review, Dach-finanzen.com Features

One must pay fees, but again Dach Finanzen does not set up a standard amount. The inactivity terms are also absurd and indicate the broker is to no good. The inactivity period starts from 30 days of not engaging in investment activities. So, therefore, you must pay a fee of $30 every month.

The timeline is concise, and the charges are also undesirable. Therefore, the transparent entity will never put up such a policy. The average amount that they charge for inactivity is $10.

Furthermore, we also learned that Dach Finanzen has trading benefits. Sadly, there is no data regarding the promotions and the charges. Therefore, you need to stay away from this Ponzi scheme. We suggest you find a better alternative.

Dach Finanzen Customer Support 

Dach Finanzen state it has a responsive support team. Customers can contact them 24/7. The platform allegedly high professionals who are friendly to traders. If you have any problem, they will handle it promptly.

Scammers make many promises but only end up disappointing. The entity also claims that its main focus is attaining customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, the award-winning firm forgets to disclose the organization that recognizes them.

Investors can contact the company via email, phone, or live support. The team is multi-lingual and experienced in CFD and forex trading. Dach Finanzen also has premium education aimed to boost the trading experience of customers.

The company may get you thinking that they care about investors. However, you shouldn’t trust an offshore firm. They walk out on their clients when they need the platform the most. The team they speak of are sales representatives that are trained cons.

Dach Finanzen Regulation and Registration

The platform state that it is regulated globally. They protect customers and operate by the financial bodies. However, this is another fat lie that the scammers are using to win you over.

Various watchdogs in the market require investment schemes to report their financial activities daily. The measure ensures that the firm does not misuse the funds entrusted to them by traders.

Unfortunately, Dach Finanzen does not file financial reports to the relevant authorities. The venture is only looking for its own greedy needs. Furthermore, the broker does not work with a top-tier 1 bank.

There is no fund safety, and the company can overwrite the withdrawal and deposit requirements. Additionally, clients may end up paying more than the required amount. The venture also states that it adheres to the regulatory law of Cook Island.

Offshore schemes are hazardous. They exit the market unceremoniously. Furthermore, several Ponzi schemes have been exposed purporting to be genuine. Dach Finanzen does not have a license or a registration form.

The entity is also illegally offering financial services in countries that have strict rules. You won’t receive compensation when you venture with the platform. The company also makes bold false claims.

The Domain Insight

Dach-finanzen.com is a new platform in the market. The registration of the broker took place in March 2021. However, they do not have performance reports that prove the broker is trading.

Additionally, the suspicious entity does not have a parent company that manages its activities. They are operating discreetly, putting traders at more risk. The platform’s traffic is also terrible. It ranks at 5,772,885 globally. We cannot tell the location of their customers.

Final Verdict

Overall Dach Finanzen is a waste of investors’ time. The broker is a scam in the making that you shouldn’t give the benefit of the doubt. Instead, we suggest that you trade with reputable forex trading brokers that are transparent about their business.

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