DaxKapital Review: DaxKapital.com Another Scam to Stay Away From!

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DaxKapital Review
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DaxKapital scam is full of crap and all their claims cannot be verified. Moreover, this is a broker that is offering managed account services to their clients. The greatest mistake of all time is entrusting your money to fraudsters.

DaxKapital is an investment venture that is targeting novice traders to steal from them. The firm is a dirty Ponzi scheme that should be avoided at all costs. The platform is discrete and fails to avail the necessary data that can build trust between them and investors.

The characteristics that this venture displays are common with multiple scammers in the industry. The venture also claims that it is a transparent firm but fails to avail its expert team. Therefore, we are in the dark regarding the qualification of the individuals handling traders’ funds.

DaxKapital Review, DaxKapital Company

DaxKapital is an entity that only cares about its selfish needs. The firm can choose to exit the market at its own will. Moreover, they will not notify their clients. You will realize that their website is down. It shall be too late since getting your funds back will be a nightmare.

The company assures investors they are going to attain financial freedom. It guarantees that their customers will enjoy several benefits. You will get nothing but financial success from this scheme. Unfortunately, this is not the case because you will be dealing with notorious con artists.

Invest only with regulated forex trading brokers that have a trading history. You will earn genuine returns while the safety of your funds is attained. These ventures also have an amazing customer support team that is ready to help.

DaxKapital.com Review

DaxKapital is a venture that brags it has a trading team that had 40 years of experience. The ghost team is not presented. Therefore, we believe that this is another ploy to attract more clients. Moreover, the company also claims it has over 10 trading strategies that are diversified.

The entity also claims that it observes high-security measures. There it segregates funds in reputable financial institutions. However, this is another fat lie. The entity is operating illegally and they do not work with a financial institution.

DaxKapital states that it verifies trading results with a third-party website. However, we were not able to see these materials anywhere on their website. The platform also does not disclose the name of the bank that it is partnering with.

The scam is full of crap and all their claims cannot be verified. Moreover, this is a broker that is offering managed account services to their clients. The greatest mistake of all time is entrusting your money to fraudsters.

Additionally, this company also states that it is reputable and has overcome many challenges in the market. However, they do not have endorsement from those that have tried their services. Moreover, you are not going to get security from this dirty scheme.

The Trading Conditions

We couldn’t help but notice the grammatical error with this entity. It brags that it has the best ‘sipport’ for its clients. The platform does not have enough funds to high a professional copywriter. What makes you think that they have the potential to generate income for you?

DaxKapital claims that it operates in a straightforward and fast manner. The venture allegedly is constantly upgrading and improving its website.  They present their clients with a web-based trading interface. They do not offer the popular MT4 venture.

It is not possible for traders to access basic indicators or charts. The scammer usually provides this platform because it is easy to manipulate data. They are offering a spread of 0.1 pips on the EURUSD currency pair.

Their spread is tight and beneficial to investors. However, considering that you are dealing with a scam it would be best to refrain from giving them your money. Unfortunately, we do not know the leverage that you can expect from this entity.

Leaving out such essential data is a big mistake. It is a huge red flag and we are left wondering if there is any trading activity happening on their website. Additionally, we would recommend that you deal with legit ventures that offer a sound leverage cap.

Withdrawal and Deposits

DaxKapital is a venture that claims it processes the withdrawal request in a timely manner. We are in the dark regarding the minimum amount of funds that you can deposit at this broker. However, the least a number of payment methods. These include; Skrill, Wire Transfers, AstroPay, BTC, and Debit/Credit cards.

Moreover, these fraudsters are requesting their clients to submit Identification Document. The scam can be involved in identity theft which is one of the serious offenses in the world. Therefore, we are against them asking for such materials.

DaxKapital.com Review, DaxKapital Features

Additionally, we cannot verify whether DaxKapital is accepting all the listed payment options. The broker is an extortion venture that looks for every opportunity to exploit its customers. You have to pay a processing fee of $50 for a wire transfer.

Each bank card transfer charge is $25. The least amount of funds that you can cash out for wire transfers is $250 while for debit and credit card it is $100. Furthermore, to avoid additional taxation investors must meet a trading volume of 200.

You will not find such shady requirements with legit investment schemes. DaxKapital considers an account dormant after an inactivity period of 6 months. They charge a fee of 10% to their clients which is too high.

Furthermore, the company is also offering bonuses to their clients. Nonetheless, you have to meet a certain trading bonus of 25 times to be able to cash out your money. You put yourself at high risk when you invest with this dirty scheme.

DaxKapital Regulation Status

DaxKapital is a broker that claims it is based in Luxembourg. However, the financial body of this country has issued a warning against this company. The platform is already blacklisted and it is targeting investors from Luxembourg.

The people running this entity have no intention of making anyone rich. They are targeting innocent investors from all corners of the world. Investing with an entity that has been categorized as a scam exposes you to huge risks.

DaxKapital will also exit the market without notifying their clients. You will not be compensated when this happens. The best thing to do is to look for a reliable investment firm that is regulated by the government.

DaxKapital Contact Details

The office address of DaxKapital is allegedly at 5 Heinhaff, 1736 Sennengerbirg, Luxembourg. The only possible way of contacting the support is via email and phone. This being a scam its actual location is hidden from the public.

You should not waste your time with this dirty scheme. They will treat you unprofessionally or refuse to process your withdrawal request. We recommend that you find a genuine broker instead of wasting your time with these fraudsters.

The Domain Insight

DaxKapital is a platform that was registered in July 2020. The venture is only registered for a period of one year. The people that are managing the operation of this company are unknown. They also do not have many visitors visiting their company. Nonetheless, there are several investors who accuse this firm of being fraudulent.

Final Verdict

DaxKapital is an entity that does not have a license or a registration certificate. The ignorance of these scammers is astonishing and you should not waste your time with them. Nonetheless, this venture states that it aims to meet the standard of global regulators.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are regulated and registered. These platforms will protect you against making huge losses. Additionally, you will have a guarantee that the support will respond in time.

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