DC Markets LLC Review: Dcmarkets.llc beware of this NFA Scam

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The entity is neither regulated nor registered anywhere in the world. Nonetheless, the fraudulent firm is using information that belongs to a legit company based in the US. This makes them a clone investment venture.

DC Markets LLC uses intriguing pictures. They want to indicate how they help traders conquer the industry. Unfortunately, if you are planning to trade with them first, read this unbiased review. The entity is a sheep of many clothes and provides almost all assets in the market.

DC Markets LLC Review, DC Markets LLC Company

The company market itself as the best trading entity in the market. They allegedly have millions of clients. The platform also makes absurd promises of generating mind-blowing ROI once you join them. Moreover, the system of this firm ensures investors get minimal risks.

DC Markets LLC is an illusion investment company. They are mainly targeting cryptocurrency investors. The entity will not better your living condition. Furthermore, they also don’t intend to better your trading skills.

Their sole purpose is to defraud you and leave you high and dry. Nasty fraudsters have invaded the market. They keep setting up investments that are not generating funds. They are super tactical, and for novice traders, it might be hard to distinguish them.

However, once you come across too good a company to be true, trust your guts and walk away. In the meantime, you can save your time as we have compiled a list of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency trading companies. These trading bots have an outstanding performance, and they are licensed.

Dcmarkets.llc Review

DC Markets LLC guarantees traders that they will never share your information with third-party. You should not buy their narratives. Fraudsters will take any opportunity that can give them an extra coin with both arms. Whenever a better opportunity presents itself, you are assured that they can and will throw you under the bus.

Entrusting data to them can also be used in identity theft before you know the feds will be at your doorstep. You should never give your ID to a Ponzi scheme. The platform also states that once you sign up, you can start trading immediately.

We do not see any evidence of investment products or services. The person that is responsible for this bogus entity only designed a website. Their list of available digital coins is unlimited. They claim that traders can invest almost everything.

Investors that want to create a strong crypto-based portfolio can do it by trusting companies with trading history. Trading with a broker that does not have a solid background in the industry shall only cost you dearly.

Furthermore, DC Markets LLC is only providing generic information. They do not disclose the mechanism the firm is using to yield the high outcome. The fluff content does not serve in their favor. We can detect a scam like this one that has selfish desires.

DC Markets LLC Trading Accounts and Returns

The platform allegedly utilized the volatility of digital coins in their favor. It does not matter the amount that you have invested as your capital. The clients can trade across the clock throughout the week/ weekend.

DC Markets LLC also has an educational center. They update trending news to keep their customers informed about the happenings in the market. The company has four investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $500. You start trading immediately and get 5 live trades per day.

The gold account has a demo trading. Investors must cash in $1500 to exploit the package. The Diamond plan has all other features with the rest of the accounts. The acceptable deposit is $5000. It comes with 25 live trades per day.

The Platinum package is the most expensive. You need to deposit $50,000. It comes with unlimited live trades, demo trading, and instant trading. However, the leverage that investors can expect from the venture is undisclosed.

We do not recommend this fishy investment scheme to the public. Their mode of operation is suspicious, and their investment plans are expensive. Moreover, we are yet to see successful investors who have gained from this system.

Contact Details and Customer Support

DC Markets LLC claims that it has offices at 10211 Fleming Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814 US. They even feature phone numbers and email addresses for clients to reach them. However, this Ponzi scheme displays a fake address for transparency purposes.

Dcmarkets.llc Review, Dcmarkets.llc Contact Details

The real locale of the venture is unknown. Moreover, once the broker realizes that you are no longer useful and cannot afford their plans, they block your number. It, therefore, becomes impossible to contact them.

Additionally, once the entity is no longer getting income from investors, they will close down their business. DC Markets LLC is using a VoIP number. The link to their social media pages that the firm features lead you back to the home page.

Regulation and Registration of DC Markets LLC

The entity is neither regulated nor registered anywhere in the world. Nonetheless, the fraudulent firm is using information that belongs to a legit company based in the US. This makes them a clone investment venture.

The United States has strict rules for investment platforms. This has helped protect citizens from losing funds to fraudsters. The NFA has already blacklisted DC Markets LLC. The warning should be enough to keep you off their website.

You are not getting fund safety from this platform. Legit platforms that are based in the US must deposit $2 Million in their name. It proves that they can survive the volatility in the industry. Additionally, the venture will not misuse your funds as they work with top-tier 1 financial institutions.

Moreover, the company must also report its daily activities to the financial watchdog. Hence, in case they manipulate the results, their license is revoked. The company doesn’t meet any of these requirements.

DC Markets LLC Lack of Client Review

DC Markets LLC has been in the market for a year. However, the entity lacks testimonials from its clients. There is no evidence that the entity is trading. We should be able to see their trading results. The best way to learn about an investment scheme is to check on the feedback from their customers.

Nonetheless, we have seen Ponzi schemes occasionally manipulating information. Their marketers illegally promote their business by claiming that the ventures are paying. All along, they want you to sign up using their promotion code for them to receive a commission. Before giving a broker, a trial makes sure that you can see proof of payment from their clients.

The Domain Insight

Dxmarkets.llc is an investment platform that has been in the industry since April 2020. The lack of attention from the forex traders leads them to renew their contracts. The entity continues to offer its services illegally to innocent investors.

We have taken our time analyzing their trading conditions. We find this venture unsuitable for your financial needs. Their domain shall expire in 2022 April. Their trust score is weak, and the website is receiving undesirable traffic.

Final Verdict

DC Markets LLC is an outrageous investment entity. Trading with them is a blind decision considering that the most stringent financial watchdog has issued a warning against them. The company cannot trust traders with its actual address.

The firm lacks transparency. You should refrain from trading with them. Here is a list of reputable crypto trading companies. The entities are regulated, and the reviews from their clients help to shed light on their operations. Additionally, you can also check out their trading results.


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