Dcmgroup.io Review: Another CNMV Blacklisted Platform

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Dcmgroup.io Review
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DCMGroup.io is already facing a warning from CNMV. The Spanish regulator finds the platform at fault for ignoring the regulatory framework. Find out the red flags found in our exclusive DCM GROUP REVIEW.

DCMGROUP (Dcmgroup.io) is a platform that will cause you nothing but pain. The platform has been in the news of late for all the wrong reasons. The Spanish regulator issued a warning regarding Dcmgroup.io. It would be best if you stayed away from the platform despite its appeal. The platform lures in clients by guaranteeing high profits within a short time. As a result, hundreds have lost funds with the platform. Learn more in our clear DCMGROUP.IO REVIEW.

A Brief Analysis of Dcmgroup.io

Dcmgroup.io Review: Pros and Cons

The platform’s parent company resides in the Marshall Islands. Dcmgroup.io is an offshore and unregulated trading platform. There’s no way of investing with such a platform and expecting no risks.

You expect them to ignore the rigid regulatory framework as it’s an offshore platform. But, instead, what you get is a platform that fails to honor investors. You get a platform that holds your funds and won’t release them.

Investors need to invest in reliable trading tools that give them an edge in trading. Therefore, we recommend investing in crypto trading bots that enjoy the backing of experts. These are the tools you need to advance your trading.

We have with DCM Group is a trading platform taking advantage of naïve investors. Even the aesthetics is misleading, with navigation being a problem. Moreover, there’s no clear information which is a pointer to worse things to come.

The about us page seems to create a successful picture of the platform. Unfortunately, it’s far from reality as members are ruing the decision to sign up. The platform ignores their withdrawal requests and even blocks these accounts.

It would be best to do some research before engaging with any trading platform. Try and find out what others are saying about that platform. You can also request us to do a review for you. Investors need to know what they are getting into before committing funds.

Acceptable Funding Methods

There are several depository channels available for members to fund their accounts. These include bank and wire transfers. You can also support your account using crypto. The platform will insist on Crypto payments if possible.

The amount is reflected in your trading account after funding your account via bank and wire transfers. It takes 24 hours for the amount to appear in your trading account. After that, you can start trading and earning profit.

When the time comes to withdraw funds, that’s when all hell breaks loose. The platform will find ways of blocking withdrawals. You get various excuses, such as your bank account refusing to accept their payment methods.

The platform insists on Crypto payments as there’s no way of tracking the receiver. And this is why we have to expose the platform’s dubious practices. Furthermore, once you invest with the platform, there’s no way to profit.

Accounts Dcmgroup.io

Dcmgroup.io offers members four accounts to choose from. These accounts include Basic, Standard, Pro, and VIP. Each of these accounts comes with a different set of features. Let’s take a closer look at each account;


There’s a minimum acceptable amount of €3,500 for you to start using the basic account. The leverage is 1:200, with members enjoying competitive spreads with the platform. You also get live feeds and European trading markets.


For the standard account holder, there’s a minimum deposit requirement of €7,000. There’s also a welcome bonus of 20 percent with European trading markets only. Leverage is 1:300 with members having access to masters partial.


You must deposit €25,000 to get started with the pro account. Members get static spreads and a welcome bonus of 50 percent. You also get a personal account manager with leverage set at 1:400.


The account targets institutional clients. There’s a minimum deposit requirement of €100,000. The welcome bonus is variable, with members getting personalized services. Leverage for the VIP account holder is 1:500.

Accounts Dcmgroup.io

Account Features

We have to raise our concerns when it comes to the high leverage. The platform is going against set industry regulations. For example, in Europe, the maximum leverage on all assets is 1:100. So any platform setting higher leverage is breaking the law.

Thanks to high leverage, you risk more and end up losing a large volume of trade. But the platform greatly benefits from your losses. That’s why regulators had to step in and protect investors and traders from high leverage.

Account Managers

These are call agents who act as account managers. We believe these agents earn their commissions with every deposit made by clients. The managers will call you with claims of having a lucrative open position.

These managers will claim the position is only for a selected few to make it look attractive. Once you cave in and deposit funds, that’s the last you will hear from the account manager. The platform quickly replaces them with a new manager.

Are funds safe with Dcmgroup.io?

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to offer insurance cover. The platform also fails to segregate accounts. We believe the platform stores all deposits in a personal bank account.

The platform also fails to deposit the minimum acceptable amount with regulators. It’s the amount regulators use as collateral for deposits made by investors. For example, in Europe, such platforms must deposit €20 million.

Without insurance cover, the platform can decide to close shop today. Members won’t receive any compensation from regulators. After all, the platform didn’t follow set procedures when starting the trading services.

Available assets and trading instruments

There are five classes of trading assets available on the platform. These include commodities, crypto, forex, indices, and stocks. Trading commodities include gold, natural gas, sugar, wheat, and more.

You only get to trade with one cryptocurrency paired against the USD. The platform pairs Bitcoin as the only cryptocurrency. We expect the platform to offer more than one crypto as it’s a volatile market.

Forex trading happens to be at the core of the platform’s activities. So you get major and minor currency pairs. The platform offers copy trading services for forex trading assets only. We are against it as the results are far from ideal.

Are Funds safe with Dcmgroup?

Bonuses on offer

The platform goes ahead and offers welcome bonuses to several account holders. It’s a tactic to lure investors into signing up. These are traps set to ensure you deposit more funds in the hopes of getting more bonuses.

Industry regulators are against platforms that offer bonuses to investors. But, unfortunately, we have a platform that fails to follow the rules. Instead, before you withdraw funds, the platform will insist that you pay back in full the bonus amount.

Imagine the account holder who received €3,500 as the 50 percent bonus. Now they have to deposit the same amount to get access to funds. Once these members deposit, the platform shuts down the accounts in most cases.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any support from staff members as the platform limits communication to email. It’s one way of controlling the communication process. It makes it easy for the platform to reach you as you have already left your contact details.

Dcmgroup.io License and Registration

Is Dcmgroup.io Licensed or Regulated? A Warning from CNMV

Dcmgroup.io does not hold any license from any regulatory body. What we have is a platform facing a backlash from CNMV. The Spanish regulator has already warned investors from engaging with the platform.

Final Thoughts Dcmgroup.io

We insist you stay away from DCM Group as it’s a scam.

Go for reliable crypto trading tools that give you an edge when trading. Make sure to use credible crypto bots with a proven track record.

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