Decatrade Review: Avoid this Crypto Platform

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Decatrade Review
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Decatrade will fail to meet its promise of helping you achieve financial freedom. Hundreds of investors have lost funds with the platform. Learn more in our clear review.

Another crypto investment scam, Decatrade (, is ripping off investors right, left, and center. The crypto investment offered seems to lure investors due to the high-profit expectations. We have a store preying investors who want to make high and quick profit margins. For the past few weeks, no member has had the chance to withdraw funds. And this makes investing with Deca Trade a high-risk option. Know the truth in our exclusive DECATRADE REVIEW.

About Decatrade

Decatrade sells itself as a private investment program on the about us page. Professional traders and networkers set up the program. Judging from the aesthetics, we can see some crypto professionals behind the platform.

Decatrade Pros and cons

What makes the platform a high-risk investment is greed these owners have. Once you deposit with, that’s the last you will hear from them. Members even claim that access to their accounts is no longer possible.

Deca Trade claims to help investors attain financial freedom. We have heard this time and time again. There’s no freedom offered by a platform that operates as a pyramid scheme. The people who profit are those close to the owners.

Anyone who claims to have made a profit from the platform is a liar. Instead, the platform uses them to lure naïve investors into signing up with the store. These are online bandits that make investors believe the platform’s claims.

Ask an expert; the best way to invest is to use tested investment tools. Crypto investment requires the use of approved crypto trading robots. These are robots backed by experts and the trading community.

The platform claims to have started in March 2021. As we publish this post, the platform is barely ten days in. We see claims that there are 50 members and a total deposit of $355. From a crypto investors point of view, this is an unsuccessful program.

Before you invest in any platform, we recommend researching on the platform. Try and see what makes the platform fit for you. Find out the experiences of other users before committing funds. You can also read our unbiased review of crypto and forex-related products and services.

Accounts Decatrade

Decatrade offers three investment plans to interested parties. Each of these plans comes with a different ROI and vesting period. These plans include Bronze, Silver, and Gold accounts. Here’s a closer look at each of these accounts;


The minimum you can deposit with the bronze account is $10. And this makes it a perfect investment plan for newbies. The maximum you can deposit is $99, making it affordable to most. In addition, you get a promise of producing 150 percent ROI in 100 days.


For silver account holders, you have to meet the minimum required amount of $100. The maximum you can fund with this plan is $999. You get a promise of making 170 percent ROI after 100 days of vesting.


It’s the most exclusive account the platform sells as the best of the bunch. You have to make a minimum required deposit of $1,000. The maximum you can deposit is $100,000. There’s a guarantee of making 200 percent in ROI after 100 vesting days.

Account features

Accounts and investment plans Decatrade

We have to raise the red flag for these account features. We are dealing with professional online scam artists. There’s no way these features hold up in any real crypto investment venture.

The store’s claims of guaranteeing daily profit margins are the biggest lie of them all. With crypto markets being the most volatile, making such assumptions is impossible. Market prices rise and drop at any given moment. And this makes it hard to make consistent profit margins.

We must also mention the vesting period it takes to withdraw funds. The store promises daily profit margins for 100 days. That’s a big ROI percentage considering the short time frame. These are unrealistic expectations.

Despite claiming to be the world’s leading Investment Corporation, these are impossible goals. Ask any expert, and no AI technology or robot can achieve such a high margin probability. That’s why we have to expose the platform’s dubious ways.

Affiliate and partnership programs

An affiliate and partner program offers 5 and 15 percent commission. It seems like a perfect way to earn passive income as a member. However, before joining their affiliate program, you need to know the consequences.

No affiliate enjoys their commission as the store fails to release these commissions. That’s why you won’t find any professional affiliate endorsing the platform. You are also directing investors to sign up with a platform that will later block withdrawals.

The problem with their affiliate program is that it’s a trap to attract more victims. We have a platform that wants to use your connections to trap victims. You will likely have a fallout with those you direct to the platform.

Victims can decide to file a lawsuit against the platform. These victims are in their right to expose you as the affiliate. The law will consider you as an accessory to online fraud. That’s why you have to stay away from such stores.

Are funds safe with Deca Trade?

Business proprietor

Despite claiming to be a globally recognized corporation, no one knows its staff members. We don’t see the CEO or founding members of the platform. And this makes Decatrade an anonymous investment platform.

It would be best to stay away from any anonymous crypto product or service providers. There’s no way of recovering funds from such platforms. Despite claiming to reside in London, there’s no business registry of the entity.

Contact and support

The platform fails to give investors any active support. Instead, we see a listed phone number that rarely goes through. We strongly believe the people behind this platform use a virtual phone number provider.

You would expect a more direct line to support. There’s no live chat which means members have to stick with emails. The problem with emails is that it might take days to respond quickly. And that’s what we see, a platform trying to control the communication process.

Deposit and withdrawal options

There are several depository options listed on the platform. The store wants it possible to deposit funds. These depository options include bank and wire transfers. The platform will also insist on crypto deposits for users holding digital assets.

Is a scam? YES

After funding your account, the balance will reflect almost immediately. The platform gives false hope as you find the balance rising with time. When the time to withdraw comes, that’s when all hell breaks loose.

No one has made any withdrawals for the past few weeks. The platform will ignore your calls and block your account. Sending emails won’t help as the platform also blocks this avenue. It’s at this point that the truth hits investors.

Deposit safety Decatrade

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to segregate accounts. Instead, we have a store that won’t offer any advantage to investors. And this is the reason why we have to expose the risks of investing with Deca Trade.

Is Decatrade Licensed or Regulated?

Decatrade doesn’t hold a valid license from regulators. So please avoid anonymous and unregulated platforms.


After exposing all the facts, it’s best to avoid using

Make sure to use approved robots that help make trading more accessible and fun.

Do you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment.

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