Destek Capital Review: Offshore Forex Broker to Avoid

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Destek Capital is a company that is not worth your time. Investors need to watch out for this scam to avoid losing funds. Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. You will earn genuine returns.

Destek Capital is a company that believes in giving clients more than just forex brokerage. The people behind this company believe in helping clients in their trading activities. As such, they provide a plethora of services meant to help clients improve their services.

Sadly, this is one of the shadiest companies in the forex space. Destek Capital is not a trustworthy company. As such, we cannot recommend them to you. The design of its operations suggests a fraudulent operation.

Destek Capital Review, Destek Capital company

There are far too many companies like this one. They promise the best services just to attract eager investors. However, they do not deliver what they promise. Destek Capital only has less than a year’s experience in the market. Nonetheless, they want you to believe they are the best forex broker in the market.

It takes years to build a properly working forex brokerage platform. As such, it is always wiser to wait out new brokers before you invest your hard-earned cash. Most fraudulent companies do not last more than a year or two.

In the meantime, there are legitimate forex brokers that you can readily invest in. Such companies have been in the market for a long time. They have a proven track record and operate with complete transparency. Review

Destek Capital promises clients the best trading platform in the market. For that, they provide a MetaTrader 4 platform. MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading platform among seasoned traders. This is because it is very robust and powerful. It allows traders to trade in one click. Additionally, it has instant executions.

Destek Capital Scam, Destek Capital Features

Further, the company offers a variety of assets that you can trade. On, you can trade forex, metals, indices, and commodities. This means that clients can spread their risk of investment across multiple assets. While this may be helpful, it does not mean much if the company cannot protect your funds. Unfortunately, this is the case with Destek Capital.

Even more worrying, this company offers forex trading training. Additionally, they offer technical analysis services. This is despite them not revealing to the public who they are or their experience in the forex space. You should never take educational and analysis services from unknown people on the Internet. You may be learning from amateurs who have no idea what they are doing in the market.

On a good note, though, the company does offer reliable customer support. You can call the team via +44 203 1502654 or +90 850 7112020. You can also email them at

Destek Capital Account Types

There are four main account types on These include the Standard, Gold, VIP, and ECN accounts. These accounts differ depending on the amount of investment a client makes.

The Standard account requires a minimum deposit of $100. This account gives clients minimum spreads from 1.57 pips. Further, the maximum leverage here is 1:200.

The Gold account requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. It gives clients spreads from 1.17 pips. The maximum leverage on this account stands at 1:200.

The next account is the VIP account. This requires a minimum deposit of $5,000. This account avails clients with spreads from 0.77 pips. Additionally, the maximum leverage on this account is 1:200.

The final account is the ECN account. This one accepts a minimum deposit of $10,000. The spreads on this account start from as low as 0.17 pips. The maximum leverage on this account is 1:100. Further, this account has commissions. However, the company does not give much insight into how much the commission is. The minimum trade volume for all these accounts is 0.01 lots.

Founders and Physical Location

It is very crucial to know the people behind a company you are investing in. Their background will help you get an idea of what to expect from the company. In general, you should never invest in companies run by people with shady backgrounds. Moreover, you should never invest in companies run by mysterious people.

Unfortunately, this is the case with Destek Capital. There is no mention of the founders on Only people running illegitimate operations see the need to conceal their identities. They do this to ensure that no one tracks them down after scamming investors. Under no circumstance should you trust people with unidentifiable identities.

Even worse, this company is operating from a very shady jurisdiction. They give their physical address as Trinity Place Annex, Corner Frederick and Shirley Streets, Nassau, Bahamas. The Bahamas does not have stringent laws to keep companies in check. Therefore, there is nothing exciting about this location.

Regulation and Fund Safety at Destek Capital

The regulatory status of a company will tell you everything you need to know about that company. Any unregulated company is running an illegal operation in most jurisdictions. The founders can do anything they want, as there is no one to oversee their activities.

Destek Capital is a regulated entity by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. While this is good, it may not be exciting as they want you to believe. The Bahamas does not have stringent laws to govern the operations of forex brokers. Therefore, this company may not have the proper setup to protect your funds.

Regulatory bodies such as the FCA requires a company to have segregated bank accounts. Additionally, they require companies to hold funds in Tier-1 banks. That is the only way they will license a company to offer financial services.

Sadly, we cannot confirm that these requirements are in place for Destek Capital. Therefore, there is no assurance of your funds’ safety here.

Moreover, we do not trust the systems’ security that this company provides. They claim to have SSL certification for their platform. However, even the browser warns you against entering sensitive information into the platform. As such, we believe that hackers can easily access your money and data.

Destek Capital Domain Insight

The official domain of Destek Capital Ltd is The domain’s registration date is 9th March, 2020. The expiry date is on 9th March, 2021. The company only has a one-year registration for their website. That means that they do not plan to stick around for long. Such companies have no commitment to serving clients. They will disappear as soon as they steal people’s hard-earned money.

Moreover, you should only invest in companies that have the trust of thousands of investors. This company barely has any clients. The website ranks 6,050,207 on Alexa rankings. This is very low for any company. You should only invest in more popular forex brokers. Destek Capital has nothing good to offer you.

Final Verdict

This is not a trustworthy company. While they may have regulations, the Bahamas has very loose laws governing forex brokers. Therefore, we cannot trust that this company has the right set up to protect clients’ funds.

Moreover, we do not trust the security on the platform. The browser warns you against submitting any sensitive information to the platform. That is a huge red flag that you should not ignore. Further, the level of transparency here presents nothing to desire. The website does not even introduce us to the founders.

Save yourself some trouble and invest in the top forex brokers in the market. Such companies have been in the market longer and operate with full transparency. Only such companies can help you protect your funds.


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