Dibort FX Review: Does this Broker have Intention of Helping Investors?

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Dibort FX Review
  • Regulation
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  • Fund Safety


Dibort FX is an entity that is anonymously registered. The company was registered in March 2020. Its domain name will expire in the same month the year 2022. They recently renewed their registration. However, this does not change the fact that this is a hopeless investment entity.

Dibort FX is a company that promises investors amazing offers. The entity has an attractive website. If the investment was all about appearance then this would be the perfect place for you. However, investment is all about the numbers and they never lie.

The entity views itself as a global leading forex trading broker. They assure investors of getting competitive spreads. The platform claims it is trading over 60 currencies. It also states it has the MT5 trading interface readily available for its clients.

Dibort FX offers 2 pips which are not lucrative to investors. You can also trade Indices, FX, CFDs, and Precious metals. Opening an account at this venture is as easy as a pie. The platform claims it wants to take the trading of its clients to the next level.

Dibort FX Review, Dibort FX Company

The suspicious entity brags that it wants to take the trading of its clients to the next level. Their trading costs are allegedly reasonable. The broker markets itself as a transparent entity that wants to maximize the profits of investors and has zero commissions.

However, a quick look at this platform you will realize something is off. Their bold claims which the entity makes are all false. The broker has no intention of treating its clients professionally. The entity is a dirty scheme that needs to be avoided.

Dibortfx.com Review

Dibort FX claims it is using the latest technology. The company states that it is defined by the efficiency and optimized trading. It brags of having over 60 tradable currency pairs. The entity has zero commission and orders are executed in 0.1 seconds.

Scammers guarantee that you will have a better outcome if you venture with them. The reality however is that you do not know what you are signing up for. They also boast of having multiple methods of funding account.

Dibort FX claims that whatever needs you might be having their platform will fulfill them for you. The entity allegedly has the best trading platforms, and bots to assist investors in their trading activities. Moreover, you can use whichever device you have to perform trade.

Dibort FX Scam Review, Dibort FX Features

Unfortunately, the company lacks what it takes to be operating legally. Dealing with them exposes you to several risks. Investors need to avoid platforms that do not have a trading history. There are better ways that you can use to generate a passive income.

Try out some of the top forex trading brokers that have the best trading experience. These are regulated companies offering leverage and spread that does not expose you to more risks. You will get fund safety from these firms if you trade with them.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Dibort FX is a company that is accepting funds via Skrill, Visa, Bank Transfer, and Neteller. However, you usually find what some of these brokers’ presents are not the actual means that they are using to generate funds.

The links to the Terms and Conditions are broken. If this was a serious broker it would have noticed this problem. The entity subjects traders to adhere to their Terms and Conditions policy before depositing funds.

You will sign up for something that you do not know what you are getting yourself into. Dibort FX is a shady broker that is clearly a scam. The broker does not have to state the minimum amount that you can deposit at their system.

The entity has two investment accounts. A legit entity will have a standard amount that you can deposit. Moreover, this entity happens to be accepting funds via bank transfer and BTC. Investors need to understand that cryptocurrency payments limit investors from issuing a chargeback. Therefore, once you deposit money you immediately lose access.

Dibort FX Trading Conditions

Dibort FX is a company is providing one of the lovable trading software in the market (MT4). There are several advantages that come with this entity. You can trade automatically; utilize multiple trading charts, VPS, economic calendar, trading signals, and several trading tools.

The spread which the entity offers is beneficial to investors. You will get a spread of 0.4 pips. The leverage cap of the broker is that 1:100. The financial body of the UK permits leverage of 1:30 while that of the USA 1:50.

It might not seem as much but it protects investors from experiencing huge losses. Dibort FX is not the right choice for investors. Once the platform gets what it wants it will exit the market. You will be left regretting having trusted the wrong venture.

Dibort FX Customer Support

Dibort FX features icons for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on their website. The company claims that it is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, they do not give the specific office address.

Nonetheless, we highly doubt that this is the actual location of this entity. Investors can reach the entity via email or phone. At first, customer support is always helpful and convincing. They will call you asking for more money to increase your chances of earning more profits.

However, once you try reaching out to the company after failing to process your withdrawal the attempt will be futile. You cannot turn to the authority since Dibort FX does not leave sufficient information that can be used to track them down.

Dibort FX Regulation Status

The company is not licensed by the financial body of Dubai. The entity claims that it is a legit venture but once you search them on the database of the Central Bank of UAE the entity is nowhere to be found. The body that officially oversees the operation of the financial investment is known as Security and Commodity Authority (SCA).

A company needs to acquire a license before starting up its business. The government of the UAE is trying its level best to protect investors against dealing with fraudsters. They require an entity to have a working capital of $275,000.

The broker must be a UAE citizen and 60% of the total shareholders must be local. The money of investors is protected. Dibort FX is a scam that is based in an unknown area. Additionally, the only thing that you can be assured of getting from them is a bad experience.

The Domain Insight

Dibort FX is an entity that is anonymously registered. The company was registered in March 2020. Its domain name will expire in the same month the year 2022. They recently renewed their registration. However, this does not change the fact that this is a hopeless investment entity.

The geographical location of this company remains a mystery. We also do not know where their clients are coming from. Moreover, the entity has a low alexa ranking. It shows that nobody is interested in their dirty schemes.

Final Verdict

Dibort FX claims that its main objective is to offer the best client services to its clients. The entity’s main priority is maintaining great communication with its clients. The company is allegedly guided by several values.

The broker state that it offers fast and the best trade execution. Their customer support is also presented as professional and friendly. The broker additionally claims it utilizes technology to generate these high returns. Sadly, the broker does not offer fund safety to their clients.

Invest with the best reliable and regulated forex trading companies that have been serving investors diligently. These entities are genuine and transparent. Furthermore, your money and personal data are secure. You will also enjoy better trading conditions.



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