Digi-Coins Review: A Sad Scam without a Trading Platform

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Digi-Coins Review
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The venture is registered privately hence the information of the founder is not available. There are better ways of generating an income but this is not one of them. The firm does not have much traffic visiting their platform.

Digi-Coins claims that everyone can invest and generate returns. It does not matter whether you have knowledge of trading or not. They welcome both novice and expert traders to join them. You can trade however you please.

The platform is trading Forex, CFDs, Indices, and digital currencies. It presents an opportunity for investors to exploit the volatile market. You can generate returns whenever the price drop or increases. Additionally, this firm brags that it has won a global award for being the best forex broker in the world.

Unfortunately, Digi-Coins is not close to the list of the best entities. It is an atypical scam that is eying for an opportunity to defraud investors. It will be a big mistake investing with them. You risk losing all your savings within a minute.

Digi-Coins Review, Digi-Coins Company

Nonetheless, the sales pitch of this company is boring and they are selling nothing to investors. The venture state that it executes a trade at a lightning speed. Therefore, you will never miss an opportunity to earn a huge return.

Digi-Coins lacks transparency and the only thing that is a guarantee you are going to get from them is unfavorable trading conditions. The firm claims that it mains focus is the success of their customers. The only thing that this entity cares about is its results.

Digi-Coins.net Review

The company states that it wants to maximize the profits. They will allegedly hold your hand in your trading activity. Therefore, you will be able to make a sober decision. It also promises multiple high-quality trading tools.

The entity brags that it is an award-winning venture. The only thing that this entity can be awarded is for being the worst trading partner. The security of investors is not guaranteed. Moreover, they also assure investors of having access to over 16000 markets.

What Digi-Coins is promising their customer is out of this world. Their level of leverage shows that this is not a serious entity. The company presents a lot of false information on its website. The firm is trying to win over innocent traders.

There is a lack of transparency. The platform fails to credit its team of experts. Therefore, we do not know their background in finance. You will be entrusting your money with people that you know nothing about them.

Invest with legit forex trading brokers that are reputable and genuine. These companies segregate the funds of their clients into separate accounts. Therefore, you have the guarantee that your money will not be used for an unintended purpose.

Trading Conditions

Digi-Coins is an entity that has four investment accounts for its clients. The firm brags that it has the best trading conditions for its customers. They are targeting both novice and expert traders. Those that prefer the best trading conditions are welcomed to try out the services of this entity.

The broker state that it has tight spreads in the industry. This is a creepy investment company that does not even have trading software. What kind of a venture operates in this manner? If they are indeed involved in trading then we should be able to see evidence of trading.

Digi-Coins does not have a web trade or a MT4. Moreover, the company state that it offers a spread of zero pips and a leverage of 1:2000 this is a lot. Whoever is behind this entity does not know what they are they are talking about.

Without a place to trade at how can they have such offers? Their guarantees are only meant to fish more victims for them. This is more like a gambling entity that does not have trading products or services.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount of funds that you can deposit at Digi-Coins is $50. Investors can fund their accounts using Neteller, Credit or debit cards, UnionPay, or Wire Transfers. However, scammers usually highlight multiple methods but in reality, there is not what they provide.

Digi-Coins is a Ponzi scheme that will most certainly not permit their clients to issue a chargeback. If you want to test the waters with this entity do so using the credit or debit card option. This is because you stand a chance of getting your money back from a period of 540 days.

However, this is not a forex trading broker. Their terms and conditions are a cracker as it is full of so much useless info. The least amount which their traders can cash out is $50. Legit investment firms allow their customers to withdraw whatever amount they please.

You also need to pay for the withdrawal fees. The charges are from 20% of the total amount of your profits. It is a ridiculous requirement. Investors might also think that this is a generous venture that has a trading bonus.

Contact Details

Digi-Coins is a company that features their telephone number on their website. Investors can also request the firm to call them back or fill in the contact form. The platform is allegedly based at 27 Market Place W1W 8AF, London, UK.

We are certain that this is not the reallocation of this entity. They are only pretending to be operating in a reputable place to gain more customers. The customer support is also operating 24/5. Scammers will say anything to get investors to deposit funds.

Digi-Coins Scam Review, Digi-Coins Features

Digi-Coins is a dirty scam that is not worth your time. The moment that you share your contact details with them the brokers will call you. These are trained con artists that will easily convince you. Moreover, once they exit the market the broker will save your information for later use.

Scammers usually come back using a different domain name. Their financial fantasy will be sweeter and convincing. Sharing your personal data expose you to more risks. Therefore, avoid these unrepeatable investment schemes at all costs.

Despite Digi-Coins being new in the industry, it has already associated negative reviews from those that have tried its services. You should not invest with this platform to avoid the same fate. Take the warnings of other investors seriously.

The Domain Insight

Digi-Coins.net is a company that was registered in Feb 2021. This entity is barely a year old. Investing with them you will be testing the waters. The company nonetheless speaks highly about itself you would even think it is the best.

The venture is registered privately hence the information of the founder is not available. There are better ways of generating an income but this is not one of them. The firm does not have much traffic visiting their platform.

Final Verdict

Digi-Coins is a company that we do not know their whereabouts. The firm is operating anonymously. It purports that it is based in the UK but this is false information. The broker is also not regulated but targets investors from the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, the platform is a few months old, and the reputation that it has shown that it is an unreliable firm. Investors should be keen when venturing with a suspicious firm. There are better schemes in the market that you can use.

Trade with the top forex trading companies that have a license from reputable financial watchdogs in the market. You will have peace of mind and a guarantee that the support will respond in time.


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