Digit Capital Fund Review: Digitcapitalfund.com is a Ponzi Scheme

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Digit Capital Fund Review
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Moreover, Digit Capital Fund claims that it is using an innovative system. The deposit process is swift, but we doubt whether we can say the same about the withdrawal process. For your own safety, avoid the entity as it lacks a trading history.

Digit Capital Fund is a platform that has multiple products under one umbrella. The venture boasts of having flexible funding methods and low costs. The moment you start trading with them, you open doors to great opportunities.

Digital Capital Fund Review, Digital Capital Fund Company

Unfortunately, this is just another useless scheme. Several other fraudsters have overused their sales pitch. The entity claims that it is dedicated to making the strategies of its customers work. Signing up with the allegedly guarantees to have advisor guidance.

Digit Capital Fund has over 40 forex trading currencies. You can also trade commodities like; oil, coffee, sugar, gas, wheat, and cotton. There are also multiple CFD on indices and metals waiting for you. The venture also offers cryptocurrencies and stock services.

The suspicious entity magnifies their profits. They are using leveraged margin but also warns their clients that the losses can also be massive. Considering that the reputation of the broker is unfit, we suggest you stay away.

The company can make you lose deliberately so that they make a profit. They are also urging their customers to diversify their portfolios. They can use the funds to trade on other popular assets. You need to be cautious with this platform. You cannot easily see their red flags.

Digitcapitalfund.com Review

Digit Capital Fund claims that it does not matter the amount of capital that you deposit. The venture will treat you professionally. They also assign account managers to all their clients. In case you encounter any problem, you can contact them.

The venture lacks transparency. Investors can’t know whether they are dealing with experts. You may even find that there are no trading instruments available. Fraudsters are tactical. They manipulate information to get the attention of traders.

Moreover, Digit Capital Fund claims that it is using an innovative system. The deposit process is swift, but we doubt whether we can say the same about the withdrawal process. For your own safety, avoid the entity as it lacks a trading history.

The venture is also unregulated, which exposes you to more danger. We found several red flags that show the platform is not worth your time. There are many Ponzi schemes in the market. Therefore, this venture will not be the first or last.

All you need to do is to ensure that you have the necessary skills. It will save you the trouble of dealing with cons. If you invest with a legit crypto company, you will learn a lot of useful skills. Additionally, you can also trade knowing that the risks are minimal.

Digit Capital Fund Trading Conditions

The venture offers web-based trading software to its customers. It is easy for scammers to manipulate information ins such an interface. The venture is dealing with forex, and they should provide an MT4 like the rest of their competitors.

They advertise leverage of 1:500. This is risky to traders, and considering that the broker legitimacy is in question, we suggest you avoid them. Their hazardous condition proves that the entity is not licensed.

Digit Capital Fund Withdrawal and Deposits

Digit Capital Fund accepts a minimum deposit of $100. One can use the payment methods to fund their account are; Credit/debit card, wire transfers, and Bitcoin. Use the credit or debit option if this review does not convince you that you are dealing with a scam.

Digitalcapitalfund.com Review, Digitalcapitalfund.com Features

The rest of the methods will not allow you to issue a chargeback. The least amount that one can invest is 250 BTC. This is an indicator that Digit Capital Fund is only taking deposits via crypto. Additionally, the amount is equivalent to $10,000.

The entity doesn’t intend to handle your withdrawal requests. You cannot find a legit venture taking such a low amount. There is also an application fee of 30 BTC. If you accept the broker’s bonus, you must meet a trading volume 30times of what you take. Inactivity policy starts taking effect after 30 days. The fee is, however, not disclosed.

The Domain Insight

Digit Capital Fund claims that it was founded in 2007. However, we fail to understand why an investment scheme would be so reckless with such minor details. The entity is definitely lying about its trading history.

You can easily obtain information about the time any company was founded. Whois.com indicates that the firm made its first Digit footprint in September 2020. Their registration lasts for one year. We don’t know whether the entity will renew its registration even if it stays away from them.

Customer Support and Contact Details

You may end up thinking that Digit Capital Fund is the best entity. They spend most of their space talking about customer satisfaction. However, it is worse since their only goal is to leave clients high and dry.

Expert traders will never waste their time in this venture. Their office address is allegedly at  Holywell Hill, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1ER, UK. You can reach them via email or phone. However, the contact details are vague.

Nobody knows where Digit Capital Fund is conducting its shady business from. Scammers are very predictable, and once they close down their website, you cannot trace them. You can as well expect wanting services from their team.

They will only be friendly and responsive when they want more funds. Unfortunately, once there is no more money coming into their system, they abandon traders. The best thing is to find a legit venture. The one that cares about the needs of traders. A reliable company will never walk out on you when times get hard.

Digit Capital Fund Clients Feedback

Digit Capital Fund is a platform that has more negative feedback than positive ones. Their clients are warning anyone that may be tempted to test the waters with the broker to rethink. Con artists run the platform.

The positive remarks are coming from their marketers. The information states that this is the best firm in the industry. The withdrawal is also swift. They also disburse profits as promised. The support is also being praised for being helpful.

However, this platform pays random people who have not used their services to endorse the firm. Remember that at the end of the day, the marketers will receive their pay. However, you are left to suffer when their promises don’t work out.

Regulation and Registration

The platform claims that CySEC licenses it. The Cyprus finical watchdog is one among the many regulators that have enforced tough measures to protect investors. Digit Capital Fund is not on their list of legit entities.

Additionally, this company also claims to be based in the UK. The FCA does not supervise its investment activities. Investing with an unregulated entity exposes you to severe danger. The company is trying very hard to conceal its murkiness.

Investing with this entity will not yield any desirable results. We suggest that you only trade with a licensed entity. You stand a chance of getting compensation. Moreover, the firm segregates accounts. Therefore, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Final Verdict

Digit Capital Fund is an infamous investment platform. They are targeting traders that lack great knowledge in the industry. The entity does not have a regulatory document that permits them to collect funds from the public.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies. You will earn genuine returns from the brokers. These firms have been trading for years. All you have to do is sign up. You can also learn skills from experts, increasing your income.



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