Digital FXoptions Review: an Outrageous Scam!

Digital FXoptions Review, Digital FXoptions Company
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Digital FXoptions Review
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Digital FXoptions is an unregulated offshore broker that is operating illegally. The company is unsafe to invest in and lies on its website, which does nothing to help its credibility. Invest with the best crypto trading website.

Digital FXoptions is a company that does not seem to be sure of the services it offers. The information on the website is all over the place. The people behind this company seem too eager to get their hands on investors’ money. This sounds like the beginning of a bad story.

Further, this is not the biggest issue with Digital FXoptions. In our research, we found details that are shocking, to say the least. There is no doubt that this is a fraudulent operation.

Digital FXoptions Review, Digital FXoptions Company

There are far too many companies like this in the market. They operate from shady jurisdictions and pretend to be legitimate operations. However, they are far from that. They are criminal operations only after people’s money.

Ensure you do enough research before investing in a company. Generally, ensure the people behind the company have a reputable background. Additionally, ensure that the company meets regulatory requirements. This is the best way to avoid getting scammed on the Internet.

In the meantime, there are legitimate that companies you can readily invest in. These companies have reputable track records and are trustworthy. Only use the best cryptocurrency trading companies in the market. They will provide you with a safe environment to grow your investment.

Digital FXoptions Review

The website is poorly designed. You can tell that the people behind this company are not professionals. The social media icons on the website do not even link to any accounts. Moreover, the information on the website is all over the place.

The team starts by telling people they can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on the platform. This may make you think that the company is a cryptocurrency brokerage company. However, in another section, they mention trading forex, binary options, and CFDs. This causes a lot of confusion. Furthermore, the company also claims to provide mining services.

Consequently, the company promises clients guaranteed returns when they invest. The company claims that you can start earning as soon as you invest your Bitcoins. However, this is just a marketing strategy. The company is only stating this to attract customers. In reality, they do not offer any mining services.

The company claims to be the world’s leading CFDs, Forex, and Options platform provider. However, they do not tell clients the type of trading platform they provide. Professional companies will tell clients whether they run an MT4 platform or another. There are too many gaps in the information provided by the company.

Account Types

There are four main account types on the Digital FXoptions platform. These include Mini Account, Silver Account, Gold Account, and Platinum Account. These account types vary depending on the deposit a client makes.

The Mini Account requires a minimum deposit of 350+. However, the website does not state the base currency. The company leaves this in the hands of clients to figure out. In any case, this account type allows users to trade currencies, shares, commodities, and Indexes.

The Silver package requires a minimum deposit of 500. This account gives access to all trading assets like the previous account type. However, this assures clients an additional 2% return on every trade they make.

The next account type is the Gold package. This requires a minimum deposit of 1,500. It gives clients access to all trading assets. Further, clients receive an additional 3% return on every trade they make.

The final account type is the Platinum account. It requires a minimum deposit of 2,500. Users get an additional 4% return on every trade they make.

These accounts also give clients access to educational material. However, there is no account type that gives traders the full educational package. To get that, clients have to invest in all account types. This shows that the company only wants to get as much money from the clients.

Digital FXoptions Deposit and Withdrawal

The company lists various payment options that they support. Interestingly, most of them are cryptocurrency deposits. Moreover, the transaction history on the website only shows cryptocurrency deposits.

The probability of this transaction history being fake is very high. Therefore, this does not make us trust the company more. Moreover, cryptocurrency deposits pose a massive risk to customers. This is because this payment option does not allow users to trace or recover their funds. Do not trust such a company with your money.

This company simply does not care about customer satisfaction. Moreover, they will delay your withdrawals to make you frustrated. They will later blame the delay on the verification process.

Founders and Physical Location does not introduce us to the people behind the company. The founders operate in full anonymity. This is a common characteristic among fraudulent companies. They do this to avoid facing the law.

The company only makes a poor attempt to introduce the trade managers. However, this is not even slightly helpful. There are only picture on the website. This serves us no good. We cannot verify the identity or experience of these people only using the images. Moreover, we found out that they are using stock images in this section. This company is doing anything they can to convince you they are legitimate.

Even worse, the company does not reveal where they operate from. This shows that the company is afraid of any identification by the public. Do not invest in these people if you do not want to lose your money.

Digital FXoptions Regulation and Fund Safety

The biggest crime a company can do is operate an unregulated platform. This is the case with Digital FXoptions. The company has no regulatory body overseeing its operations. Therefore, you cannot expect these people to provide a safe trading environment.

Regulatory bodies keep companies in check to ensure they meet legal requirements. One of the requirements is storing clients’ funds in a reputable bank. Additionally, the company needs to have segregated bank accounts.

Digital FXoptions Scam Review, Digital FXoptions Customer Support

Unregulated companies do not have to meet such requirements. They operate under their own conditions. Therefore, they will put your money in a risky environment.

Moreover, the company does not present evidence of systems’ protection. This means that hackers can easily access and steal your money. It does not get any worse than this.

Domain Insight

The official domain for this company is The registration date of the website is 25th October 2020. The company only has a one year license for this domain. This shows that they have no intention of sticking around for long.

Even worse, this website is a complete duplicate of This is yet another fraudulent company without regulation. It seems the people behind these platforms are casting their nets wide and far. They want to scam as many people as possible. Run while you still can.

Final Verdict

There are too many reasons why you should not trust this company. This company has totally disregarded the legal requirements for operating a financial institution. They have no regulation, and the founders are unknown. This company cannot provide you with a safe environment for your funds. They are only interested in stealing money from people.

If you are looking to invest online, this is not the company for you. Only invest with the top legitimate cryptocurrency companies in the market. Only such companies can assure you of your funds’ safety.


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