Review: Avoid Trading with Offshore Ventures

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0.5 trading conditions will make people lose funds. The leverage is high. Nonetheless, it would help if you did not forget that this is an unregulated venture. The entity is collecting money from traders across the globe. They do not care about the jurisdiction. Review, Company

Furthermore, the broker does not see the need to disclose its country of origin. You should not take the red flags slightly. The fund managers and analytical officers qualification is not availed to the public. It shall be impossible to go after the entity once they decide to leave the market.

Another worrying factor is that is overcharging traders. The minimum amount that the scheme set is a complete rip-off. We strongly recommend that before you join any scheme in the industry, you research thoroughly. 

What about the trading interface that the company offers? Is it worth the take? The scheme has a web-based platform. This one does not have many advantages. The tools and charts cannot be compared with the MetaTrader. There is nothing unique regarding this company. Review is allegedly trading stocks, cryptos, and forex. Even for the newbie’s traders that are starting the venture, it will help them make profits. The accounts are set within a few minutes. 

The offshore venture states it does not have hidden fees or commissions. Those that choose to trade day or night are going to get desirable profits. However, we are yet to encounter anyone that has earned by using the services of the broker. Hence, it would help if you were cautious when accepting their trading terms. 

The company also claims it has advanced trading tools. We would be confident and trusting if availed their trading results. Investing with reputable companies that have a trading history is essential. You can carry on with your day without worrying about the security of your data and cash. 

Try out these regulated cryptocurrency schemes that have unbeaten performance. They shine amid other ventures. Their support is also professional. The information of the team is available on the website. 

How Does Operate?

All the shady offshore investment schemes operate in the same manner. They try their level best to remain discreet. They will approach you from the information that you leave behind on their website. You may be looking for an easy way to make money online. An advert pops up, and you are naive enough to believe the narrative of the Ponzi scheme. 

The sales rep will be calling endlessly, trying to convince you to deposit money. Once you heed their demand, the venture may allow you to withdraw at the initial stages as an act of good faith. However, once you deposit more money, they are going to withhold your payment.

Digitalex. trade is not a legit venture. Once they decide not to give back your money, not even the authority will assist you. There are reputable and genuine c0mpanies that take the safety of their clients seriously. For the case of this broker, they do not even have trading results. 

It is essential that before you grant any company access to your money that you research. Getting a background check-up of a scheme is also necessary. 

The Trading Conditions of is promising investors who choose the standard account leverage of:500. This is too high for beginners. You could end up losing all your money. This is the reason that financial regulators are monitoring the market. For instance, in the UK, the financial schemes can only offer leverage of 1:30, while in the USA and Canada, the regulators permit an influence of 1:50. Review, Accounts

The perks of the standard account include; account manager, clients can access all the trading platforms, the spread of 0.1 pips. They also send a weekly report of traders’ accounts. The scheme has a one on one trading opportunity once a month.

They also have a demo account. The benefits get better as you invest more funds in the scheme. The web trader is no comparison to the main trading interface in the market. 

Withdrawal and Deposits of

The minimum amount that investors can deposit in the entity is $5000. This is way above what the regulated schemes in the market request. It is risky to deposit your money to an unregulated entry that does not plan to be in the market for long.

The scheme is also only accepting funds via BTC. It is one of the fastest modes of payment. However, when you deposit money to scammers, you cannot get it back as the funds cannot be reversed. 

The withdrawal process takes 7 days to be completed. The data regarding the amount that investors can cash out is missing. Moreover, the fees that the entity is going to charge are undisclosed. All these are major red flags and a big reason you should refrain from indulging in the venture. 

Regulation Status of

The scheme does not have contact details. They are collecting money from investors without having a license. The safety of your funds should come first. The amount that you deposit will be in grave danger. The scheme can refuse to give you back your funds. is accepting funds from every corner of the market. They are doing this illegally. Moreover, this is a venture that does not even have a registration form. A regulated scheme will segregate the funds of investors. 

Unfortunately, this is a broker that does not reveal their banking information. The data of traders is not secure. The scammer can share it with criminals without facing any charges. Additionally, the timeframe that the scheme plans being in the market is also short. 

Customer Support

There is no legit company that would destroy their PR the way has done. The scheme fails to provide information regarding their country of origin. The lack of a physical address should tell you that this is a murky business. 

The only way that investors can reach support is via email. The company does not have a phone number. They also lack a social media presence. The broker is trying hard to remain discreet. 

A reputable company, on the other hand, ensures the query of traders is handled. They hire a professional team. It is hard to hear a client that has an unsolved issue. 

The Domain Insight

The broker was established in May 2021. Their domain name is expected to expire after one year. The people that are managing the venture are unknown. The company does not have much traffic. You should not be the lab rat of the scheme. Several indicators prove this is a Ponzi scheme. 

Final Verdict is an unregulated entity. The entity is unworthy of investors’ trust. This is because the scheme has not done anything to prove it is trading. This is a nasty scam. They will soon leave the industry.

Invest with some of the reputable and legit cryptocurrency trading platforms. These are entities that do not have the intention of stealing from innocent people. Their trading conditions are also clearly outlined.


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