DigitalFXWorld Review: A Crypto Investment Scam

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DigitalFXWorld Review
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DigitalFXWorld claims to offer high and quick returns. Our investigations reveal the platform is engaging investors and producing little to no results. Only those close to the organization end up pocketing funds.

DigitalFXWorld is one of those exciting platforms claiming to have it all. By having an appealing website, the platform claims to be the best in terms of investment. You get to invest in Crypto, forex, and stocks. What the platform fails to mention is the severity of investing with them. The risks involved outweigh the profits the platform claims to bring to the table. Victims have already aired their grievances. Learn the truth in our vivid and detailed DIGITALFXWORLD Review.

DigitalFXWorld Review

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About DigitalFXWorld

According to the about us page, the platform claims to reside in the United Kingdom. Our efforts to reach out did not bore any fruits. The platform is actually based in Germany, with no physical offices.

It’s one of the many red flags we noticed with the platform. None of the contact details work, which leads us to believe DigitalFXWorld is an anonymous website. For all we know, this could be another Crypto and forex HYIP scheme.

We have to give them credit for designing an appealing website. However, we do notice some anomalies when it comes to the information. One of them is the actual location and account numbers.

The platform claims to have 369K active accounts, which is not the case. If they did have such a vast number of users, they would be well recognized. These are falsified numbers meant to show a thriving investment option.

Assets on display

Digital FX World offers three types of assets for investing. These three include Crypto, Forex, and Stocks. Once you click on the register option, users are re-directed to a 404 page. It means the designer did a shoddy job linking the registration page.

There’s no information on the available number of assets in each class. We don’t know which crypto assets they offer or the number of forex items. Investors are left in the dark and have to sign up first before knowing all the details.

Another red flag in terms of the assets is the investment conditions. On their terms and service page, it seems they use the Thai Exchange. It’s a bit odd, considering all their contact information shows they reside in Europe.

One would expect the platform to at least has an affiliation with European stock exchanges. We believe the platform is targeting wealthy Thailand investors with this website. Once you deposit funds, there’s no way of recovering your hard-earned money.

Comments from users

Despite claiming to have over 369K accounts, there’s not a single mention of the platform. We looked everywhere for comments on the platform. None of the 369 thousand members have commented on their experience.

With today’s digital footprint, we find it hard to believe. None of the users have commented because the account number is non-existent. There’s not a single mention of the platform’s services on any web document.

Contact and support

Another red flag we must raise concerns the support system. The contact page has funny links which redirect users to the same contact page. The address they have is Westbrook, United States.

According to the about us page, they claim to reside in the UK. The phone number has the US phone code. We can easily decipher this to mean the people behind this platform are using virtual phone numbers.

There’s nothing to support the claim they reside in both these two jurisdictions. For all we know, the platform could be led by offshore brokers and investors. Please stay away from such platforms that hide their identity.

DigitalFXWorld License and Registration

Digital FX World License and Registration

DigitalFXWorld is not a legal entity and does not hold any documents to prove otherwise. As you would expect from a scam, there is no mention of their compliance. We reached out to various regulatory bodies to confirm their status.

Both the FCA and SEC don’t have any entity licensed with the above name. And this is proof we are dealing with an illegal investment website. Those who deposit funds are risking it all.

A legit platform will provide details on their compliance and regulation. We would see copies of their license certificates on the website. Surprisingly, there’s no such document on the entire website. It’s proof the platform does not comply with industry regulations.

There’s no indication the platform protects the interest of investors. Once you deposit funds, there’s no way of recovering them. At the end of the day, they are illegitimate and provide risky services.

Domain insights ( review)

As we publish this post, the platform is barely 133 days old. The actual date the website went live was January 10, 2021. Information worth mentioning is the IP location. The IP is in Berlin, Germany.

We also did notice the server hosting this website has other platforms with low trust ratings. It means the people behind these scams use the same server. There’s no ranking of the domain which means it’s a short-term website.

Features of DigitalFXWorld

Membership Tiers

DigitalFXWorld offers three investment plans. These plans are divided into three classes which include Crypto, Forex, and Stocks. For the Crypto investment plan, investors must deposit a minimum of $300.

Forex investment plan comes with a minimum deposit of $2,000. The stock investment plan comes with a minimum deposit of $1,000. There are no conditions set for all these plans.

Payment Options

DigitalFXWorld Pricing

Some of the supported payment methods include American Express, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa. The only positive side of some of these payment methods is security. An excellent example is PayPal which users can launch a resolution.

The payment body may decide to offer payback services to members. All other methods don’t offer chargeback, which is a disadvantage to members.

Safety of funds with DigitalFXWorld

With the platform lacking in regulatory compliance, the safety of funds is at risk. There’s no way we can recommend investing in a platform with no regulatory oversight. We don’t know the people behind this platform making it anonymous.

For all we know, these could be scam artists pretending to be professional investors. The security flaw surrounding this platform is a risk not worth taking.

Security software to protect users is unavailable, which is another major issue. The website can easily fall in the event of DDoS attacks or malware.

We don’t see any SSL encryption, which is a problem when making transactions. Please stay away from Digital FX World or risk becoming another victim of their fraud.

Scam or Legit DigitalFXWorld

From what we’ve uncovered, DigitalFXWorld is a scam. The platform fails to inform users of the activities involved once investors deposit funds. We see a lack of clear information on what’s taking place behind the curtain.

Investors are risking their money to a non-compliant platform. There’s no way we can recommend joining such an investment service provider.

Bottom line

After uncovering the hidden tricks, we have to raise the red flag. We urge our advent readers to stay away from Digital FX World.

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We hope our review opened your eyes. In case you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email us.

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