DirecTrader Review: Beware of this Company

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DirecTrader Review
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DirecTrader is a company that showcases a number of red flags. We have a very good reason not to recommend the venture to the public. The entity is targeting investors from every corner of the world. They do not have a license and they are on the blacklist of a reputable financial body.

DirecTrader is a company that you should not grant them the benefit of the doubt. The entity is on the CNMV list of unregulated schemes. Therefore, you shall be tossing your finger in the fire if you choose to turn a blind eye to this warning.

The trading conditions of the broker are pushing clients to hazardous limits. The company does not have the best interest of its clients. Their location is another reason you should approach the venture with caution.

DirecTrader Review, DirecTrader Company

DirecTrader has acquired several negative reviews online. This is another reason we do not recommend the scheme to the traders. Offshore brokers are very dangerous, and they tend to exit the industry prematurely.

The scheme is eyeing Spanish clients. Nonetheless, all traders must become cautious as their services are offered across the globe. If the scheme contact, you report them to the authority.

Trade with the best forex brokers in the market that are transparent. All the trading conditions of these schemes are in the light. They also do have verified trading results. Invest wisely and watch out for fraudsters. Review

Investors that join DirecTrader with the hope of making money are in for a rude shock. The platform is shady and is not qualified to be in the industry. The people that are responsible for the scheme are anonymous.

Nothing good could ever come from discrete financial investment. The reason they do not unmask themselves is to avoid being caught by the law. The entity is only looking for an opportunity to steal from naive investors.

DirecTrader is a tactical entity that has professional fraudsters as salespeople. They use high leverage and bones to lure in traders. Their lucrative offers require investors to trade high volumes, which are unrealistic. The company is only trying to hinder customers from getting their funds.

The company does not qualify to offer its services in any country. Furthermore, there are on the warning list of a reputable financial body in the market. The venture fails to provide trading performance that can validate it is indeed profitable.

The venture is trying hard to convince investors it has their best interest at heart. They attribute their success to the ghost experience team. We are yet to see investors that have earned using their platform.

Regulation Status of DirecTrader

DirecTrader is a rogue investment company that is collecting funds from investors across the globe. They do not have a license from a single regulatory body in the market. The broker is anonymous. Their main victims are from Spain. The financial watchdog of Spain (CNMV) feature this scheme in its list of shady platforms.

Investing with an exposed venture puts you at more risk. Various countries have strict rules for investment ventures. A company that is operating without a license is most likely a scam. DirecTrader does not report its daily trading activities to the regulatory bodies.

Therefore, it is more likely that the venture will exit the industry unceremoniously. They can decide to leave you high and dry. Additionally, clients must deposit a certain capital in their name depending on where an entity is targeting it.

In the USA, a company must deposit $2 Million. While in European Union countries it is 730K EUR. This validates a platform is capable of running its business. Volatility is something that can lead to a suspicious scheme going bankrupt. The good thing about regulated brokers is that investors stand a chance of receive compensation.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The entity is based at Griffith Corporate Center. SVG government does not supervise online investment companies. Therefore, this island is infamous for all the wrong reasons when it comes to forex brokers. DirecTrader is an offshore company. Review, Contact

The common problem with businesses in this place is that they throw their customer under the bus whenever they see it fit. The entity is dangerous, and to be on the safe side, we suggest you refrain from engaging.

DirecTrader has a phone number from Mexico and Chile. Investors can as well email the entity. However, we highly doubt the scheme is interested in keeping in contact with its victims. The fraudulent will deactivate their phone number when they leave the market.

Trading Conditions

The company avails a basic trading platform to users. You cannot compare a MetaTrader interface with a web-based platform. The MT4 has analysis tools, high security, the ability to access the market in real-time, and allows investors to trade automatically. It also has several indicators and grant users peace of mind.

The scheme has a leverage of 1:200. The cap is not what various financial bodies approve. The agencies try to protect investors from experiencing high risks. The spread of DirecTrader is not lucrative. The EURUSD currency pair has a spread of 3.7 pips.

The broker is the only party that benefits from this cap. The clients will be required to pay more. Avoid nasty schemes that are only trying to defraud you. There are better companies in the market.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that investors can deposit is $250. The entity features several payment methods on its website. These include Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi Walle, and Yandex. Unfortunately, the only ones that seem to work are Collexo, Directa, and Bitcoin.

DirecTrader does not allow users to issue a chargeback. They are going to expose you to more risks. You are better off without them. We do not know if the entity is charging hidden fees. Expect anything with offshore entities.

Fund Safety at DirecTrader

The broker has not enforced measures that grant fund safety to traders, for instance. DirecTrader is not working with a top-tier 1 bank. The money that you deposit is most likely going to the fraudster’s account or wallet.

The company location is another drawback. Several ventures that have been based here before tend to exit the market prematurely. This entity is no exception as it accepts shady payment methods.

DirecTrader is a fraud in the making. The domain name of the entity is still young. In a market full of legit brokers competing to be the best, this platform should have done better in showing investors what they shall be getting by settling with them. Unfortunately, the entity does not have evidence of trading.

The traffic visiting the website is not much. The team is also anonymous. Hence, impossible to validate they are qualified to handle the funds of investors. If you entrust the wrong people with your funds, there is no going back.

Final Verdict

DirecTrader is a company that showcases several red flags. We have a very good reason not to recommend the venture to the public. The entity is targeting investors from every corner of the world. They do not have a license, and they are on the blacklist of a reputable financial body.

The trading conditions of the broker are not ideal. Investors who choose this venture to expose themselves to severe risks. You are in more danger as the safety of your funds is not guaranteed.

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