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DNB Invest Group Review, DNB Invest Group company
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DNB Invest Group Review
  • Regulation
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  • Fund Safty


DNB investment Group is an illegal business venture which is unsafe to trade. The company is not transparent to its clients, and the safety of your funds is not guaranteed. It would be best to avoid shady platforms and conduct better research to avoid getting scammed.

DNB Invest Group website is available in both English and Russian language. The company brags about all the advantages that you will get once you venture with them. The entity is offering trading opportunity in cryptocurrency, and forex trading.

The platform claims that the ones you join will enjoy profitable opportunities. You can also manage your transaction promptly. However, we do not trust the operation of this entity. Several loopholes make them unreliable.

DNB Invest Group Review, DNB Invest Group company

DNB Invest Group states that it has been in the industry for several years. However, the entity is lying about its history. The statistics do not add up. They claim to have 2232 active accounts, transacted over 15.6 million since joining the market.

The signing process is allegedly speedy. You need to select an account that best suits your needs. The company states that it has professional analysts who guide its customers. They can offer their services across the globe.

Invest with verified investment companies that are legit. You will trade smartly knowing that your money is in safe hands. Moreover, the trading history of these platforms is verifiable. Client satisfaction is one of the targets of these entities.

DNBinvestgroup.com Review

DNB Invest Group is an offshore investment platform that is operating illegally. The entity has no intention of making anybody rich. Avoid this losing scam at all costs. The platform is lying almost about everything to stay relevant in the industry.

Trade wisely and research on a platform before depositing your hard-earned money. Transparency is key in every form of investment. This broker does not provide sufficient data regarding their trading activities.

DNB Invest Group does not try to win over traders. They use stock images in their testimonials, which is a poor marketing strategy. Investors should mind about their safety of funds. Scammers have become wise looking for funds from innocent, naïve traders.

If you are a newbie, there is a high need to be careful. You will never find an expert trader wasting their time in unregulated entities. The risks of investing with this firm are high. Moreover, we cannot find any advantage in engaging with the venture.

Red flags are visible, and it does not require rocket science to know that this firm is a scam. There are better investment schemes in the industry to use than this entity. Your security should be your main priority.

 DNB Accounts and Trading Conditions

The platform has four investment plans for its clients. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $3,000. They are also offering free educations to traders. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $3,000.

The company is an extortion venture. The amount is way beyond the standard market price. They have leverage of 1:50 on products. Forex trading has a leverage of 1:200. There is also a commission of 10%.

The leverage on the stock is 1:20.  The prices vary; the standard account accepts $10,000, the Premium account $25,000, and the Platinum account $50,000. The more you advance, the more benefits that you will get.

The platform claims that the platform has trust management. They also brag about insuring accounts. The leverage provided is huge and beyond what the FCA recommends. Therefore, it is clear that this is an illegal venture. The platform accepts funds via Visa, Bitcoin, Payeer, and MasterCard.

Contact Details

DNB Invest Group is operating in various areas. This entity’s official address is at Middle Street Kingstown VC VCO0130, Middle St, Kingstown, St Vincent, and the Grenadines. Nonetheless, the venture features several phone numbers that their clients can use to reach them.

DNB Invest Group scam, DNB Invest Group contact information

They have a phone number for the UK, Russia, and Denmark citizens. Investors can also reach the platform via email. The company is a shady broker anything can happen. It would be best if you were very keen when dealing with unregulated entities.

The customer support will only be professional when they need more cash from you. Once you try withdrawing money, it will be a cat and mouse chase. They sometimes go the extra mile of blocking traders.

DNB Regulation Status

DNB Invest Group claims to be regulated by a financial watchdog in well-established jurisdiction. The entity states that it has a license from the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK. Additionally, they also claim to be operating following CySEC guidelines.

Unfortunately, after checking the entity on these regulatory bodies’ database, we were not surprised to find the firm not licensed. It is unethical of this broker to lie about its licensing status.

DNB Invest Group does not offer fund safety. There is no segregation of account, and once this firm collapses, you won’t be compensated. Invest wisely and always check whether an entity is operating legally before depositing funds.

The Domain Insight

The company was registered in July 2020. The platform is only registered for a period of one year. They do not have a good reputation or traffic coming on their website. The information of the person that is managing this website remains a mystery. The firm is privately registered.

Clients Feedback

DNB Invest Group features a number of their clients’ feedback. Investors state that the entity has a reasonable spread. They are recommending the company to other clients. They also claim that the firm has multiple trading tools.

Investors state that the entity has professional and smart fund managers. However, there is no evidence of the financial officers that are handling funds of this venture. There are also no delays in trading activities.

However, considering that DNB Invest Group features this information, there is no review on a third-party website. We decided to do a bit of homework. Sadly, scammers tend to present false information.

Is DNB Invest Group Legit

The platform is definitely not safe to trade with. They are not licensed. Furthermore, there is no information regarding the financial institution with which this entity has partnered with. The platform lacks all the aspects of a legit firm.

There is no evidence that the customer support is responsive. Moreover, DNB Invest Group manipulates data. The investment firm tries too hard to remain relevant. They even feature false testimonials to appear as a profitable company.

Nowadays, scammers only design a website, and without performing trading activities, they will start stealing from naïve investors. Those that think becoming rich quick narrative exists fall victim to such scam.

The trading conditions of DNB Invest Group are unfavorable. They are offering high leverage, which is risky and unprofitable. You should not be lured into this dirty scheme. You won’t be compensated once this broker exits the market.

Final Verdict

DNB Invest Group is an anonymous broker that claims to be profitable. Unfortunately, the firm does not have a trading background. The professional fund manager that the firm brags about does not exist.

The platform lacks credibility. The only thing that they have is unverified data. Avoid brokers that don’t have a reputation. It is a desperate scam that will not survive long in the market. Furthermore, their investment plans are expensive.

Invest with legit reliable companies that have established themselves in the market. These entities also have a professional team. Fund safety is also a guarantee and their esteem clients validate that the platforms are profitable.



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