DoitFX Review: a total scam

DoitFX Review, DoitFX Company
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DoitFX Review
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Doitfx is a scam only interested in clients’ funds. The platform claims to be reliable and has a low minimum deposit amount. The website presents false information and false promises of getting rich overnight. Avoid falling prey to scam platforms by conducting thorough research before investing.

DoitFX is a company that is allegedly providing accessibility to investors to enter the online market. The platform claims that investors can trade with a minimum amount of funds. You will be able to enjoy the rewards in full potential.

However, this platform is one of the shady entities in the market. Their website is not secure, and your information might end up landing in the wrong hands. The first thing that you get is a warning from search engines that this is an insecure firm.

DoitFX Review, DoitFX Company

Nonetheless, DoitFX states that investors will enjoy the high security of funds. Of course, this is another ploy to deceive their clients. The firm also boasts having several trading platforms. Scammers have a way of manipulating the information that they present to the public.

You find novice traders falling victims to these luring marketing pitch due to lack of information. There is nothing like value orientation in this suspicious venture. The best thing that you can do is to avoid this scam at all costs. You will sleep peacefully knowing that your money is in a safe entity.

Despite the industry having multiple fraudulent systems there are legit forex trading brokers in the industry. The only thing that you need to ensure is that you have adequate information of online venture before depositing money. The best companies comply to the rules of financial watchdogs.

About DoitFX Company

The entity claims that its main focus is providing investors with the best services in the market.  They are also selling trading strategies to their customers. The shady firm additionally proclaims that professionals chose them for their competitive prices.

Unfortunately, you won’t find an expert trader wasting valuable time or resources in a losing venture like this one. They can detect scammers from a mile away. The platform boasts that it speedily executes trades.

We are yet to see a client who has generated income using DoitFX. The venture also states it has an easy to use platform. Investors can trade Forex, CFDs, stocks, commodities, metals, and indices. Clients can trade 24/5 without experiencing any shortcomings.

Moreover, the company also states that it is accepting investors from all over the world. Opening an account only takes a few seconds. They also brag about having a transparent system. It is ironic of them especially considering that the information of the financial officers is not giving.

Therefore, investors are not aware of the people who are handling their money. The company features some logos of big companies as their partners. Keep in mind that is another tactic of using false information to win sales. There is no link between these reputable institutions and DoitFX.

Trading Conditions of DoitFX

The platform is allegedly presenting trending information regarding various markets.  The entity has two investment plans for its clients. However, the information regarding the account is not visible until you sign up. We believe that investors should know what they are signing up for instead of doing it blindly.

Additionally, DoitFX does not have a demo account. Hence, investors cannot familiarize themselves with the trading activities of this company. The loopholes which these brokers display show that they are incompetent. The entity is using a Xone trader platform, which we have never heard about before.

The thing is, suspicious ventures use shady software. Legit companies will utilize the MetaTrader software that is competent and easy to use. The Xone platform is allegedly compatible with various gadgets but has no web version.

DoitFX states that it partners with Straight through Processing brokers (STP). Clients order goes directly to these brokers. The process eliminates conflict of interest between both parties. They are offering a spread of 1.2 pips to their customers. Their leverage cap is 1:500

Their trading conditions are too good to be true. Furthermore, the greater the rewards, the more risks that you are exposed to. The trading activities could go both ways. Financial regulatory bodies limit the leverage cap at 1:30 up to 1:50.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The platform displays the option of BTC payment of the client area. However, on their Terms and Conditions, DoitFX states that investors who use the debit and credit card option must scan their cards showing the last four, and first six digits.

It is confusing, and given that this venture has characteristics of a Ponzi scheme, they might accept cryptocurrency payment only. These forms of payment limit clients to trace down their money. Additionally, you cannot issue a chargeback.

The withdrawal process allegedly takes a few minutes, and there are no hidden charges. Legit brokers will provide multiple methods of payment to their customers. We do not recommend traders to use this shady broker. Investing with them puts you at a greater risk.

Contact Details

DoitFX claims to have offices in the United Kingdom, London, and St Vincent and Grenadines. The platform can be contacted via email. There is no telephone number from this entity. You should not share your data with them since the support might never respond to your queries.

DoitFX Scam Review, DoitFX Contact information

Sent emails will go unanswered, and once the scam exit the market, there is nothing that you can do. Anonymous brokers are very dangerous and should be avoided like the plague. Furthermore, there is no customer feedback to verify this entity is profitable.

Regulation Status

The entity is obviously not regulated by reputable financial watchdogs in the market. The suspicious entity features their office address in countries that have strict guidelines for investment platforms. Additionally, on their T&C, the company is allegedly licensed by the Financial Service Authority of Seychelles.

Unfortunately, the regulatory body of Seychelles and SVG are from offshore countries. Therefore, their requirements are strict. St Vincent Grenadines is a place that multiple fraudulent brokers claim to be based. A company is granted a license after a period of approximately 3 weeks.

Strict financial watchdogs take more time before licensing a broker. They review the documents submitted by the broker thoroughly. This, in return, protects investors against losing funds to the scammers. DoitFX is allegedly based in the UK therefore, the platform ought to be in the FCA database.

Sadly, this is not the case, and the venture is definitely lying about having offices in the United Kingdom. Kindly note that this platform is not working with any financial institution. The company presents false information by displaying several bank logos on their website.

There is no segregation of funds. The money that you deposit in this venture will go straight to the scammers’ pocket. Sadly, you will never recover the funds back. Avoid this offshore broker at every cost. You will not be compensated once they exit the market.

Final Verdict

DoitFX is a platform that has a warning on its URL that the website is not safe. It is a serious red flag that and there is no point in depositing money on this platform. You need to provide your names, phone number, and email address to become a member of this scheme.

We always warn investors against sharing such information with shady brokers. The entity will exit the market without notice to their clients. They might pay at the initial stages, but their system is doomed to fail.

Invest with reputable forex trading brokers that are reliable and trustworthy. There is no greater joy that earning with genuine platform. Normalize researching about a company before investing blindly.

DoitFX is a scam that has a deposit bonus for their clients. They have enticing trading rewards for traders as well. However, this does not change the fact that this is an unreliable broker. They are not regulated, and this is an offshore firm. Invest with reliable companies to avoid a bad outcome.


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