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Summary does not see the importance of crediting their team. The company additionally fails to show its drawdown. The platform claims that it only has successful trades. Unfortunately, we are yet to see an investor that has earned using this venture. is a company that promises nothing but profits to investors. It is an investment venture that is accepting investors from all over the world. Unfortunately, you are not going to generate income with this entity.

There are multiple scammers in the market. Therefore, investors need to exercise caution when dealing with this platform. Ensure that you research a company before doing anything else. By doing this, it will save you time and resources. Review, Company claims that its main focus is its clients. The entity is offering digital asset management services. The platform states that it is possible to earn money online. This we don’t disagree with but keep in mind that trusting the wrong company will cost you.

The company lacks transparency. They are only making huge demands but fail to provide results. The platform expects investors to trust in their word of mouth. Investment is all about facts, and without the statistics to back up their narrative, we consider them a dubious scheme.

There are better crypto trading companies that don’t make false promises. You will earn genuine returns with them. All you have to do is deposit funds. These firms have been in the industry for years. Therefore, venturing with them will help you grow your portfolio. Review is an entity that is dealing with digital currency trading. The company allegedly analyzes various exchanges in the market. Then they use a unique technique that helps them make a profit.

Therefore, no matter what direction the market takes at the end of the day, you will still receive money. The platform states that they are looking for investors who understand that cryptos’ assets are risky. The firm protects clients from making losses. brags that it is among the least investment ventures in the industry that guarantee high returns. Therefore, those that join them will have the assurance of attaining financial stability.

Unfortunately, this is another marketing strategy of this Ponzi scheme. If you are blind enough to trust them, you will only regret the outcome. If this company is only making profits, why do they shy away from publicizing their performance report?

The venture is accepting traders from all over the world without having the necessary credentials. The people that are behind this shady firm are only looking after their own needs. Hence, you should refrain from giving them money.

Features of Double-Benefit

The entity allegedly believes that it has multiple features that make them stand out. The broker brags about being efficient. Therefore, they can stand out in the industry. However, the company fails to show investors reasons for entrusting their funds with them.

The security of this company is wanting. Nonetheless, the platform proclaims it has data centers in various countries. They also boast about a dynamic decentralized cloud trading principle. They are leaving out info that can help build trust with clients. does not see the importance of crediting their team. The company additionally fails to show its drawdown. The platform claims that it only has successful trades. Unfortunately, we are yet to see an investor that has earned using this venture. Scam Review, Features

Moreover, the broker has a referral program. There are four level commissions. The more people that you bring to the system, the higher the amount that you are going to yield. It is unethical to request a person to join a pyramid scheme.

At the end of the day, they will make losses once the platforms decide to exit the market. It is inevitable for such kind of operation to collapse. They will leave you high and dry without anywhere to run to. Hence, you should walk away from them when you still can. Withdrawal and Deposits

Investors can cash in funds via Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Unfortunately, we do not know the minimum amount of money that you can deposit at However, the broker guarantees a speedy withdrawal process for their customers.

The least amount that you can cash out is 0.2 USD. The company fails to mention whether there are fees applicable to clients. Moreover, we did not come across an individual that has earned using this entity. their latest withdrawal and deposit. The information is meant to win the trust of investors. However, anyone with computer basic skills can create such a table. The payment methods of this venture limit traders from issuing a chargeback.

Moreover, you will not know the people that receive the money that you send. Cryptocurrency payments help to observe anonymity. Therefore, if you are not keen, you will make the dream of getting rich quickly of these scammers come true.

The Domain Insight is an investment scheme that lies about anything. The platform claims that it was established on July 5, 2017. Sadly, if you check out this firm on, you will be surprised. This is because the company made its first digital footprint in September 2020.

Hence, the broker is faking its history for reasons best known to them. The dirty Ponzi scheme provides false information of such minor details. It is hard knowing what else they are hiding. However, one thing is clear that this company is to no good.

The traffic that is visiting their website is also inadequate. It shows that traders are not interested in the fraudulent services of this dirty scheme. Therefore, for the sake of your safety, find a legit platform. Customer Support states that their customer care is available 24/7. The company claims that it has offices in the UK. Investors can contact the broker via email or by filling in a contact form. Unfortunately, the firm does not have a phone number.

Additionally, neither do they have a social media presence. It will be impossible to get hold of this dirty scheme.  Therefore, make sure that you stay away from them for your own sanity. Moreover, there is no evidence that the platform is paying. also lacks clients’ feedback.

Regulation and Registration is a venture that is operating as it, please. The company is not authorized by any government to collect money from its citizens. In the case of this firm, it claims to be based in the UK, yet it does not abide by the FCA rules.

The Ponzi scheme will exit the market with all your savings. The venture will not compensate you. Additionally, you will not get fund safety from this platform. The only thing that you will get is regret and loss of money.

The company can change its policy at its own will. can also charge hefty charges to their customers. Scammers have only one intention, which is to steal from as many investors as they can.

Final Verdict claims that investors will earn profit at every hour. The payouts are fixed. Additionally, the money goes directly to customers’ portfolios. The entity does not disclose the amount of money that you will generate.

Nonetheless, making such a bold claim need more than empty words. We need to see people that have earned using this scheme. Unfortunately, this is an illegal entity that is operating as it wants. Therefore, avoid them.

Invest with legit crypto trading companies that offer multiple coins to trade. You can also view their performance that is verified. Moreover, these platforms are licensed by various financial watchdogs in the market.




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