Dracomi Review: Dracomi.net a Suspicious Broker

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Dracomi Review
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Dracomi fails to disclose its parent company. They target clients from Dubai, Cyprus, UK, and Austria. These are top regulated regions. A firm must meet huge capital requirement, report daily transactional history, and operate in transparency.

Dracomi claims to be a successful broker. Once you trade with their platform you can automatically expect the best results. To become their member you only need to follow a simple process. However, before venturing with any entity, perform a thorough background check.

Dracomi Review, Dracomi.net Company

The scheme lists several benefits of trading with their entity. The venture praises its professional team. Sadly, the ownership information is not discussed. Illegitimate brokers thrive in anonymity. They avoid revealing their identity to limit the authority from going after them. 

Dracomi also lacks trading performance. The best companies in the industry audit their performance to win over traders. On the other hand, scammers come up with fictitious results. Do not invest blindly by taking into account what only the brokers present on the website. 

Dracomi.net Review

Dracomi guarantees investors of financial security. They claim that investors’ assets are protected from theft. Traders can only be assured of fund safety if an entity works with top-tier banks. Unfortunately, there is no segregation of funds. Deposits, therefore, will go directly to the con artists’ pockets. 

The broker lists multiple tradable assets. However, investors should take into account that online investment is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must be patient and use the necessary resources to educate yourself. 

Invest with some of the best crypto companies in the industry to earn genuine returns. There are brokers with the best interest of their clients. Refrain from venturing with offshore firms as they tend to exit the industry prematurely. 

Trading Conditions and Accounts

Dracomi presents statistics showcasing its daily turnover, total client balance, and number of active traders. These numbers don’t prove the authenticity of the company. The venture is using a web-based interface. 

Clients can start trading with $150. The amount is high considering there is no proof of trade. Also, the scheme only accepts funds via cryptocurrency. The method is untraceable and irreversible. This suits the shady company. 

They advertise alluring trading conditions. They promise clients a tight spread of 0.1 pips. There is no offshore firm that can offer such limits without having a commission. Unfortunately, Dracomi doesn’t mention such parameters. 

The leverage is 1:500. The cap is prohibited in many jurisdictions due to the high risk. Trade with companies that have conducive trading conditions. The regulatory bodies typically permit leverage of 1:30 to 1:50.

Regulation Status of Dracomi

The platform states it has four licenses. However, the firm has not bothered to disclose the financial watchdog that authorizes them to offer financial services. Dracomi is an illegitimate company that uses false information to influence potential clients. 

A legitimate firm must have terms and conditions. The scheme’s legal documentation indicates the entity adheres to Vanuatu rules; this is an offshore zone. Therefore, the client agreement doesn’t hold any ground. 

Dracomi fails to disclose its parent company. They target clients from Dubai, Cyprus, the UK, and Austria. These are top-regulated regions. A firm must meet huge capital requirements, report daily transactional history, and operate in transparency. 

The Bank of Russia flags the offshore firm for illegally targeting its citizens. Nothing is fulfilling awaiting investors. The safety of customers’ funds and data is at great risk. The entity does not protect customers against negative account balances. Hence, one can lose more money than what they initially deposited. 

Final Verdict

Dracomi allegedly has won multiple awards. Sadly, the platform has not provided the names of the organizations that have recognized them for any of those awards. Ironically, they even purport to be one of the most honest brokers. 

This is a broker faking its regulatory status. They can do anything under the sun to remain relevant. Instead of wasting your money and time with a losing venture choose reputable crypto companies


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