DS Markets Review: Ds-fx.com a Blacklisted Forex Trading Scam

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DS Markets Review
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Ds-fx.com is a broker that made its first digital footprint in April 2020. Their domain will expire after one year. The entity does not have the intention of being in the market in the future. Scammers usually exit the industry once they meet their goals.

DS Markets is a scam that has already been exposed. Trading with this entity will only leave a negative dent in your account. The broker is based in Hong Kong. The problem is that this entity is infamous in the market. Trading with them will lead to huge losses.

The company is not worth investors’ time or resources. The company falsely claims to be licensed by the government. This is a broker that that will exit the market whenever it pleases without minding the needs of its clients.

DS Markets claim that it is a global investment company. The firm claims it charges a low transaction cost to its clients. It also states that it gets its liquidity from reputable financial providers in the market.

DS Markets Review, DS Markets Company

The broker views itself as the best entity that has several advantages for its clients. They also assure their customers of the flexible trading lever. You have the choice of adjusting the ratio as it best suits you.

The entity claims that it is secure. Unfortunately, the only thing that it provides to justify its claims is a DDoS certificate that does not mean much. The firm is operating against the law and the fact that a warning has already been issued it would be best to stay away.

Ds-fx.com Review

DS Markets is a company that states it offers investors fast trading speed. The account opening process is allegedly fast. They are targeting investors from all over the world. Therefore, it is important that you stay vigilant and refrain from giving them money.

The broker claims it has the best trading experience. We searched throughout the website in the hope to see if the platform presents its team. Unfortunately, the company is operating anonymously. There is no information that is left behind that proves the people managing the firm are qualified.

DS Markets is trading gold, crude oil, futures, stocks, and indices. The platform claims that opening an account takes less than 120 seconds. Investors can trade anytime, and anywhere. The firm state it has safety compliance.

The broker will only put you at risk if you venture with them. The company is using false information to lure in innocent investors. You will lose funds if you are not careful. Forex trading has risks and it is not always profitable.

Invest with the best forex trading companies that are genuine and reliable. You will earn genuine returns and you can also trade with confidence. The customer support of these entities is responsive. The government supervises the operation of these brokers.

DS Markets The Trading Conditions

DS Markets is offering the MT4 trading company. However, we cannot attest that the broker is indeed providing this interface. The link to download the MT4 is broken. This is a serious mistake that is not common with legit firms.

DS Markets Scam Review, DS Markets Features

The company requires their clients to provide bank cards and other personal documents. This should act as a red flag. The entity might steal your identity once you trust them with your money. You should not be naïve to provide such materials to a shady entity.

There are transparent and legit firms that provide the MT4. These ventures are genuine and have no intention of defrauding you. Additionally, DS Markets fails to disclose the spread that it is offering to investors.

Nonetheless, the leverage that you can expect from them is that of 1:500. The entity will expose you to huge risks. If you are a novice trader it is best to refrain from accepting a high leverage cap. The losses might be equivalent to the profits and the market is unpredictable.

Withdrawal and Deposits

DS Markets is a shady broker that does not even state the minimum amount that you can deposit. The entity also does not have terms and conditions that guide them. You will not be protected. The firm will do anything that it, please.

Once you join this company you are getting yourself into a big problem. The time that this platform takes to process a withdrawal is not disclosed. We also do not know if the firm is charging any fees to their clients.

DS Markets is a scam that is accepting funds in unknown methods. They are leaving out essential information that would help build trust with their clients. The dormant account information is also missing.

The company has a lot that it is hiding. We do not understand why anyone would still trust them with their money. You will never be able to cash out money from this system once you venture with them. Investors need to avoid this and trade only with the best firms in the world.

DS Markets Contact Details

DS Markets features an office address that indicates it is located in Hong Kong. The entity can be contacted via email and phone. However, this is a Ponzi scheme that nobody knows its actual location. The method of communication that the entity features is only for PR.

They will not respond to your messages once you try getting your money back. It is the norm of most scammers. Trade with licensed entities that have a professional customer support team.

Regulation Status

DS Markets is an entity that boasts it is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC). DingSheng International Co Ltd is the corporate that manages the operation of this broker.

It is a company based in Hong Kong but it is not in the database of this financial body. Moreover, the HKSFC which is the financial body of this country has also blacklisted this broker. The platform is being termed a scam.

Investors’ money is not safe with this entity. Financial investment companies must adhere to the set rules of the regulatory bodies. For instance, a company needs to deposit a reasonable amount of funds as initial capital.

The entity is targeting investors from the UK and the EU. These are some of the countries that have strict requirements. Unregulated brokers are very dangerous and can steal all your money. The authority will not come to your rescue once this entity exits the market.

DS Markets The Domain Insight

Ds-fx.com is a broker that made its first digital footprint in April 2020. Their domain will expire after one year. The entity does not have the intention of being in the market in the future. Scammers usually exit the industry once they meet their goals.

Additionally, once the firm realizes there is no money coming from their clients there won’t be a point of being in the industry. The platform has low traffic coming to its website. Investor seems not to be interested in the services of the entity.

Final Verdict

DS Markets is a company that is blacklisted by several financial bodies in the market. It is evident that this firm is a scam not worth your time. They will defraud you of all your money in the blink of an eye.

Additionally, the customer support of the entity is not responsive. The trading conditions of the broker are not understandable. The deposit and withdrawal requirements are not featured. The company is not a genuine investment entity.

Invest with legit forex trading platforms that are transparent and regulated. These firms will help you to realize your goal. Additionally, you will be able to keep an eye on your funds. You have the assurance that your money is in safe hands.

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