Dtrex Review: dtrex.com is it profitable?

Dtrex review, Dtrex company
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Dtrex Review
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Dtrex is a platform with numerous red flags. The platform is not transparent, and it is operating anonymously. Anonymity is the worse feature in an online venture and does not build investor’s trust. Additionally, the website does not have any form of regulation; thus, it is operating illegally. You should always research and conduct due diligence before investing your money online.

Dtrex is a company that promises its investors an opportunity of earning good returns. The platform also claims to be a globally recognized broker offering precious metals, indices, stocks, crypto coins, commodities, and a variety of forex pairs. The website prides itself on the type of services available and more than 700 trading instruments.

Dtrex brags of having many years of experience and has incorporated innovative technology to provide optimal trading conditions. The website is simplistic and user friendly. It is available in a variety of languages, including Russian, Arabic, and Spanish. Dtrex claims to be a transparent and reliable forex broker that ensures fast transaction executions, no rejections of orders or re-quotations.

Dtrex review, Dtrex company

Dtrex is making many bold claims, but there is not much information to back up its credibility. The online venture is a double edges sword that could potentially make huge profits or significant losses. Investors should always exercise caution and due diligence to avoid the majority of scammers available in the market.

Invest with Legit Forex brokers in the market. Your fund security will be the priority, and as an investor, you will enjoy transparency and good client support. Moreover, you get stable returns when you find the right broker.

Dtrex review

Dtrex is a forex broker that presents false information on its website to try and allure newbie investors into joining. Moreover, it is a company that cunningly promises the best trading conditions and stable income. After critically examining the website, it is conclusive that the firm is untrustworthy.

The ownership of Dtrex is still a mystery because the platform is operating anonymously. A good forex broker values transparency with its clients, and you should not trust your money with an anonymous firm. The company might decide to close down with your funds, and you will be left behind with no trace.

Dtrex is also an offshore broker that does not offer any licensing or regulatory documents from any reputable regulation watchdogs. It means that the company is operating illegally, and it is not worthy of investors’ trust. It is advisable to avoid dealing with any transaction with anonymous firms.

Investors should avoid the misleading ideas from the scam platform of getting a stable income with minimal skills and risk. You will end up losing a lot of money in the process. If you invest in any suspicious online venture, it is advisable to make payments via your credit card to have the option of filing a chargeback.

Dtrex Trading condition

Dtrex provides different leverage depending on the account type varying from 1:100 up to 1:500 and a spread of 0.1 pip. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of trading taking place on the platform. There is no client feedback about the platform. The platform also claims to use improved algorithms and a user-friendly system for clients.

Moreover, it has incorporated MetaTrader 5, which has improved functionality and upgraded performance over MT4. It has also promised faster execution time, increased features, and analytics. Sadly, this is just another bluff that scammers use to lure in investors. They usually manipulate data on the web interface because there is no credibility to their claims.

Dtrex scam review, Dtrex trading

Dtrex also has a demo account that newbies can use to get acquainted with the trading site’s working. It might be smooth trading on the demo account because the trades feel manipulated so that you win. Ensure you have enough knowledge and skill to try and minimize the risk while trading.

Deposits and withdrawal

Dtrex offers numerous deposit and withdrawal options, which they claim are processed fast. The company has different account types on their website: standard, pro, swap, and ECN. There is no minimum deposit on the standard account and a minimum deposit of $10000 on ECN.

You can deposit on the platform via bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and other altcoins. The commissions are different for each payment method and depend on the network commission. However, It is wise to make your payments via credit card to get the option of issuing a chargeback.

The company does not disclose the minimum withdrawal and processing time, which is a red flag. The broker is only interested in client deposits, and if you make any deposits via cryptocurrency, the transaction is irreversible.

Dtrex Regulation

 Dtrex is not regulated by any financial watchdog or a Government body to conduct its trading activities. The broker is operating illegally on its own accord. It is a company integrated into Saint Vincent and Grenadines, an area with no reputable Forex regulation body. Most of the brokers operating in that region are operating illegally like Ponzi schemes.

The company claims to be registered by the Registrars of Business companies under registration no 25711 BC 2019 and approved by Financial Services Authority (FSA). There is a big difference between regulation and registration. Registration is simple, and a certificate can be bought and issued online. On the other hand, regulation has many requirements and strict measures to ensure client fund safety.

Dtrex does not provide any form of assurance to legitimize its brokerage activities. Online trading services are risky, but the risk is multiplied if the company does not have a license. You will be at risk of losing all of your deposit. Additionally, any personal or sensitive information submitted can be sold to a third party.

Investing in unregulated brokers can be a big mistake, and you should always check for a regulatory license. Not all regulatory bodies have strict measures, but it reduces the risk of falling prey to scammers.

Domain information

Dtrex domain name is dtrex.com, and it was registered on 2009-02-22 and will expire on 2024-01-22. The platform has been around for a few years and has generated low traffic. It has an Alexa global ranking of 8,574,804.

Dtrex has little customer feedback, and most are negative. The company fails to appeal to many investors because it lacks credibility, it is operating anonymously, and it is unregulated.

Dtrex customer support

Dtrex claims to be situated at St Vincent and Grenadines. The website customer desk can be contacted via email: support@dtrex.com and telephone at +441340202062. However, the company does not have any other contact information, such as social media handles. Customer support should be an essential part of any organization.

It would be best if you did not mail any of your personal information because they go unanswered. Additionally, the firm is operating anonymously. Anonymity is not a useful feature for any online venture and does not build client confidence. It is mostly associated with shady websites interested in collecting investment funds and exiting the market.

Final verdict

Dtrex is a shady company that has a lot of claims and no credibility. The broker brags about having numerous deposit options, low minimum deposits, and small commission fees. However, the website fails to disclose any information on minimum withdrawals, withdrawal options, and processing time.

In addition, the website is operating anonymously, and it does not have a license. Unregulated companies are mostly scam platforms only interested in your hard-earned money. It would help if you chose to invest with the best forex trading brokers, which are safe and reliable. Avoid all the hassle and false claims by shady brokers only interested in your loss.

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