DUP Forex Review: dupforex .com a Monster Scam

DUP Forex Review, DUP Forex Company
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DUP Forex Review
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DUP Forex is a platform that claims to offer its clients a decent option of making passive income. Unfortunately, the website is a scam that several reputable watchdogs blacklist. Moreover, the company does not disclose its main offices, trading activity, and operating anonymously. Do your research and invest in reputable forex trading brokers.

DUP Forex is a platform that has visible red flags. They are not legit, and those who invest with the entity will be counting losses when they exit the market. They have already been blacklisted by a financial watchdog, which proves nothing positive about this broker.

The company contacts itself with the data that it present. Online investment has become a popular thing as time goes by. Investors are looking for methods that can generate reasonable returns. There is no better way than venturing into a company at the comfort of your home.

DUP Forex Review, DUP Forex Company

However, this does not mean that every platform you encounter is reliable. There are several scammers in the industry that are eying for the funds of innocent traders. Therefore, the best thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with how the market works.

DUP Forex is one of those fraudulent systems. Sadly, they do not conduct investment services. We do not recommend this firm to the public. It would be best to donate your money rather than lose it to an obvious scam like this platform.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are reputable in the market. The worst thing is that this firm is operating in an offshore location. Therefore, instead of wasting your funds and resources in this venture, look for legit platforms.

dupforex.com Review

DUP Forex claims that it uses STP to get first-hand data of bank quotes. They also brag of availing better trading conditions for their clients. The website does not look professional. They claim that you can trade using a desktop or phone.

Unfortunately, the information regarding the account manager is inaccessible. Therefore, investors cannot know the skills or trading background or the people handling their money. You should not blindly believe in a trading firm.

DUP Forex claims that it has multiple forex trading pairs, gold, index, Silver, and crude oil. The website is available in Chinese and English. The platform claims that it has better liquidity. They are also serving both novice and expert traders.

Investors allegedly can execute orders fast. The nature of this venture is disheartening. However, we were not surprised as it is the norm of all other Ponzi schemes. It is better to walk away will you still can because this firm has nothing to offer.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are professional. The trading conditions of these entities are visible to the public. Moreover, you will also be at peace knowing that your money is in safe hands. The security of your money should be your main target.

Trading conditions

DUP Forex has a demo account. The registration process has some hitches, and it takes time. The entity is allegedly providing an MT4 platform. Unfortunately, we cannot verify these claims as we did not have an opportunity to try them out due to the above challenges.

The maximum trading lot of this broker is 0.01. Investors need to deposit an amount of $100. The maximum transaction lot is 50. They have three trading accounts. They also brag about partnering with white-label cooperation.

The company ought to have noticed these shortcomings. The entity promises a spread of 3 pips on the EURUSD currency pair. There is nothing favorable regarding the spread. The venture offers leverage of 1:400. Nonetheless, this entity also promises leverage of 1:1000.

The cap is way beyond what the financial bodies permit. Therefore, you will be engaged to huge risks. We do not see anything unique regarding DUP Forex. Smart investors will not risk their safety by engaging with an obvious scam like this platform.

DUP Forex Contact Details

Investors can contact the broker using email. It is one of the inconvenient methods of communication, especially when your funds are conserved. Scammers never read their emails. Therefore contacting them is the same as not doing so.

They cut all communication after investors deposit funds. The entity promises investors huge wealth only if they join them. Sadly, the reality will kick in after unprofessional treatment by the customer support. They claim that the support works 24/7.

The reality is that you cannot take the word of fraudsters seriously. It is best to find regulated companies that don’t fake their address. Investors need to be cautious since the industry is not safe.

Regulation Status

The company is allegedly located in the United States of America. Nonetheless, this auspicious broker proceeds to display an address of Hong Kong. The entity is clearly not transparent, and they may be operating in none of these areas.

DUP Forex should have a license from NFA. This is the regulatory body of the USA. Additionally, this firm is also not on the list of HKSFC. The regulatory body of Hong Kong has also issued a warning against this venture.

It is clear evidence that this broker is a scam. Traders who proceed to entrust their funds in such an entity will suffer the consequences. You should report them to the authority in case they contact you. Invest with companies that reputable financial watchdogs regulate.

Every investment company needs to have a license before starting their business. There are a set of rules that the government has set to protect its citizens. You must always check the regulatory status of a broker before depositing funds.

Is DUP Forex Legit?

Unfortunately, DUP Forex is an illegal scheme. Their country of origin remains a mystery. They are also not regulated, putting your information and funds at high risk. Moreover, the company is blacklisted by the financial body of Hong Kong.

Which other evidence do you need to prove to you that this is a scam? If you observe Keely the leverage that this company is offering, you will notice something is off. The venture does not care about making anyone rich.

DUP Forex Scam Review, DUP Forex Features


The main focus of this company is to steal from their clients. Avoid this illegitimate broker at all costs. It is unprofessional that this company chooses to operate anonymously. You cannot make an earning using DUP Forex. They do not have trading conditions.

Therefore, it is hard to determine the charges that the venture subjects to their customers. Often you will find scammers increasing fees without following any basis. Avoid bonuses that this firm might offer. This is because most of the time, you won’t be able to withdraw your money.

Additionally, the minimum amount that you can deposit in this venture is outrageous. The entity requires $1000, which is way beyond the market Standard. They are eying for more naive investors to scam by supplying luring leverage of 1:400.

Final Verdict

DUP Forex is a scam that does not have anything exceptional to offer. For investors who are blind and still want to give the firm a try, we recommend using the bank credit method. It allows them to issue a chargeback when things go south.

We still emphasize that there is no need to invest with a blacklisted company. It is the quickest method of losing your money. Invest smartly and acquire the appropriate skills. It will help you to avoid Ponzi schemes.

Instead of wasting time at DUP Forex why not invest with the top forex brokers in the industry. The greatest joy in the industry is to earn genuine returns. They are licensed and the support team is also friendly.

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