Dutchrate Review: Dutchrate.com A Shady Broker

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Dutchrate.com Review
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Dutchrate.com does not have any trade activities taking place. We can easily verify this because they do not show any past trade activities to help you determine the results to expect.

Dutchrate is an offshore broker that looks forward to offering you investment services on Foreign exchange, Indices, and Commodities all in one platform. Accordingly, to access any of the services they offer, you can use the Android and iOS platforms provided you have internet access.

Dutchrate Review Dutchrate Company

Hence you probably are asking yourself, is Duchtrate a scam or legit platform? The answer is no, and your funds are at great risk. So hold that thought of making any deposits, yet as you read this unbiased review, we highlight the murkiness they showcase in their operations. They also assure you that you never miss trading opportunities when you choose the company.

However, there are a lot of factors that you should consider before making any investment steps. Meanwhile, these legit forex brokerswill generate reasonable profits your way by applying tried and tested techniques to work in your favor while trading. Dutchrate aims to make trading simple, and you can benefit from them just after you complete registration.

Consequently, if newbie traders can also get an opportunity to earn is unknown. The educational content they feature is just basic knowledge that you can easily find across the internet for no extra cost. Therefore trading is not child’s play, and you should have some trade knowledge before you invest anywhere.

Nevertheless, transparency plays a major role in earning customers’ trust, and you should definitely try to find this in any platform you wish to invest with. Dutchrate was brought into the market anonymously. The people behind the platform are unknown, and their qualifications are also not mentioned anywhere. Besides, the company’s odds of dealing with quacks who do not know whatsoever are very high.

Dutchrate.com Review

Dutchrate.com offers its investors various advantages that may lure you into making deposits. They showcase a section where 5.4% is the current profit on various stocks; Goldman Sachs and Nvidia. However, the same figure has not had any updates, yet we are all aware of the market’s volatility. Accordingly, there is no such thing as constant profits. The market shifts and the same update should always be made because it applies significantly to profits and losses.

Dutchrate.com does not have any risk management measures that they use to face the volatility in the market. Thus you should only rely on companies that protect you against unwanted losses. Risk measures such as stop-loss are highly effective in helping you control the results you expect. The market faces high competition, and when you blindly trade, you will only attract unpleasant results. They use copy trading, whereby you can use expert ideas and earn similar profits. However, you may end up following the wrong directions from people who do not even know how to trade.

Client Feedback

Dutchrate claims to be making multiple investors rich through the various strategies they apply, which are unknown. However, there is no backup that we can use to acknowledge the same claims. Accordingly, testimonials are highly effective in attracting more customers to the platform. So you should always stay cautious and be in the capability to verify any claims. Scammers often brag about having made profits for customers, and they should at least have three months of past trade data or more. Furthermore, they do not have a single positive remark from any customer. You may be in shock to find out they are only attracting negative results.

Dutchrate will not offer you any different treatment than it gives to other customers. Even so, more traders seem to have lost money than profits. Besides, if they were attracting any profits, the same data should be visible through the traffic margin they attract. Accordingly, you would even recognize their incredible services based on how news spreads in this era. Scammers like Dutchrate will even claim to have won extremely made-up awards just to appear legit. They also pay quacks to come up with fake positive reviews. Hence you should always read remarks from reliable sources and verify the same data.

How Dutchrate.com Operates

Dutchrate.com does not have any trade activities taking place. We can easily verify this because they do not show any past trade activities to help you determine the results to expect. In addition, the same data for at least three months or more will boost your confidence in the platform. They also do not seem to have any plan towards trading, and they mainly have interest in the funds you deposit. Hence they showcase so many scam traits that instead raise more doubts on the platform. The company offers high attractive returns on various assets. They even reach margins of 71% profit on certain stocks.

Dutchrate.com Review, Dutchrate.com Platform

Meanwhile, all scammers tend to operate similarly. They will assure you of high attractive returns that are very tempting to customers. Dutchrate will urge you to take advantage of one-time offers and start benefiting. Furthermore, when the due date is due for you to get returns, they push the dates further until you finally give up on them. Hence once you fall for the catch, they will ignore your calls or continue making attempts to swindle more funds from you. They use high bonuses as bait so that you can make deposits only.

Dutchrate Funds Safety

Dutchrate will swindle all your money from you, and there is no fund safety guarantee. The company has a very shady style of operation, and they are not conducting any trade activities. There is no evidence of any successful withdrawals that show customers are making any profits. The safety of your funds is intact more important than trading because you cannot invest without money. Previous transactions of deposits and withdrawals are missing on Dutchrate, raising more concern on the platform.

Accordingly, they do not feature any banking information to assert that your money is in safe hands. They even might be keeping funds in personal accounts. Funds Safety is highly recommendable, and you should always be capable of accessing your funds if you lack satisfaction with the entity. They do not feature a refund policy and incase you lose your money. You will hardly get it back. Intact Custer’s claim to have lost funds instead of making profits, and you should not waste a single dime here.

Dutchrate Regulation and Customer support

Dutchrate does not fall under any regulatory body, and your funds are at great risk. On the other hand, regulated forex brokers showcase a very high encouraging transparency that you can count on. Furthermore, they are illegally generating funds from the public, and the founders risk facing criminal prosecutions. Different countries have various regulatory bodies that are responsible for issuing regulatory certificates. Furthermore, they claim to offer global services, and this is impossible without adhering to regulation.

Also, Dutchrate or any other unregulated platform barely survives the market. They end up facing bankruptcy, or they simply go out of existence with all their money.  They can hardly afford regulation fees. How then will they pay you profits? Moreover, to reach the platform for any related queries, you can use email; support@dutchrate.com. They do not feature telephone contact information. The head office address is; Business Club -A – 0024 -317 Ajman Flamingo Villas. However, the address is made up and does not have any relation with Dutchrate. Hence they will hardly reach out to you after you make deposits.

Final Verdict

Dutchrate does not reveal any information of the founders, neither do they fall under any legal regulator. They also have a bad reputation that should further push you away from indulging in any trade activities with them.

Accordingly, you can prevent becoming a scam victim by using tried and tested techniques by legit forex brokers. That will truly generate for you reasonable profits, unlike Dutchrate.com.

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