e-Planet Trade Review: eplanetrade.com Can You Trust Them?

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e-Planet Trade Review
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e-Planet Trade is purportedly the leading forex trading company in the market. The company brags about having the best services in the market. However, this turns out to be another fat lie. If you choose to venture with this platform you expose yourself to big risks. Trade with the best companies instead.

e-Planet Trade is purportedly the leading forex trading company in the market. The company brags about having the best services in the market. However, this turns out to be another fat lie. If you choose to venture with this platform you expose yourself to big risks.

In this review, we shall discuss in detail why you should not entrust your hard-earned money with this broker. Let’s jump straight into it. First, the company is not regulated by any government to offer financial services.

e-Planet Trade Review, e-Planet Trade Company

e-Planet Trade will operate as it please since it’s an offshore entity. Unfortunately, investors are not going to transform their lives by trading with this entity. Moreover, this firm also states that it offers cutting-edge technology that helps traders to execute trade promptly.

It has become a norm of Ponzi scheme to misuse the term technology. In a real sense, these platforms do not even perform trading activity. They are busy exploiting their customers. The moment you deposit funds you automatically lose access to your funds.

Scammers are dangerous people. Additionally, it becomes a daunting task trying to get hold of them. We suggest that you look for better alternative in the market. Here are some of the recognized famous forex trading brokers that are genuine.

Eplanetrade.com Review

e-Planet Trade claims investors will trade cryptos, commodities, stocks, forex, and indices. Moreover, this firm also implies that it has the best customer support service. The platform allegedly offers features like the latest financial news and events.

These assist their customers to stay ahead of the game. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250 which we believe is above the market standard. If you consider the fact that this broker is not reputable you should not deposit a penny in their system.

e-Planet Trade also brags that it has over 2500 trading assets. The broker also has taken profits and stop-loss features. It claims that this will help its customers minimize the risk as they maximize the profits.

The sales pitch of this venture sounds almost perfect but it’s lurking. We would not recommend that you trade with them. There are better opportunities in the market that you can utilize. Their trading conditions also sound too good to be real.

If you do not want to lose money then refrain from entrusting your funds to this dirty scheme. There is a better alternative in the market that you can use. All you have to do is perform thorough research and settle with the best venture.

Trading Conditions of e-Planet Trade

e-Planet Trade is a broker that allegedly has multiple opportunities for its customers. The entity is also offering trading bonuses to traders. It markets itself as a firm that has outstanding leverage terms. Investors need to pick the best trading account.

The company states that their numbers speak for them. However, they fail to avail their trading results. The firm is only bluffing. Moreover, this entity also claims that its main target is meeting customer satisfaction.

e-Planet Trade also has the best trading platform that delivers the desired results to investors. The entity is also targeting newbies in the market. You do not need to download anything you can trade from the browser of your choice.

The entity is offering a web trader to investors. Its trading tools include; live quotes, indicators, news, and analysis. The software is incomparable to the mighty MT4/ MT5 trading interface. Traders who are used to this platform will not find e-Planet Trade worth their time.

The company provides a spread of 2.7 pips. The spread is not beneficial to traders. Moreover, it is also under the average market cap. The broker offers leverage that ranges from 1:100 up to 1:200. The majority of the financial bodies in the market permit a leverage cap of 1:30 or 1:50. This help to protect investors against making risks

Withdrawal and Deposits

The platform state on one of their web page that the minimum amount to start trading in their company is $100. However, this company also claims that you can only begin trading if you deposit 1000 EUR. It is hard to draw a line with this entity.

e-Planet Trade accepts payment via wire transfer, credit card, and ePayments. The least amount that you can cash out when you use wire transfer is $250. You are subject to pay a fee of $50. For another form of payment, the fee is $10 and the minimum amount to cash out is $100.

Eplanetrade.com Review, Eplanetrade.com Review Features

If your account stays dormant for a period of 3 months you are obliged to pay a fee of 10% every month. Percentage payment can be expensive for investors. Moreover, legit forex trading companies allow a longer period for their clients before considering the account dormant.

Additionally, licensed entities do not offer bonuses to their clients. This is because the money legally belongs to the company. Moreover, you will be subjected to meeting high trading volume to cash out your earnings. In most cases, you will not find Ponzi schemes processing the withdrawal request of traders.

Contact Details

The company address is allegedly at 34 Hampton, Times Avenue UK. The platform can be reached via email or phone. Unfortunately, this is simply another Ponzi scheme in the industry that randomly generates an address.

In reality, its real location is not known. e-Planet Trade is an example of a broker that will cut off its customers. The broker does not care about investor’s needs. After they are done scamming you the customer support will never respond to your queries.

Instead of being treated unprofessionally why not trade with the best forex trading companies in the market. Legit ventures will respond in time. There are better opportunities in the industry. Once e-Planet Trade decides to exit the market it will be hard to track them down.

Regulation Status of e-Planet Trade

The broker is allegedly based in the UK. Therefore, they ought to be operating as per the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines. However, this is an illegal venture that does not care about the law. It is operating as it pleases.

Once we checked them on the database of this reputable financial watchdog we did not find the platform. The company has not deposited the required capital of 730K Euro which acts as compensation to investors in case the firm faces bankruptcy.

Additionally, e-Planet Trade does not report its financial activities to the financial body. Therefore, your money can be used for other purposes rather than the intended one.  Even worst the platform can change its terms and conditions to suit its greedy needs.

You cannot trade with confidence with an offshore company. Their system might collapse anytime leaving you high and dry. Hence, it is important that you stick to legit platforms. You will earn genuine returns.

Final Verdict

e-Planet Trade is a company that is not regulated. Moreover, their trading conditions are not suitable for investors. The location of this venture remains a mystery. They do not have a trading history of the main drawdown.

Invest with genuine forex trading brokers that have a trading history. These are some of the top rated ventures in the industry. You will grow your portfolio and acquire relevant trading skills. Try them today!

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