Eagle Flows FX Review: A Fishy Investment

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Eagle Flows FX Review
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Those who have invested with Eagle Flows FX are facing a hard time withdrawing funds. Please find out more in our detailed eagleflowsfx.com review.

Earning 70 to 80 percent daily for a lifetime was the red flag with Eagle Flows FX. There’s no way that’s a possibility, and only naïve investors fall for such claims. The market is volatile, and everyone makes losses at some point. It’s also the guaranteed profit part that makes the platform a scam. For those new to investing, you will encounter dozens of such platforms. Here’s the truth in our compelling EAGLE FLOWS FX REVIEW.

A Brief analysis of Eagle Flows FX

Eagle Flows FX claims to offer the maximum profit percentage on the about us page. And that’s music to an investor’s ears. Who doesn’t want to maximize profit? That’s why we have to expose the absolute truth behind eagleflowsfx.com.

Eagle Flows FX Pros and Cons

Those who have invested with the platform are ruing the decision. No one gets to withdraw funds from it. And this has led to investors failing even to get a penny from the platform. So all you get after all that promise is a headache.

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Eagle Flows FX is nothing but a con, and you won’t get a penny from them. As it turns out, the platform swindles investors. The platform is trying to get investors into depositing as much as possible. Their end game is to ensure no one gets to go home with a penny.

Once you land on the homepage, the first banner screams of a high payout. For naïve investors, this is the main reason to sign up. For experts, this is why the platform is a scam. Experts know that there’s no such thing as guaranteed profits.

Before you invest in any platform, we recommend researching the platform first. Then, try and get to know more about the platform in terms of viability. For more, you can read our reviews on all crypto and forex-related products and service providers.

Accounts Eagle Flows FX

Eagle Flows FX offers three distinctive trading features for you to choose from. These include Starter, Premium, and Gold tiers. Each of these accounts promises a daily profit margin for a specified number of days.

Here’s a closer look at each of these accounts;


For the starter account holder, you must deposit a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $5,000. The account promises a hefty profit margin of 128.50 percent in ROI. It comes with a vesting period of 7 days.


You have to deposit a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $10,000 to get started. There’s a guarantee of making 130.10 percent in ROI. It comes with a seven-day vesting period, a daily ratio of 18.59 percent.


The most exclusive of all accounts, there’s a minimum deposit of $10,000 and a maximum of $50,000. Investors get a promise of making 132 percent in ROI. It comes with a seven-day vesting period.

Account features

Accounts Eagle Flows FX

We have to raise the red flag and expose the insanity of these accounts. First, no one in their right mind can guarantee profits. The market is volatile, and market price changes without issuing a warning.

It makes investing with such accounts unimaginable. Only naïve investors would sign up, hoping to earn high in as little time as possible. And this is exactly what the platform targets, investors who want high ROI without thinking twice.

The high ROI should be your first warning of an impossible task. Most of the percentage is, in fact, over 100 percent. The platform claims even to give you back the principal amount. That’s not going to happen after you invest with them.

We see other false claims having over $4.8 million invested and $6.2 million total payouts. If this platform were genuine, we would all sign up. Any institution would sign up to maximize profits.

None of them do because they already know the truth about these results. In investing, the vesting period also matters. Seven days is way too little for one to makeover 100 percent in ROI. That’s the biggest red flag.

With crypto investments, the minimum investment period is three to four months. Any platform claiming to offer fewer plans to take advantage of investors. And that’s why we have to expose the platform.

Affiliate and referral system

There are two-level affiliate systems available on the platform. To try and widen their trap, the platform sets up a two-tier affiliate program. You get to earn 10 and 5 percent affiliate programs, respectively.

It seems like a plausible way of earning passive income. But unfortunately, that’s not the case, as the platform only uses you to get to your connection addition; the platform doesn’t release commissions earned by affiliates.

Both you and the affected member lose funds with the platform. You end up being in the hot seat for directing investors to sign up with a non-existing investment platform. That’s why no professional affiliate wants to partner with the program.

These victims will want answers or compensation for their losses. Their last resort would be to file a lawsuit against the platform. The law will consider you as an affiliate of online fraud. That’s how you lose your credibility and reputation, thanks to such platforms.

Business proprietor

If the platform were that successful, the owner would get some recognition. Unfortunately, there’s no info on who owns or runs the platform. And this makes it a difficult task to try and recover funds. We are dealing with an anonymous trading platform.

Are funds safe with eagleflowsfx.com? NO

With anonymity, it makes it difficult to recover funds. Investors who hire recovery agents end up losing more funds. These agents don’t have the capability of recovering such funds. After all, the owner probably hides funds in an offshore bank account.

Most of these agents want to take advantage of the opportunity. However, a recent investigation revealed these agents are part of the scam. The platform will give agents your contact details and make first contact.

You get an email claiming the agents have won a lawsuit against the platform. The agent will want you to cover legal fees to get part of the settlement. Please don’t send them any funds as these are scam artists too.

Client testimony and reviews

To try and sell the platform’s success, we get to read success stories. These stories are available on the homepage. The funny thing is, there’s no real testimony, and these are users paid to comment positively.

You won’t find any positive comments outside the platform. The opposite is factual as victims air their grievances on social media platforms. Speaking of social media, note that the platform doesn’t have any social media profiles.

Compliance, License, and Registration Eagle Flows FX

Eagle Flows FX is not a compliant investment platform. Those who invest in it won’t enjoy the protection from regulators. It’s a platform claiming to have a valid license from the Nevada State.

Is Eagle Flows FX Licensed or Regulated?

These are false allegations as we see a platform using incorrect credentials. It’s the extent the platform will go to fool naïve investors.

Final remarks Eagle Flows FX

After exposing all the red flags, it’s best to stay away from eagleflowsfx.com.

The best alternative is to go for tested crypto robots.

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