EastCentury Capital Review: An Anonymous Investment Company to Avoid

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EastCentury Capital Review
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EastCentury Capital is a venture that claims it has is stable and safe. They are trading index, stock, metals, and oil. They urge traders to join them. In return, they will be generating stable income. The platform is not worth anyone’s time.

EastCentury Capital claims that it is a legit investment company. The entity states that it is a reliable venture. Their main interest is to offer the best trading experience to their clients. Fund safety is their main priority.

However, there is a lot that is missing from their website. Additionally, this is an offshore investment entity. You cannot rely on them to give you positive returns. The entity view itself as a transparent investment venture.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are reliable and transparent. You will earn genuine returns. Moreover, these companies are regulated by the relevant authority. They have also been performing great in the industry.

EastCentury Capital Review,EastCentury Capital  Company

EastCentury Capital is a venture that claims it has is stable and safe. They are trading index, stock, metals, and oil. They urge traders to join them. In return, they will be generating stable income. The platform is not worthy of any one time.

The market has many scammers who have no intention of helping novice traders. You need to be keen on them. Investment is all about risks but you should not do it blindly. Therefore, ensure that you do a background check on any entity.

East-Century.com Review

EastCentury Capital is a simple scam that is not worth investors’ time. The broker is not licensed by financial bodies in the market to conduct their business. The platform is shady and even tries stealing information from investors in the market.

It is evident that there is nothing positive that will come by venturing with the broker. You need to upload a full image that shows the front and back view of your credit card. Legit companies also require such info sometimes.

However, there is a difference. They ask you to cover all the other information. The entity wants to take advantage of investors. You should not share such information with scammers. It is easy for them to defraud you all your money.

EastCentury Capital is not a transparent entity. Investors have the right to know the people that are handling their money. Scammers are always trying their level best to conceal their identity. Therefore, it is hard to know the people behind an organization.

Additionally, we would advise that you search an organization on the database of financial conduct of your area. This will help in ensuring that you earn a real-time return without risking your safety.

Regulation Status

The company does not care about the government. They are only looking after themselves. The problem with offshore brokers is that they change their terms and conditions to suit their needs. The firm is operating illegally.

It does not care about the law. Why would you risk your personal data with a scam? The survival of this company is uncertain. They will exit the market whenever they please without considering the losses that you make.

EastCentury Capital Scam Review, EastCentury Capital Features

There are various and several regulatory bodies in the market. The reputable bodies include; FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and NFA. They protect investors against scammers. There are strict measures like depositing an initial amount that can be used to compensate investors.

Moreover, you also find that the regulated investment companies report their daily activities. The broker therefore cannot use the funds for another purpose than the intended one. Once the firm decides to exit the market there is nothing that you can do.

Contact Details

EastCentury Capital can be contacted via email. You cannot compare mails with telephones. Investors need the assurance that the platform they are investing with will respond to their queries. It is great to venture with an entity that has the best interest for you.

Fraudsters never respond to their clients on time. The broker is determined to remain anonymous at all costs. They do not reveal their office address. You won’t find a reliable entity that does not have a place that their clients can visit.

EastCentury Capital is an infamous venture. Moreover, the company does not have client feedback. You will sign up with them without knowing what you are getting yourself into. Trade wisely and trade with the best firms.

Trading Conditions of EastCentury Capital

EastCentury Capital is offering a leverage cap of 1:100. Their limit is not beyond what financial bodies license. There is no fund safety in this broker. They avail the MT5 Trading interface. It is one of the best interfaces in the market.

Their spread is that of 1 pip. You might come across entities that are offering even higher leverage. However, there are risks involved. You need to be careful with these kinds of brokers.

EastCentury Capital Withdrawal and Deposits

EastCentury Capital is a company that requires investors to deposit a minimum of $100. The price is favourable to many traders. However, there are entities that take as low as $10. The platform state that it is accepting funds via the credit card option.

Use this method because you stand a chance of being compensated. The broker does not provide sufficient information regarding their operation. We do not know the minimum amount that you can cash out.

Is EastCentury Capital a Legit Investment Company?

Sadly, this is not a reliable legit investment firm. The company will not earn you profits. There are several loopholes with this dirty scheme. Their address is missing from their website. Without knowing where an entity is operating from raises many reasons.

Moreover, the platform does not have a license by financial bodies in the world. We do not see any advantage of trading with them. There is a better alternative in the world that you can exploit the market.

Furthermore, this entity is offering bonuses to its clients. Sadly, it wants to restrict investors from withdrawing cash. The venture is taking advantage of its clients. Some of the documents that the firm is asking for are not what legit brokers require.

The Domain Insight

The platform has an Alexa global ranking of 8,656,601. The location of the people that they target is currently not known. Nonetheless, this is a new investment entity that was registered in January 2021. Its domain name will expire in the same month the year 2022. Scammers usually do not renew their contract past this timeline.

Client Feedback

EastCentury Capital is a broker that does not have a reputation in the market. There are no clients who have left testimonials. Venturing with such an entity will expose you to severe risks. You should not test the waters with this platform.

You find that in most cases the broker pays people to review them. The problem is that they have not used the company’s services before. The terms and conditions of these scammers might change over time.

Final Verdict

EastCentury Capital is a company that is operating illegally. Investors need to be careful with this kind of broker. The location of the firm is not known. There are multiple ventures in the industry that you can use to earn genuine returns.

The people that are managing the funds of investors are also unknown. Anonymity is something that is not appreciated when it comes to investment. The company does not have a history of trading.

Invest with the best forex trading broker that is regulated and operating as per the requirement of the government. These are some of the most reputable entities that you should join. Their customer support is also responsive.

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