Ebitcoino Review: Ebitcoino.com Clearly is a Scam

Ebitcoino Review, Ebitcoino Company
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Ebitcoino Review
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Ebitcoino claims to be a crypto trading platform that offers its users high returns and affiliate bonuses. However, the company offers exaggerated figures and displays characteristics of a shady company. Invest with trusted crypto trading platforms that are transparent and fair.

Ebitcoino is a company that claims it is the best perfect innovative investment company in the market. The firm is dealing with cryptocurrency assets. You need to open up a trading account to start earning big.

The entity accepts funds via cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, and Perfect Money. The company is allegedly depending on its team to yield these high returns. Their main target is to offer a stable high payout to investors.

However, Ebitcoino is not a legit investment platform. The entity has characteristics of a Ponzi scheme, and none of their clients will likely receive funds. The firm claims that it minimizes the experienced risk.

Ebitcoino Review, Ebitcoino Company

The platform guarantee that their services are of high quality. However, it is hard trusting a new firm that is not reputable in the market. The entity was registered in November 2020. There are no trading results that prove this company is profitable.

Nonetheless, this venture features statistics showcasing the number of investors that have joined their entity. The entity also has information showcasing the latest withdrawal. Unfortunately, the tactic has been used by several scammers to appear as a credible firm.

Ebitcoino.com Review

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile. This being said, it is hard for investors to predict their next payout. Nonetheless, Ebitcoino brags that it offers constant growth to its clients. You can deposit any amount you wish; there is no limit.

The least amount that you can cash out is $1. The venture states it processes withdrawal in time. Hence, investors will be subjected to wait forever. The founder information and the company that manages the business of this entity is not accessible.


Moreover, Ebitcoino leaves out essential information. We are against investors venturing with this firm. The company has no intention of making anyone rich, leave alone providing stable returns. The venture is not legit, and we suggest you look for reliable firms.

The average win rate, and drawdown of the trading firm is not known. The trading tools which the firm uses claim are of high quality. The platform brags about having a DDOS and SSL certificate. However, these documents are essential but are not a guarantee that your money is safe.

The people that you should be scared about are the ones operating Ebitcoino. Invest with proven legit crypto trading firms that are reliable and reputable. You can also trade automatically without risking your funds.

How Does Ebitcoino Work?

The company has an affiliate program. We believe that this is the only source of income coming from this website. The platform is not involved in trading activities. The high referral bonus sells this scam as untrustworthy.

The rewards range from 30%, 40%, and 50%. They subject their existing customers to fish victims for them. Pyramid scheme payout as long as new investors are signing up. Therefore, you should not be surprised when the entity exits the market.

Ebitcoino Scam Review, Ebitcoino Features

They have two investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $0.1. You will receive a daily profit of 11% for a lifetime. The premium account accepts funds ranging from $1001 up to $2500. The entity promises a daily return of 13% for eternity.

The returns are exaggerated and too good to be realistic. The best investment ventures in the market do not offer anything close to these profits. If indeed Ebitcoino is legit, it would not shy away from publishing its returns.

Registration and Regulation

Ebitcoino is a platform that is registered in the United Kingdom. They provide their financial investment services to traders all over the world. The payment methods that the company accepts prove that this entity does not have pure intention.

The entity does not have a license from a single financial watchdog in the market. The United Kingdom has tough measures for financial investment companies in the market. Unfortunately, this firm does not have anything valuable to offer.

Ebitcoino is a nasty venture that goes against the law. The authority has constantly warned investors against investing with unlicensed companies. It is hard tracing these scammers down, especially when their office address is fake.

Customer Support

Ebitcoino allegedly operates around the clock. The support team can be contacted via telegram or email. They do not have telephone support. The company claims that you can reach them whenever you please if you have any problem.

The location of the company is only available for VIP clients. These requirements are weird, and you won’t find investment brokers legit operating in this manner. Moreover, there will be a telephone number for easy response.

The claims of Ebitcoino that it has a reliable team is only for PR purposes. They promise high returns, yet the entity does not have telephone support. Logically speaking, why does this entity need investors to give them money yet they know the tactic of generating more funds.

Fund safety at Ebitcoino

The company is not safe to trade with, and you should look for legit brokers. Avoid sharing your personal data with suspicious firms like Ebitcoino. The entity will be calling you with enticing offers. It is hard to resist their deal since they are compelling.

It will be too late before you realize that you have been conned. The companies give all kinds of excuses for not processing the withdrawal request of investors. Moreover, sometimes they include hefty requirements.

Ebitcoino is an anonymous company that does not disclose its location. The red flags with this firm are many, and there is no point in giving them access to your funds. The platform has no intention of making anyone rich.

The company does not indicate the financial institution that it segregates the accounts of investors with. The entity is most definitely taking the money of traders into their wallets. You will suffer huge losses without anyone coming to your aid.

It is disheartening to see investors still falling for these schemes. The first thing that you should do is to check whether a platform is licensed. Scammers do not provide fund safety.  Therefore, you need to be careful.

Ebitcoino has an affiliate program that projects high rewards. It is pointless finding new customers for this suspicious firm. This is the reason you will come across individuals endorsing this platform to the public. They are only looking out for themselves.

Moreover, they will receive payment for their services while you lose money. These people make money at the expense of traders. Get the right skills before depositing funds.

Final Verdict

Ebitcoino is a platform that does not have traffic of 142,378. It is sad to see that there are people still falling victims to these shady schemes. The company is still new in the market. They have nothing unique to offer.

There are multiple scammers in the market. It is hard for novice traders to tell the difference between a legit company from a scam. Fraudulent entities are dangerous and will never pay you a penny. The platform is suspicious and not worth your trust.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the market that are legit. These ventures have been in operation for years. They value their clients and customer support is responsive and friendly. Venture only with the regulated firms.

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