Elcomercio24 Review: Elcomercio24.com An Irrelevant broker

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Elcomercio24 Review
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Elcomercio24 showcases a lot of red flags. Also, they claim the team of financial experts is always at your service to help answer all your questions.The about us section is poorly done and they feature general information on bitcoin and decentralization.

Elcomercio24 is an offshore forex broker that aims to cooperate with customers. Through this, they achieve trading success. However, if you are considering depositing funds with Elcomercio24 you should hold that thought for a while. In this unbiased review, we highlight some of the reasons why we do not think investing with them is such a good idea.

Meanwhile, there are legit and transparent forex brokers that you can rely on and earn pleasing considerable returns. Elcomercio24 urges investors that they collect data from diverse and reliable sources that are always at the right time to strike.

Trading involves taking risks and there is no such thing as constant returns. There is also high volatility in the market so the result that was profiting to another trader may not profit you.

Elcomercio24 Review, Elcomercio24 Company

There is no information on the kind of qualification the analysts have. You risk trusting people who might not have any expertise in the trade whatsoever. They also allegedly provide the biggest exchanges and digital currency wallets across the globe.

However, news spreads fast in the 21st century, and if at all they were the best the traffic figures ought to be higher. The company does not have any positive feedback either across social media and this raises doubts more on the platform.

Elcomercio24 Review

Elcomercio24 grants traders unlimited access to endless trading possibilities and you will forget the word limitation. In addition, the founders’ information is left out, and not knowing the people behind the company is a major warning sign.

They offer multiple trade services; traditional fiat currencies, cryptos and commodities,  and the world performing indices. There is no data to showcase that the people behind the venture are experts in the niche.

Scammers will brag to provide world-class services to investors but without any significant approach to the trade. Elcomercio24 showcases a lot of red flags. Also, they claim the team of financial experts is always at your service to help answer all your questions.

The about us section is poorly done and they feature general information on bitcoin and decentralization.This is all basic knowledge that you can get easily online and there isn’t enough data regarding Elcomercio24.com.

The trading world faces vast competition. Therefore Ponzi Schemes try to take advantage of the growth and form companies and try to swindle innocent investors. The risk measures that are in place to prevent you from facing heavy losses are also not known.

Investment Plan

Elcomercio24 has a lot of bonus offers depending on the amount that you deposit and the plan that you choose: Silver  Account minimum deposit is £500 and the maximum you can invest is £1999. The plan includes multiple advantages such as 24/7 customer support, 1on 1 basic training, an education center, and an unlimited 365 days trading dashboard.

Elcomercio24.com Scam Review, Elcomercio24 Features

Gold Account’s maximum trade amount is £ 9999 with similar features to the first plan. The only variance is limited access to trade signals and a personal account manager. Diamond Account and VIP Account trade limit is up to £49999 and +£50000 respectively with similar features. The accounts are extremely costly and scammers will try to swindle as much as they can before you realize.

They also feature affiliate marketing and traders get up to £50 for every £250 the new recruit deposit. The huge attractive bonus is just there to lure you to deposit and you will not earn even a single return.

Elcomercio24 Funds Safety

Elcomercio24 accepts multiple deposit methods and there is no customer that is seen to successfully withdraw funds. They do not have any banking data to show where your funds are stored. They may even be keeping customers’ funds in their personal accounts.

The founders are anonymous and who is controlling funds and operations of the company is also not known. There is no evidence of any successful withdrawals that have been made by traders. Additionally, they claim to have trade results that are not even verifiable and seem to be made up. Scammers will try every means possible to try and appear legit and you should be cautious of their techniques.

Contact Support

Working contact support should always be constant in every legit investment firm. Elcomercio24 just like most scammers will contact you continuously luring you with exciting bonuses and profit margins.

Accordingly, once you fall for the catch their business with you is done, your details may end up getting blocked. Some may even hold your funds for a long period till you give up and let go of the funds.

Elcomercio24 address is suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Box 1510 Kingstown St.Vincent and The Grenadines. In addition, the address has just been made up and has no association with Elcomercio24.

The telephone contact+441518091012 and email support@elcomercio24.com may also not be working. So you should be able to first confirm the contact data available is working before investing your funds.

Elcomercio24 Regulation Status

Elcomercio24 does not fall under any regulatory body and your funds are at great risk.  Thus they are operating illegally while generating funds from the public. The transparency level in unregulated platforms is very minimal. Whereas it is vice versa for regulated platforms and the kind of services you receive is greatly recommended.

The platform is also suitable for various trading levels and their strategies generate amazing results. Consequently, the trading strategies that are in place and algorithm is not well known by any investor.

They claim to have trade results that do not seem to be changing and are always similar. Trade results most preferably through Myfxbook help to earn more confidence with the investment firm. Transparency is always key to knowing that you are dealing with a legit venture. The software is accessible via download through, web and app. Also, they do not openly show trade results.

The founders of Elcomercio24.com risk facing criminal prosecutions and this is the main reason they hide the same info. The company may easily go against trade guidelines as they are not bound to any laws. The investment firm also risks facing closure by the law authorities. They may also disappear whenever they wish with all your money.

Final Verdict

Elcomercio24 is a shady investment firm that will rob you of all your hard-earned money. The company will definitely contact you with attractive bonuses and offers just as an attempt to get you to deposit funds.

Also through affiliate marketing, you will be exposing your family and friends to great risks. Furthermore, they do not have any trade strategies and they seem to only focus on getting you to deposit.

Scammers will barely feature any approach methods towards trades yet they will promise you the world. The founders’ data is hidden and the team behind the company thus portrays a hidden agenda. Elcomercio24.com does not feature any positive feedback across social media to suggest they are legit. Working contact support should also be a priority in choosing a legit investment partner.

Therefore you can opt to invest with regulated, transparent forex brokers to earn considerable profits. Avoid Elcomercio24 at all costs and anything they offer you. Thorough research and reading of reviews should also help to prevent losses.


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