Elite Capital International Review: Beware of this Platform

Elite Capital International Review, Elite Capital International Company
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Elite Capital International Review
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Forex trading is a risky online venture and a great way of earning huge returns or passive income. Unfortunately, the market is now plagued by scammers and shady platforms that trick investors into looking legit. You should always research for a platform that suites your needs and invest with licensed and reputable forex trading brokers.

Elite capital international is an investment company that purports to work with corporate and private clients to identify profitable and unique opportunities presented by the global markets.

Elite Capital International Review, Elite Capital International Company

According to the company, their goal is to aid their clients by providing them with pertinent information crucial in wealth management. The company prides itself on its two decades of experience in the service and brags about its ability to leverage favourable market conditions and mitigate adverse market eventualities.

Traders should be keen on investing exclusively in legit forex trading companies where transparency, value, and safety of their assets are key. In this review, investors will see why elitecapitalinternational.com is not on our list of recommended forex brokers.

Elitecapitalinternational.com Review

Elite capital international claims to have a special approach to managing the seven composites it has. Elite capital uses creative methodologies and systematic screening to generate ideas. The screening process uses about 10 metrics that are custom generated bi-weekly for inference purposes.

The research is a 3-pronged process encompassing Value, Business, and People. Value assessment entails projecting on the company’s trajectory to arrive at its intrinsic worth. Business entails research into the business model, company’s financials, and competitiveness. People analysis involves a review of the executive outfit regarding their trend of capital allocation and executive compensation.

The firm takes positions of approximately 2-4 % equity portion per given strategy.

The company claims that it uses Russell 2000 or S&P 500 as its risk containment methodology. It allegedly assesses risks such as exposure on REIT international equity, and potential liquidity matters.

According to the company, the portfolio holds between 30-40 equity sureties in equal strategies and an addition of 25 to 30 static income positions.

Founders and team

Elite capital international claims to hold transparency in high regard. However, they have, in contrast, crippled it. Information on founders, brokers, and custodians is conspicuously missing. This information is vital, and its omission should not be taken kindly. When it comes to the security of your funds, do not entrust its safety to a site with 100 % anonymity.

Also, the company claims it has been in operation for over 21 years. However, according to who. is, elitecapitalinternational.com registration took place in July 2019. This is an outright breach of transparency! Why would a company falsify its legitimacy by giving an illusion of having been in existence for longer? If elite capital cannot tell the truth about simple facts, why should you entrust them with your hard-earned cash? They could be lying about just everything. The company is not keen on any transparency, and no investors should take them for their word.

Elite Capital International Domain Insight

Elite capital international domain expires on July 2021. This is a clear indicator that the longevity of this platform is unknown. Serious investors do not easily fall for get-rich-quick schemes. They focus on ventures that yield high ROI in the long term. Elite capital international does not seem to have any promising future and traders should steer clear of the platform.

Contact details

Elite capital international address is 8 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The telephone number is +852 5808 2919. This number could be a ploy to lure a client into calling and subscribing for all we know.

There is no way of confirming whether this company is in Hong Kong. This is because we do not see a clause stating their non-acceptance of US citizens.  It is illegal for US nationals to on-board this website. We would expect that a Hong Kong-based company would make this so apparent.

Trading conditions

Elite capital international does not have records of T&Cs displayed on its website. Trading conditions are a must-have, for any platform that offers services that they purport to give. From the onset, the stipulations that guide and bind the interacting parties should be clear for accountability reasons.

Elite Capital International Regulation Status

Elite capital international ironically admits to a lack of regulation by a financial regulatory body. Regardless of the intention of this admission, traders should take this as a red flag. Without regulation, this platform lacks accountability, which is an imperative aspect that all legit brokers should have.

The supposedly impartial advice that they offer should not be taken seriously. If Elite capital is keen on their delivery claims, they should first handle the regulation issue.

Another thing that strikes us as odd, is the company preference for simple-leveraged balance sheets and uncomplicated business models. One wonders why a company that brags of having experienced specialists is shying away from dealing with companies the over-leveraged balance sheets.  The answer is simple; they are not up to the task and are just chickening out.


Elite capital international brags about having a history of 21 years in operation. However, it has nothing to show for it.

Lack of client reviews on the site raises questions and investors have every right to poke holes into this story. If this site is as transparent as it claims or ‘reliable’ by clients as they put it, we should be able to find reviews and ratings on their services.

Elite Capital International Scam Review, Elite Capital International Services Offered

The site also claims to invest exclusively in securities trading on major exchanges, but they do not reveal the affiliate major exchanges like any other scam site.

What elite capital international is doing is merely using ambiguous jargon and catchy marketing cliché’s. Still, there is no indulging in what and how exactly they deliver their so-called risk-adjusted returns and investment advice.

This should not come as a surprise; we all know how scammers relish beating around the bush and Elite capital international is a classic example.

Is Elite Capital International licensed?

Upon deeper research, we found that Elite capital is not registered under any of the financial regulatory bodies that oversee a hedge fund’s activities.  These are the Securities & Future Commission (SFC) and FCA

A legit investment manager should operate within the confines of law and jurisdiction. Elite capital international are circumventing laws and procedures.

Final verdict

Elite capital international is a shady platform claiming to be a solution to investment and wealth management woes. Its site contains wordy and captivating cliché’s about the services it gives, but it has no proof that the solutions ever work.

It has feigned legitimacy and has not revealed any information that is material to the claims it is making. Vital details like founders, custodians, and brokers have also been deliberately left out, a typical characteristic of scam forex sites. As an investor, you should be wary of a platform that is falsifying even the most trivial details. Elite capital international is the most vivid example of a platform whose main goal is to defraud investors of their wealth. Why else would it withhold information that should be freely shared? If you stake your investments here, there is no one to be accountable in case of a loss; they know this, and that’s why they have not given contacts.

As an investor, Elite capital international should not be on your list of investment prodigy options. Go for legit forex trading platforms that are transparent in details such as founders, brokers and, trading conditions. Such platforms are open to feedback, which is easily captured from the client’s feedback on their websites. Legit companies are also regulated by the relevant financial bodies within their Jurisdiction. Any site with no sign of regulation or compliance should be enough tell-tale sign that something is amiss.

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