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Elite Crypto Merchants Review
  • License and Registration
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Elite Crypto Merchants does not create a conducive trading environment. They lack transparency, and the individuals behind the scheme are unknown. The venture is also allegedly based in the USA. The entity is providing falsehood information to appear like a genuine scheme. There is no trading revolutionary in this shady entity.

Elite Crypto Merchants is allegedly a global fintech company. They aim to make the trading process easy for their clients. This is a bold claim coming from a venture that cannot even hire a copywriter to ensure no grammatical errors on their website. You may see it as a minor thing, but it does paint an awful impression about the entity.

Elite Crypto Review, Elite Crypto Company

The platform does not create a conducive trading environment. They lack transparency, and the individuals behind the scheme are unknown. The venture is also allegedly based in the USA. The entity is providing falsehood information to appear like a genuine scheme. There is no trading revolutionary in this shady entity.

Pop-Ups of inventors that have earned money keep showing up on the website. You may think that elitecryptomerchants.com is a genuinely profitable scheme. Unfortunately, this is a tactic that con artists deploy to get more people to sign up in their venture.

Trade with the leading cryptocurrency trading companies that are reputable. You can make passive income with them without worrying about being scammed. The entities have reached the requirements of the financial bodies, and they offer the best trading condition.

Elitecryptomerchants.com Review

Elite Crypto Merchants is also trading forex, commodities, shares, indices, and CFDs. They are accepting all clients regardless of their trading skills. However, you will not find an experienced trader wasting their time with the dirty scheme. The venture assures clients that it has a professional team.

They are dedicated to delivering the best results to traders. They have designed a trading platform that is suitable for all users. However, we are in the dark regarding the technique the company deploys to yield its profits. We also cannot blindly believe what the scheme claims without proof.

It will have been easier if they showcase the qualification and profiles of the team. The firm uses stock images, and the people it introduces have nothing to do with the fraudulent scheme. The venture is also urging anyone who feels they can make their scheme better to apply as the firm is always in constant search of the best talent.

A demo account is available, and it only takes 30 seconds to open. If you buy the narrative of Elite Crypto Merchants, you are signing up for a dangerous mission. There is nothing positive that can come from the platform. The fraudsters behind the entity are tactical, and withdrawal requests will never be processed.

Contact Details of Elite Crypto Merchants

The company requests investors to verify their trading accounts. Keep in mind that an SSL certificate is not enough to protect your data. The venture also claims it has been featured on various media platforms, but this is false. The only place that Elite Crypto Merchant is being endorsed is on affiliate websites.

These are individuals that get a cut each time someone registers to the Ponzi scheme using their code. The venture has a phone number and an email address on its website. They are using a VoIP number, and the con artists will disconnect the line immediately after it leaves the market.

Elite Crypto Merchants regulation Status

The company brags that it is operating legally. It even mentions having a license from the CSSF in Luxembourg. The company is based in the US should have a license from the NFA. The United States has the most stringent rules in the market for investment ventures. A platform cannot exist legally without depositing a capital of $2 million in its name.

Elitecrypto.com Review, Elite Crypto Features

Stay away from this self-regulated firm in the market. There is no fund safety as the firm does not segregate funds. The entity is operating as it pleases without answering to anyone. Investors should not expect a negative account balance. We cannot guarantee there is trading in the company as the entity is operating peculiarly.

Trading Conditions

The entity offers leverage of 1:500 to its clients. The USA watchdog only permits leverage of 1:50 while that of Luxembourg 1:30. The trading conditions of this scheme are not ideal, and investors will regret joining this outrageous scheme.

The firm provides a basic web-based platform. They do not have the famous MetaTrader, which is the best for forex trading activities. You should not engage with the firm as we suspect no trading process is taking place in the entity.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment methods include; Skrill, Visa, Neteller, and MasterCard. The least amount that investors can fund their account with is $50. The firm assures investors that it does not have hidden fees. This is a scam that is operating like any other Ponzi scheme.

The venture provides generic fluff information that does not show the benefits that clients are going to get. It is most likely  Elite Crypto Merchants is going to withhold payment. Moreover, the firm provides insufficient information on the withdrawal. It is an offshore scheme that will definitely violate their terms.

The Domain Insight

Elite Crypto Merchants was established in May 2021. The domain name is only registered for a period of one year. A short time frame does not do the entity justice as many Ponzi schemes do not survive long in the industry. Investors need to watch out as the information of the founders is also missing. The scheme will soon be out of the market and their customers will be left high and dry with nowhere to turn to.

Elite Crypto Merchants Clients Testimonials 

The entity does not have customer reviews. One of the greatest ways to know the experience of investors is by reading the testimonials of users. It has become the norm of investment schemes to use false. Their marekters work hard to get traffic in the ventre. You should not be suprised if you encounter people claiming to have earned using this venture.

What you should be looking for is proof of payment. If there is no evidence then you should not easily trust the scheme. There are several investment entities that have feeback from traders. Adiditionally, these are reliable information as they are in third party websites.

Final Verdict

The company is operating in only God knows where. The venture has a dirty Ponzi scheme that only wants to steal from innocent people. No proof shows the venture is paying. Those that join the firm are exposing themselves to serious risks.

Instead of wasting money and funds, we suggest that you invest only with the transparent cryptocurrency trading firms in the market. Furthermore, these are genuine trading firms that will help you earn real-time returns.

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