Elite Xinvestors Review: The broker is not profitable

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Elite Xinvestors Review
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Elite Xinvestors is a scam. Fraudsters are good with words, and they will keep calling till. Moreover, they will promise to give you money, but it will never happen. The exact location of this company is not known. Furthermore, the platform is not registered or regulated.

Elite Xinvestors is a company that happens to be too good to be true. Unfortunately, this is another scam that investors need to be wary of. They have four trading accounts that promise investors mind-blowing offers.

The platform has a lot of information missing from its website. You could even wonder what they are selling. It is most likely no products or services are being offered. Scammers have a smart way of stealing from innocent investors.

Elite Xinvestors is an illegal investment scheme that is operating against the government. The main problem with this kind of venture is that it does not last long in the market. A time shall come when their system will collapse with investors’ funds.

Moreover, this company is not guided by any principles. The people running this firm can do whatever they want. You will sign up for their platform without knowing what you are getting yourself into. Investors need to be very keen and avoid shady entities.

The website of this platform is cheaply built. At first, you might confuse it with a professional company. However, you will be disappointed once you start seeing the loopholes that present themselves.

Elitexinvestors.com Review

Elite Xinvestors registration process is swift and easy. It is a common trait with scammers. They do this to get easy access to investors’ funds. Unfortunately, this shady entity does not verify investors’ information.

It is an evident red flag that shows this is a scam. The platform claims it is involved in forex trading activities. However, they do not have trading software. The companies advertise false information on their website.

Elite Xinvestors Review, Elite Xinvestors Company

This proves that Elite Xinvestors is a Ponzi scheme with one sole intention of stealing from innocent investors. They are targeting traders from western countries. The website is only accessible in the English language.

You must familiarize yourself with the trading activities. Avoid being greedy and jumping to each platform that term itself as the next big thing in the market. The venture has no intention of making anyone rich.

Invest with the most profitable and legit investment companies in the market. They treat their clients with professionalism and class. Your money is in a secure place. Moreover, the terms and conditions are in the best interest of their customers. There is no need to worry about these firms.

Trading Conditions

Elite Xinvestors offers a spread of 1.0 pip. The company has downloaded TradingView charts that do not belong to them. The company does not have a trading interface, which causes more suspicion. They are operating without any evidence of investment taking place. Moreover, they do not have the popular MT4 or MT5 software.

Withdrawal and Deposit of Elite Xinvestors

Elite Xinvestors accepts funds via MoneyGram, Bitcoin, Western Union, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. Unfortunately, you will never be able to issue a chargeback with this platform. Your money will be lost without any means of tracing it back.

The minimum amount that you can deposit with this broker is $800. The amount is very high, and you can find better ventures in the market that accept as low as $100. The venture is a complete joke. The minimum amount that you can cash out is $6500.

The amount is way beyond what the investor will have deposited. Moreover, it is unacceptable to have such ridiculous measures. Elite Xinvestors has no intention of handling their withdrawal request of their customers.

The scam does not disclose the fees that they charge their customers. They might inflict high unacceptable charges. Moreover, the dormant account info is also missing. It would be best to settle for a better alternative.

Elite Xinvestors Contact Details

Elite Xinvestors brags that it is based in countries with strict rules. The firm allegedly has offices at 2855 Stevens Creek BLVD, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA. They also claim to be incorporated in Australia. The firm is targeting investors from these two countries.

They also decorate their website with several email addresses and telephone numbers, which traders can use to reach them. Their offices are opened throughout the week at various working hours. Traders are also urged to fill out the contact form.

Elite Xinvestors Review, Elite Xinvestors Contact

Unfortunately, Elite Xinvestors does not have client feedback. Therefore, we cannot attest that this firm has a responsive customer support team. However, this is an offshore venture that fakes its location.

Expect anything from them, but you won’t make any profits. The chances of being handled unprofessionally are very high. It would be best to look for a better alternative in the market rather than waste time with this dirty scheme.

Regulation Status of Elite Xinvestors

The platform claims that it has a regulatory document from ASIC financial body. Unfortunately, this Australian watchdog does not license this firm. They are operating against the law. The company is capable of presenting false lies to the public to win them over.

Elite Xinvestors do not meet the minimum capital which the ASIC requires for all financial investment entities. They need to have at least AUD 1 million before kick-starting their business. This platform being a scam, will never afford such an amount of funds.

Moreover, the Australian government is lenient with the leverage cap that they permit. Unlike FCA that limits leverage of 1:30, this financial body allows as high as 1:500. However, investors need to observe that the higher the cap, the more the risk. Newbies should stick to small levels till they acquire the necessary skills.

Additionally, the ASIC body requires the investment platform to segregate the funds of investors. This protects traders in that an entity cannot use the money as they please. Unfortunately, in this country, investors have not compensated in case a firm faces bankruptcy.

Elite Xinvestors is not a company that is the worth trust of traders. They will leave you high and dry without minding the losses that you will make. The firm is only looking after its interest. The fraudsters who were responsible for this scam risk facing a jail term once caught.

The Domain Insight

Elite Xinvestors is a venture that was established in July 2020. Their domain name is expected to expire in July 2021. A short registration raises suspicion as this company has no intention of being around for long.

Moreover, the company is registered privately. Hence, the information of the registrar is hidden from the public. The nature of this entity to stay anonymous is disheartening. We do not recommend you give them your hard-earned funds.

Additionally, the traffic visiting this platform is insufficient. If they are as good as they claim, then their numbers should reflect. There is no investment activity taking place in this Ponzi scheme. The area of their targeted audience also remains unknown.

Final Verdict

Elite Xinvestors is a platform that should be avoided at all costs. The firm will not process your withdrawal request. Once you register with them, you are doomed! The venture will exit the market. The other issue is that they will keep coming back. Investors, once they share their details, they are not safe.

Invest with the best forex trading companies that are genuine and trustworthy. Your money will be safe, and your data. These entities are well regulated by the appropriate government in the market. Invest wisely and ensure that you research properly.


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