EliteFxPro Review: EliteFxPro.io an Awful Scheme

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EliteFxPro.io Review
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EliteFxPro pulls out an old trick of displaying false reviews. The entity is using stock images. Therefore, these statements are not to be relied on.

EliteFxPro is a company that allegedly was designed with one sole purpose to help investors trade. The venture also claims it is transparent. However, you should not easily trust what investment ventures claim without double-checking the information left behind.

EliteFxPro Review, EliteFxPro Company

The firm claims it uses most of its time upgrading its platform. The entity educates traders. We didn’t have the liberty of checking the educational material. Therefore, we cannot validate that the entity is indeed trading. The entity boasts it has offices in several countries. 

The big question you should be asking yourself is whether the scheme has a license. It turns out this is a rogue firm. They do not care about the quality of services investors are getting. The firm allegedly is reliable. Unfortunately, we cannot find the reviews of those who have tested the waters with EliteFxPro. For all, we know this could be a mare bluff. 

Invest with legit forex trading companies in the market. These are genuine and transparent entities that have been trading. Their clients are pleased with the results. The scheme also has a license. 

EliteFxPro.io Review

EliteFxPro claims it has over 100 account managers. Hence, investors can have all the help at their disposal. The company fails to provide one critical data; the qualification of the team. How are we supposed to believe that professionals are handling investors’ funds? Legit schemes always credit the parent company and the experts. This builds confidence.

The entity is also bragging it has fast technology. Orders are performed fast. Moreover, the shady entity wants us to believe it is one of the leading brokers. There are no results, and the company lacks attractive features. The orders that the scheme brags it executes are unrealistic. 

The statistics that EliteFxPro provides are false. The available assets include; metals, stocks, commodities, indices, forex, and energies. Investors do not have to perform any task. They can leave everything in the care of the expert traders. Giving an offshore company the power of managing your account puts you at severe risk.

The venture is targeting novice traders. You will hardly find a professional trader wasting their time with a suspicious firm. It takes time to become an expert trader. What this scheme is promising is only meant to bring more victims to their website.

Trading Conditions of EliteFxPro

EliteFxPro is an entity that purports to be an investment trading venture. However, the scheme does not even have a trading platform. This is an evil Ponzi scheme that features products that they are not venturing into. They are not trading forex or crypto.

Furthermore, the scam features high profits that are unrealistic. You cannot generate 50% ROI in a day, 80% in 7 days, or 97% for 7 days. Ponzi schemes only make these kinds of premises. The technique that the broker is using remains a mystery. 

The broker is only trying to make traders deposit more funds. Watch out and do not give the con artists access to your funds. The safety of your money should come first.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The available modes of payment include; Bitcoin, Skrill, Visa, Perfect Money, bank transfer, and Wire Transfers. However, it turns out that the only working option is the crypto payment. Remember that once you deposit funds, you cannot recover the funds. 

The entity leaves out its withdrawal requirements. This is a pointer that the company does not intend on releasing clients’ funds. Moreover, the entity does not even have a Terms and Conditions policy. 

The minimum amount that traders can deposit is beyond the market standard EliteFxPro is accepting $500 in their standard account. You should not risk a penny in this fraudulent company. There are better brokers where you can generate funds. 

Regulation Status of EliteFxPro

EliteFxPro states it has licenses from various regulatory bodies. These include; the FCA, SCB, FSCA, DFSA, and CySEC. The venture does not mention being licensed by NFA. The USA is one of the rigid bodies in the market. A company cannot exist without depositing at least a capital of $20 million.

The scam is dedicated to providing false information. It is a big red flag to lie to the clients they are regulated. The scheme lacks transparency. The broker can decide to exit the market at any given time. 

Never trust offshore schemes; they can have hidden terms. EliteFxPro is not reporting its daily trading activities to the financial watchdog. Therefore, the firm can manipulate data. You will not get professional services. The venture does not have a compensation scheme in place. Moreover, the entity is not working with a reputable financial institution. 

Contact Details

EliteFxPro features its office address at the footer of the website. It indicates the entity is operating from Chicago, USA. Support is available via email and phone. We have all the reasons to believe this information is fake. The region that the company purports to be operating from is highly jurisdictions.

Scammers fake their addresses to steal from innocent people. They do not even have enough funds to hire a good support team. The call that you make will be declined. Trade with some of the best forex trading entities that are reliable. 

Do not share your personal details with the venture. Fraudsters are desperate. They can even sell your information to criminals. It is impossible to report them to the authorities. This is because the entity is anonymous. 

False Testimonials

EliteFxPro pulls out an old trick of displaying false reviews. The entity is using stock images. Therefore, these statements are not to be relied on. The statement claims that the broker is profitable. The alleged traders have tremendously grown their accounts. 

EliteFxPro.io Review, EliteFxPro.io Testimonials

If you decide to join the scheme based on the above testimonials, you will only lose money. There are no reviews on third-party websites. You must double-check every detail before joining a scheme. Look for proof of payment. 

Legit companies operate in full transparency. Clients that are not pleased with their services air their dissatisfaction. The platform will then work on the issues. On the other hand, Con artists can go the extra mile of paying marketers and random people to endorse them. Perform research before buying the sales pitch the scheme avails. 

The Domain Insight

EliteFxPro is a venture that has been in the market since October 2019. The domain name shall expire in 2020, the same month. The information of the founder is hidden from the public. There is also no parent company. It will be hard and even impossible to trace down the con artists. The traffic that is visiting the website is also insufficient. 

Final Verdict

EliteFxPro claims they have visited multiple cities in the world. The entity also states it has staff that speaks more than 30 languages. The company wants the public to believe it has the best support in place. They speak about caring about traders while, in reality, the scheme is only looking for ways to defraud traders.

Invest with regulated forex trading companies. These are entities that provide all the necessary materials. Their trading performance is available for everyone to see. The platform will be in the market for years. They do not have plans of defrauding traders.

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