EMDCapital Review: emdcapital.com An Untrustworthy Company.

EMDCapital Review, EMDCapital Company
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EMDCapital Review
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EMDCapital claims to have a dedicated team of experts with many years of experience. Unfortunately, the company is operating anonymously and does not reveal any information on its founders. Invest with transparent forex brokers to enjoy trust and transparency.

EMDCapital is a company that provides brokerage services for a variety of assets. These include forex, bonds, indices, ETF, commodities, stocks, and cannabis. Additionally, the company provides account management services. They claim to have the most experienced team members in the space.

However, this company is untrustworthy. They lie to their customers to attract business. For example, they claim to help traders trade blockchain technology assets. This is interesting because you can only trade products of blockchain technology. This company is merely riding the blockchain hype train. They are using this term as a marketing strategy.

EMDCapital Review, EMDCapital Company

This is, among other reasons, why you should not invest in this company. Your money can never be safe in the hands of such companies. These are individuals only looking to make money from you. They have no interest in serving customer needs.

You should look elsewhere for a safe trading environment. Luckily, there are many legitimate forex brokers with solid reputations in the market. They have been around for a long time and operate with full transparency.

EMDCapital Review

EMDCapital claims to be an industry leader in the forex and CFD markets. They promise to deliver a powerful, user-friendly, and fair trading platform. However, the platform they provide is not very impressive. There are better platforms in the market. You should seek to invest in companies that provide an MT4 or MT5 platform. These are industry-standard platforms. Moreover, they are most popular among seasoned traders.

Further, the company claims the platform is available for many devices. However, there are no download links anywhere on emdcapital.com. Consequently, you can tell that this not a business operated by professionals. There is a lot of gaps on the website.

EMDCapital promises to provide clients with the most intensive training about trading. They promise an education center, live trading webinars, and daily analysis videos. This is very helpful, especially for novice traders.

However, the value of this educational material comes into question. You should only take training and trading advice from people with a ton of experience in trading. However, the company does not introduce its market experts upfront. Therefore, it is impossible to tell whether these people have any kind of trading experience whatsoever. Knowing the experts would help in understanding the value of the educational material.

Account Types

There are various account types on the EMDCapital trading platform. These include the Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum account types. All these accounts types come with a welcome bonus. The bonus differs depending on the account type you choose.

The Basic account gives clients a 40% welcome bonus. That is about it for this account type. The company does not say what the trading conditions are like for this account type. Nonetheless, they promise 24 our customer support six days a week.

Next, we have the Bronze account type. This also offers a 40% welcome bonus. However, clients receive the same services offered in the Basic account type.

On the other hand, the Silver package offers clients a 60% welcome bonus. This account type offers clients silver spreads in the market. However, the company does not reveal what the silver spreads are like. This company does a poor job in information insemination.

The Gold account offers clients an 80% welcome bonus. Additionally, clients get gold spreads in trading. Again, we have no idea what these gold spreads are.

The final account type is the Platinum account. This account type offers clients a 100% welcome bonus and platinum spreads.

Interestingly, this company does not tell clients what the pricing looks like for these accounts. There is no minimum deposit fee listed on the website. This lack of information is nothing to ignore.

EMDCapital Deposit and Withdrawal

EMDCapital claims to support a variety of payment options. Bank cards, Wire transfers, and Bitcoin transfers are among the methods listed on emdcapital.com. The company promises the fastest processing times in the market.

However, you should know that Bitcoin transfers pose a huge risk. When sending Bitcoins, you only send the funds to a virtual address. Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are permanent. This makes it impossible to trace or recover your funds.

To withdraw funds, you need to perform a KYC process. This can be lengthy and frustrating to some users. Some companies use this to discourage customers from withdrawing funds. The company should carry out the KYC process upfront when you sign up.

Founders and Physical Location

It is very crucial to know the people behind a company before you invest in it. Moreover, you should know where the company operates. This will give you a lot of insight into what you should expect from the company.

Unfortunately, EMDCapital does not tell us who is behind the operations. The names of the founders remain hidden throughout the website. Additionally, the company does not introduce us to any of their market experts. This is despite the company providing account management services.

EMDCapital Scam Review, EMDCapital Features

There are many risks involved in investing in mysterious people on the Internet. They may decide to take off with your money. You will not be able to trace them down because you do not know their location.

The company only claims to operate from Sofia, Bulgaria. However, this is a large city with a lot of companies. Tracking them down will be very challenging. Ensure you only invest with people with verifiable identities and addresses.

EMDCapital Regulation and Fund Safety

The biggest issue with EMDCapital is that it is an unregulated entity. The official regulatory body in Bulgaria is the Financial Supervision Commission. A quick search on the FSC website yields no records for EMDCapital.  Moreover, the company does not attempt to prove that they are a regulated entity.

You should always ensure to invest only in companies that have regulations. Only such companies can provide legal, financial services. Regulatory bodies keep companies in check to ensure they are operating legally.

Additionally, regulatory bodies ensure that companies meet banking requirements. This includes storing clients’ funds in reputable banks and having segregated accounts. Consequently, unregulated companies cannot assure you of your funds’ safety.

Further, the company provides no evidence of systems’ protection. Emdcapital.com does not have an SSL certificate listed on the website. This means that the site may not be secure from hackers. They may access the platform and take away clients’ funds.

Stay away from this company. They have nothing to offer you. Even worse, they cannot provide you with a safe trading platform.

Final Verdict

While this company may be legit, the design of its operations is not ideal. EMDCapital does not meet any requirements for a trustworthy company. The founders operate in full anonymity. It is not clear why they are hiding their identities. Moreover, they do not introduce us to their market experts.

Even worse, the company does not have regulation from a relevant regulatory body. This is the biggest offense a company can commit. Providing financial services without regulation is a crime in many jurisdictions. You may lose your money when this company gets shut down by the law.

To ensure your money remains safe, invest only in companies that have reliable regulation. Only use the top legitimate forex brokers in the market to avoid losing your money to scammers. Only such companies can provide you with a safe investment environment.


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