Empire Crypto FX Review: Empirecryptofx.com A Filthy Scam

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Empire Crypto FX Review
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Empire Crypto FX is on the warning list of the CNMV. They have been collecting money from Spain citizens illegally. This is not the only jurisdiction that the scam is violating. If you choose to ignore the red flags of this Ponzi scheme, you will have yourself to blame.

Empire Crypto FX is a company that makes bold claims of helping investors becomes rich. Everything is put under one page on the website. We were curious to see what their methodology section entailed. Unfortunately, there is nothing worth noting.

The company is targeting investors in the forex sector. However, they do not mention if they have a web-based or MetaTrader trading interface. The venture is also eyeing crypto trading clients.

Empire Crypto FX Review, Empire Crypto FX Company

Getting started is easy. You need to provide the necessary personal data, deposit the amount required, and start earning a high income. The venture also claims it has a high number of investors that are already enjoying these rewards.

It is worth noting that it does not have past trading performance results. Hence, their claims of being the best are bogus. The venture is exploiting investors, and there is nothing positive that can ever come from their engagement.

The company uses a fabricated narrative to trap innocent investors. You will never find an expert trader wasting their time or funds in such a losing scheme. We recommend that you trade wisely and avoid the common loopholes of fraudsters.

Empirecryptofx.com Review

It can be difficult to spot a scam, especially if you are a rookie trader. The false testimonials, attractive bonuses, and false promises may easily sway you into giving the wrong people access to your funds.

There are factors that you should consider to avoid losing money. Researching about a platform will save you from making the wrong decision. For instance, Empire Crypto FX has several negative reviews from financial analysts in the industry.

Websites like our avails free information exposing con artists in the market. The venture has negative client feedback. This proves that the scammers have already started disappointing investors that entrusted their funds.

Additionally, the people that are behind this entity are anonymous. Empire Crypto FX is careful with the info that it shares with the public. Discreetness is a characteristic that is only favorable to fraudsters. A legit company will provide all the necessary information to their clients.

Invest in some genuine forex trading ventures that are transparent and regulated. The brokers have been in the market for years, and you can check on their milestones and the trading results. Trust a venture that allows you to have peace of mind.

Contract Details and Customer Support

Empire Crypto FX does not have a parent company. The venture is allegedly based on 56th floor 100 King St West Toronto ON M5X 1P3, Canada. They have a phone number that investors can use to reach them. Additionally, you can also email the firm.

We cannot verify if the scheme responds timely to the query of their customers. The venture does not have customers’ reviews on third-party websites. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on their word, as they are con artists.

It is important that before you invest in a company, you understand the services you are going to get. A legit broker will provide real contact details. They will not fake their location as Empire Crypto FX has done. Additionally, the venture will also have active social media pages to interact and inform traders on trending issues.

Regulation and Registration Status of Empire Crypto FX

The entity is accepting traders from every corner of the earth. Therefore, their website should be decorated with multiple licenses from various financial watchdogs. Unfortunately, this is not the case. They do not have a license from IIROC does not permit them to collect funds from traders.

Empire Crypto FX is on the warning list of the CNMV. They have been collecting money from Spain citizens illegally. This is not the only jurisdiction that the scam is violating. If you choose to ignore the red flags of this Ponzi scheme, you will have yourself to blame.

The trading conditions of the company will push you to risky limits. Additionally, there is no guarantee of getting your fund back. You cannot report the venture to the authority as it is a ghost entity.

Empire Crypto FX does not segregate funds. Therefore, the amount you cash in shall be used for greedy purposes rather than the intended reason. Once the venture notices traders are not buying their narrative, the scheme will close down its business.

For the sake of your sanity, it is best to look for a regulated investment scheme. They have ideal trading solutions. You even stand a chance of receiving compensation when things go south. Invest wisely!

Empire Crypto FX Trading Conditions

The chart that Empire Crypto FX avails is not functional. The company lacks all the aspects of a serious broker. The con artists behind this scheme are a big joke. The venture is dealing with volatile assets. However, the value does not change.

Empirecryptofx.com Review, Empirecryptofx.com Statistics

This pyramid scheme survives if new members keep sign up into the system. Once their narrative is no longer viable, the scheme shall close down. The withdrawal request always surpasses the funds coming into the entity.

A reputable forex trading venture will have superior trading software like the MT4/MT5. They will also avail trading accounts that clearly outline the perks that investors shall get by investing with them. All the necessary information is accessible to the public.

Empire Crypto FX Client Feedback

We did not encounter individuals in the third parties that have earned using Empire Crypto FX. We only found negative reviews of investors that are unpleased with the entity. This shows that the venture is not profitable as it claims. Their promises are null.

The Ponzi scheme is using a technique that is common with other fraudsters in the market. They feature false testimonials using stock images. The information is a mere fabrication that con artists use to deceive naïve clients.

Nobody has earned using this venture. You should not be surprised if you come across advertisements promoting Empire Crypto FX as a genuine entity. Scammers never give up, and they keep asking for more funds.

Once you deposit, they will show you how your account is generating high profits. The show will be cut short when you request for withdrawal. The account managers will give endless excuses. You will then start making unimaginable losses. They will also disclose charges that they had not mentioned.

The Domain Insight

Empirecryptfx.com registrars are anonymous. The company made its first digital footprint in November 2020. The domain is expected to expire after a year. We hope they don’t come back as their business is fraudulent. The scheme has low traffic, which is a good thing. Investors are getting smart, and they can avoid murky businesses like Empire Crypto FX.

Final Verdict

The nasty Ponzi scheme will leave the industry without notice. Investors will be left counting losses. You can never attain financial freedom with a bogus offshore venture. The people running this platform are only looking after their greedy needs.

Empire Crypto FX is not licensed, and they present fake contact details. The trading conditions of this entity are also unknown. Investors need to be very careful with this suspicious firm. They are using fake testimonials to get the trust of investors.

Avoid the bad outcome of dealing with fraudsters and invest with the best forex trading companies in the industry. The firms have outlined their trading conditions. You will trade knowing the leverage to expect. The financial results are also at traders’ disposal.