Empower Network Review: EmpowerNetwork.com A Total MLM Fraud

Empower Network
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Empower Network is one of the longest-running MLM scams. It is unimaginable that its website EmpowerNetwork.com is still running. It has become a famous company because it promised 10% of commissions to bloggers and community members. Moreover, it claims to be one of the largest blogging communities, even though there is no official record of the number of its members. The company has a complex business model that has managed to scam thousands of people since 2014. The owners of the company have been proven guilty in UK courts, which makes it evident that the entire company is a scam.

Since the company’s website, EmpowerNetwork.com is still operating. It is essential to review the website and warn users. So let’s get started with reviewing this network, and finding out about is fraudulent activities.

What is Empower Network?

EmpowerNetwork.com claims to be running of the biggest blogger community and offering educational services. Moreover, it has listed six different marketing tools, such as blogging systems, hosting applications, training, and numerous coaching packages. The company mainly targets home-based and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

According to Empower Network’s own statistics, about thirty thousand people use this network and its affiliate membership. Moreover, the site mentions several times that they are offering 100% commissions on the sales of the company’s products. However, there is no external proof to validate such claims, which means you should not trust anything that the company says.

Domain Insights

EmpowerNetwork.com was registered in 2012. Yet, the website was not active until 2014. It shows that Empower Network was established in 2014.

According to the Alexa site analysis, EmpowerNetwork.com has an average global ranking. Most of its traffic is coming from the USA (79%), followed by South Korea (4.7%) and Canada (2.2%). The analysis indicates that the website is enjoying good popularity around the world. It means that the company has already managed to scam many people.

Founders of Empower Network

Lee McKenna is the owner of Empower Network. He established the company in 2014. Before this network, he was associated with ClickBank. McKenna also offers marketing courses at different educational platforms. It is quite ironic that most of his videos teach you to fake it until you make it. It seems to be the primary strategy of Empower Network as they are faking to be a large blogger community and taking investment from people without giving any substantial product or service. Moreover, David Wood is the co-founder of this network.


Illegal Activities

There is no doubt that Empower Network is a fraudulent MLM company. In 2015, UK authorities were also investigating this company and especially its owner, McKenna. According to the Daily Mall, McKenna was scamming users by claiming to be a millionaire and living a luxurious life. In truth, he was just running a scam company from his terraced home in Middleborough.

McKenna is not an ordinary scammer. In fact, he is quite smart and has compellingly designed the entire company. It was reported that McKenna had gone to a large property that was for sale and asked the agent to film it to show to her fiancée. It was a complete lie. Instead, he used this video to tell his members that he owned that luxurious property and convince them to invest in Empower Network to earn as much money as he did.

After a lengthy legal battle, he was sent to jail for two years in 2017. There has been no update about him or his possible release since then. It is quite surprising that even after the owner of Empower Network was sent to jail, EmpowerNetwork.com continued to operate. In fact, it is still scamming many people.

You should always be careful in investing in MLM companies, especially shady companies like Empower Network. It is a total scam. Therefore, do not invest in this company. Instead, mine your own cryptocurrency with crypto cloud mining companies. These companies offer transparent income plans and have less risk involved. As a result, you can expect to earn maximum profits through these crypto cloud mining companies.

Empower Network’s Products Line

Empower Network has an affiliate membership fee of $19 monthly. It claims to be a big name in the internet marketing industry and provide affiliates access to an extensive blogging network, along with educational and training products. EmpowerNetwork.com mentions the following three parts of the company:

1.     Blogging Platform

Empower Network refers to its blogging platform as the viral blogging system. It is supposed to be powered by WordPress and has a custom template created to entice users and make them join the network.

Users have to pay for the Empower Network Viral Blogging System, along with the monthly affiliate membership fee. Once you pay the fee, you will gain access to write blog posts about any topics you like. Even though the company claims to pay to the top writers, there is no proof of that.

Any blog published on the network automatically get filled with lots of advertisement. The system does not emphasize the content of the blog. Instead, it uses blog posts to promote the company. It simply means that the company is acting as a content farm. It is using the blog section to get exposure for the company and attract other people to invest in it.

2.     Inner Circle

Inner Circle is described as an audio-based training program by EmpowerNetwork.com. The company does not give many details about these training programs. It only states that the program is updated every two to four times a week, and new audio material is added. Most of these audio programs primarily focus on online marketing, sales management, and networking marketing are

3.     Costa Rica Video Series

Empower Network also offers a 12-hours video marketing series called the Costa Rica Mastermind Video Series. The videos are shot in a beautiful home of David Wood in Costa Rica. The program deals with different types of business structure, marketing, and establishing a business from the ground.

Empower Network

To access these videos, users must become buy the affiliate membership of the company. Users can get the first 6 hours of video content for free, whereas members have to pay extra money to access the full lecture series.

Final Verdict About Empower Network

EmpowerNetwork.com mentioned three plans to attract different types of people. It cleverly tries to promote the company in people with different interests and backgrounds, so that a large number of people join the network. The Costa Rica video series of the company has been viral among new businessperson.

Similarly, bloggers and writers join this network with the hope of getting compensation for writing blogs.  Even if the members end up making a little bit of money, it will not be enough to make up for the losses they will endure once the company collapses.

However, the above discussion makes it clear that Empower Network is a fraud. It is involved in a lot of controversies and legal battles. Lee McKenna had been jailed for running this scam. David Wood, another executive of EmpowerNetwork.com, has also admitted that the company is a scam. Therefore, there is no point in wasting your money in this organization. Instead, you should invest in crypto cloud mining companies that allow you mine and trade your own crypto coins. Such companies are much more trustable than scam MLM companies like Empower Network.

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