Encoretrade Review: Avoid this Blacklisted Broker (Encoretrade.ltd)

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Encoretrade Review
  • Fund Safety
  • License and Registration
  • Contact Details and Customer Support


Encoretrade presents a fake registration form from the Australian government. It proves how low this scheme will go to win the trust of their victims. Furthermore, a registration certificate does not mean much when it comes to fund safety. What really counts is having a regulatory form.

Encoretrade claims it is a secure and genuine investment company. They allegedly have all the features that investors may need to become successful. The platform only guarantees high growth. The products that the firm offers are volatile. However, the entity does not care to elaborate on how it plans to manage the risks.

Encoretrade Review, Encoretrade Company

The products available include; binary options (which are dangerous and several regulatory bodies in the market do not license to offer the assets), forex, commodities, stocks, shares, and cryptocurrency mining. Digital currency mining used to be one of the ways of getting rich quickly. 

However, currently, it is hard to enter the market. This is because the process is expensive. Individuals who cannot afford the equipment end up joining existing ventures. The number of coins available on the market also affects the price. If You encounter a scheme that only guarantees high profitability, think twice. Do not fall for the scammers. 

Invest with reputable and genuine cryptocurrency investment companies. These are some of the best platforms in the market. You will generate passive income. Moreover, the entity provides sufficient information about its services. 

Encoretrade.ltd Review

They are extremely tactical. Encoretrade allegedly focuses on meeting the needs of its clients. The registration process is simple. The scheme is accepting digital currency payments. Despite the cryptos revolutionizing the world and making payment easy, scammers use them to hide their identities. Additionally, it also limits clients from issuing a chargeback.

Encoretrade allegedly has an outstanding history in the market. The broker displays statistics to win over investors. The data is not verified, and we believe the company is using these figures to attract more victims. The platform fails to reveal how it plans to protect the data of users. 

This being a shady venture, the SSL certificate is not adequate protection. They can violate your privacy by selling the information to criminals. We urge investors to find better investment companies in the market. You are not safe with this broker. The information and qualification of the individuals handling your funds are hidden. 

Trading Conditions of Encoretrade

Encoretrade is a Jack of all trades. They ought to have superior trading platforms. Unfortunately, the broker does not even have a basic interface. Therefore, they can’t trade. The best schemes in the market will assist you to generate passive income. 

There is no leverage or spread to expect from this platform. Investors should be smart and avoid the venture like the plague. The average market standard for the spread is 1 pip, and then leverage that the EU financial body approves is 1:30. For the Canadian and the USA, it is 1:50. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

You can deposit funds via Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Perfect money. The venture guarantees that the withdrawal process takes place instantly. Payment methods like credit and debit cards will allow you to issue a chargeback. The entity is discrete with its trading conditions. 

Encoretrade fails to set up the least amount that investors should invest. The fees, commission, and processing time are all missing. The broker does not have a license. Getting your money once you deposit won’t be possible. 

Regulation and Registration Status of Encoretrade

Encoretrade presents a fake registration form from the Australian government. It proves how low this scheme will go to win the trust of their victims. Furthermore, a registration certificate does not mean much when it comes to fund safety. What really counts is having a regulatory form.

Encoretrade.ltd Review, Encoretrade.ltd Regulation

Australia has one of the best financial watchdogs. They ensure that the funds of traders are safe. The Canadian regulator has blacklisted the platform for operating illegally in its country. Additionally, the Spanish body does not approve of the company. Investors should take the two red flags seriously.  

It is impossible to go after the people behind Encoretrade. Moreover, we suspect that they are not qualified to run the activities of the platform. It is point blank that this broker is a nasty scam. The money that you cash in will never be recovered. The entity does not even have a Term and Condition policy. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

The available address shows that the scheme is operating from Australia. If you have an issue, you should leave your contact details behind then the broker will reach you. The company is promising traders huge profits, yet they do not have enough funds to hire responsive and professional support. 

Forget about being rich with this company. All that you are going to get is a bad experience. We have already proved that there is no trading happening behind closed doors. The scheme has a referral program. We assume that this is one of their popular ways of trapping more victims. 

Client Feedback

The venture has several positive reviews. The problem is that the people that leave this information behind are anonymous. Additionally, we got the information in TrustPilot the monitor of this platform is not thorough. People that have not used the company before end up giving misleading data.

Another worrying factor is that there is no proof of payment. Once you believe the reviews, you will make losses. You must double-check the information. We suggest that you review it thoroughly. 

However, some are displeased with Encoretrade. They claim to have lost a huge amount of money. They are only allowing clients to withdraw for the first time. Sadly, if you deposit more money, the scheme withholds the payment. The broker is asking for more money for them to pay back.

Encoretrade False Testimonials

Encoretrade also pulls out an old trick. The platform designates a particular section that showcases investors that are reviewing the platform. There isn’t even a single negative review. They cherry-pick the information to trap innocent clients. There is no genuine data. 

Furthermore, the reviews are in statement form. The company has left them behind. No one has made profits with the broker. If you want to trade wisely, then we suggest you look for a transparent company. 

The Domain Insight

Encoretrade.ltd made its first digital footprint in November 2020. The entity does not have a trading history. Their domain name was recently renewed in June 2021. It shall expire in November 2021. The traffic visiting the platform does not match the praises that the company is showering itself. Moreover, we cannot tell the actual location of their victims. 

Final Verdict

You can make money by investing in forex, cryptocurrency, indices, and other various assets. However, if you expect to get rich overnight, you will only end up dealing with fraudsters like Encoretrade. This is a scheme that has nothing to show. They only use false information. 

Giving the entity the benefit of the doubt will only leave you high and dry. Furthermore, the scheme has already been blacklisted by the authority. The venture lacks a trading platform. They also claim to be mining digital currencies. However, the location of their mining farms or how they handle the mining costs is not available. 

Invest with transparent legit cryptocurrency investment schemes if you want to earn passive income. These are ventures that have been in the market for years. The review from the genuine firms will shed more light on what to expect. 

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