Enzacta Review: Enzacta.com A Nutritional Supplements MLM Firm

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Enzacta is a personal care product and nutritional supplement manufacturer and supplier. According to Enzacta.com, the company has been striving for a decade to enhance people’s lives through pure and safe products. The most interesting as well as the suspicious thing about this company is its affiliate membership. In this article, you will get to know about this company in great detail. Moreover, it will help you in deciding to invest in this venture or not.

Overview of Enzacta

Enazcta.com describes the company as an international firm that wants to improve the lives of people around the world. Russ Hall, an experienced and passionate individual, is running the company since 2003. The company attracts people by saying that the entire purpose of the company is to give them maximum rewards.

Enazcta has expanded and evolved a lot in the last few years. It is offering a wide range of self-care products and nutritional supplements. Despite the fact it has a variety of products, the affiliate membership of the company is the primary driving force of the company. You have to be an affiliate of the company to buy products and earn profits.

Physical Address of Enzacta

Enzacta.com provides an executive address in the Wyoming state of the USA. However, the provided address belongs to a company called “Corporations Today” that provides various incorporation services in the USA. In simple words, Enzacta is acting as a shell company. There is no official record of its registration or taxation that shows that it does not physically exist in Wyoming.

Another contradictory information is that the official Facebook page of Enzacta states that the company is running from Mexico City. Similarly, the terms and condition agreement cites Minnesota as the company’s location. It proves that the origins of the company are highly suspicious.


Enzacta’s Product Line

The list of the personal care products and supplements offered by Enzacta is endless. The most frustrating fact about the product line is that the website does not give any information about the quantity or price of the products. Some of the most prominent products are:

  • A luxurious facial cleanser that removes all kinds of dirt and pollutants from your face.
  • PXP Royale contains a very high concentration of healthy amino acids.
  • The facial serum that has anti-aging effects and even helps to reverse signs of aging.
  • Toner to tone and rehydrate your skin.
  • Alfa Energy can be added into the water to increase your energy levels.

You cannot avail of these products unless you buy the affiliate membership. It makes it clear that Enzacta is an MLM company that is forcing the users to become an affiliate of the company to buy its products.

How to Join Enzacta?

If you want to join the affiliate membership of Enzacta, you the following two options:

  • Buy an IBO Standard Plan that costs $99
  • Buy an IBO Executive Plan that costs $249

Enzacta.com states that if the users want to earn maximum profits and participate in the entire compensation plan, they should buy the Executive Plan.

The company is asking for a significant amount of money without giving much details. It does not even provide the prices of its products. If you invest in this company, you will have very high chances of losing your money. So, beware of investing in it. Instead, you should use the crypto trading bots. These bots provide various trading preferences. Moreover, they are quick and much more reliable than MLM companies like Enzacta. 

Income Structure

Overall, Enzacta is providing numerous bonuses and opportunities to earn profits. However, the entire income structure revolves around recruiting new members and selling the company’s products. It has the following nine affiliate ranks:

  1. Wholesale Buyer Plus Rank for which you have to hire at least two affiliates.
  2. Associate Rank for which you have to hire at least two affiliates.
  3. Director for which you have to maintain two affiliates and generate four residual commissions.
  4. Senior Director for which you have to maintain two affiliates and generate residual commissions an entire month.
  5. Bronze for which you have to hire four affiliates and generate two residual commissions.
  6. Silver for which you have to hire six affiliates and generate four residual commissions the entire month.
  7. Gold for which you have to hire eight affiliates and generate ten residual commissions.
  8. Platinum for which you have to hire ten affiliates and generate fifteen residual commissions.
  9. Diamond for which you have to hire twelve affiliates and generate twenty residual commissions.

Retail and Residual Commissions

Enzacta claims to offer both retail and residual commissions like many other MLM companies. However, the website does not give any information about the retail commissions. It encourages the members to sell the company’s products and earn profits without giving any further information.

On the other hand, the Enzacta.com provides a general plan for residual commissions. A binary team of the company has an infinite number of levels. It supports both direct and indirect recruitment. The first level has two positions. The second level has four positions, and so on. The members have to maintain their team and generate a significant amount of sales volume to keep earning bonuses.


Bonuses are given according to the affiliate ranks, and the total amount of sales an entire team creates. The company is promising the following daily residual commissions:

  • Members of the Wholesale Buyer Plus and Associate Rank can earn up to $100.
  • Members of the Director Rank can earn up to $200.
  • Affiliates of the Senior Director Rank can earn up to $1000.
  • Affiliates of the Bronze Rank can earn up to $2000.
  • Members of the Silver Rank can earn up to $4000.
  • Members of the Gold Rank can earn up to $10,000.
  • Affiliates of the Platinum Rank can earn up to $15,000.
  • Affiliates of the Diamond Rank can earn up to $20,000.

However, there is no proof that the company will actually pay any of the bonuses. Even if you end up getting some sort of profits from the company, it will take a lot of your time, energy, and initial investment.


Enzacta promises a lot of fo bonuses to the members without giving any assurance that these bonuses will be given. Moreover, the company has extremely suspicious origins. The contradictory information about its address shows that the managing team behind the company is lying. In such a case, it is only logical to assume that Enzacta.com is probably lying about many other things, just like it is contradicting its own information.

Moreover, this personal care MLM company does not provide sufficient information that can prompt the users to invest in this venture. It tries to explain its compensation plan, but it is not enough to be asking $249 investment. One of the most disappointing things about Enzacta is that it does not mention the retail prices of its products.

It is completely illogical that a company selling products and nutritional supplements has hidden the prices of its products. No user can make a smart choice without knowing the prices. You will not be able to buy any of the products unless you invest in its affiliate membership. It means Enzacta is relying completely on the membership charges. It is an MLM company that does not have any external source of income.

In short, there is a very high chance that you will end up losing your money by investing in Enzacta. Therefore, you should avoid this company in the first place. Instead, you can use the efficient crypto trading bots that are quick, effective, and easy-to-use to earn good amount of profits. 

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