Eternal Finance Review: a Lethal Ponzi Scheme

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Eternal Finance Review
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Eternal Finance is using false information to win over customers. Take claim to abide by Poland’s rules to resolve disputes between them and their customers. The broker is also exposed by the Spain financial regulator CNMV. 

Eternal Finance is a discrete investment company that gives no advantage to investors. The broker is tactical and leaves no traces behind. Information about the account manager and other responsible members is missing on the website.

Eternal Finance Review, Eternal Finance is a Ponzi scheme

Unfortunately, their website has already collapsed. It is a common tendency with scammers. They exit the market prematurely without fulfilling their promises. 

However, this does not mean that they do not resurface. Ponzi schemes do not change their mode of operation, only their domain names. Distinguishing a genuine company from a scam is easy. All you have to do is check if a firm is legally in business. Alternatively, you can check for customer reviews on reputable websites. Review 

Eternal Finance has been in the industry since 2023. Unfortunately, the company does not see the value of providing audited trading performance. Genuine platforms present daily trading performance to financial regulators.

The process ensures brokers do not manipulate the market price. Customers also get to see what they are signing up for. Be wary of entities that promise financial freedom without having proof of trading.

Brokers require investors to provide proof of identity. Sadly, Eternal Finance does not indicate its country of operation. It is also impossible to get hold of their customer support because there are no contact details. is a shady company that will only leave its victims high and dry. There are multiple genuine and transparent crypto companies with ideal trading conditions. Investors can earn passive income without exposing themselves to severe risks.

Eternal Finance Trading Conditions and Accounts 

Eternal Finance customers with basic web trading software. They limit investors from enjoying competitive trading opportunities. Clients cannot trade automatically or keep watch of their active orders. 

The entity is dealing with volatile products hence investors will need adequate trading skills to enjoy the trading experience. Unfortunately, the firm is not offering education opportunities to clients. 

Eternal Finance promises a spread of 3 pips. The opportunity is not profitable since clients will require a high amount to open trade. The average market standard for spread is 1.5 pips. Luckily, there are some genuine brokers with tight spreads. All you have to do is perform a keen research.

The advertised leverage is 1:100. The acceptable leverage in the EU and Australia is  1:30 while in the USA it is 1:50. High leverage cap is usually available to experienced traders who must have sufficient funds.

Withdrawal and Deposits 

Eternal Finance accepts funds via multiple cryptocurrencies such as Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Investors can’t issue chargebacks or identify the wallet holders. This allows the con artist to remain untraceable. 

The scheme entices clients with bonuses. However, customers cannot withdraw the amount without meeting 25 times the trade volume of the deposited amount plus the bonus. It is a tricky way to retain victim cash. 

Eternal Finance Regulation Status 

Eternal Finance is using false information to win over customers. Take claim to abide by Poland’s rules to resolve disputes between them and their customers. The broker is also exposed by the Spain financial regulator CNMV. 

Investors’ funds are only safe with a regulated company. This is because such platforms meet the set capital requirement. The amount is typically high and eliminates any possibility of a venture manipulating the market price.

Eternal Finance does not offer negative account balance protection to customers. The domain registration will only last for one year meaning you cannot entrust the firm with long-term services.  

Final Verdict

Eternal Finance terms and conditions are vague. The entity is also capable of changing these conditions whenever it pleases without disclosing to customers. You will never find peace with offshore platforms that are only after your money. Therefore, choose some of the best crypto companies with reasonable terms and that offer a fast withdrawal process.

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