Eurmarkets Review: a Fake Forex Trading Platform

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Eurmarkets Review
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Eurmarkets is not the first fraudulent firm we have seen that is showering itself false praises. If you choose to join them based on the data they present it will be a huge mistake. We recommend that you trade with caution.

Eurmarkets is allegedly an investment company that is accessible to all investors. You can buy or sell your assets whenever you please. The entity is dealing with Forex, commodities, and indices. You can also start trading from anywhere in the world.

The broker despite being fraudulent is dedicated to offering the best educational material. The information is availed via tutorials, videos, and e-Books. The problem is that the information can only be beneficial to newbies traders.

Eurmarkets Review, Eurmarkets Company

Expert investors will not find the data helpful. Eurmarkets brags that it has won three awards. It is allegedly the best trading platform, the broker in the year 2018. The information cannot be verified which is a huge red flag for this firm.

This is not the first fraudulent firm we have seen that is showering itself false praises. If you choose to join them based on the data they present it will be a huge mistake. We recommend that you trade with caution.

There are several Ponzi schemes in the market that are not involved in trading. They do not have any product or services worth giving them a try. Here are some of the legit forex trading brokers in the market that are genuine and transparent. Review

Eurmarkets is a company that is involved in affiliate marketing services. They urge their existing customers to bring in more customers for them to earn more profits. We suspect that this is the only stream of income that the entity has.  The platform registration process is speedy.

The company is not genuine nor reliable. Their trading conditions are not ideal for investors. The website can be accessed in various languages like German, Russian, English, and Spanish. You might come across this venture being advertised online.

The information available is very enticing and even without knowing you might end up becoming their victim. The team which is managing the money of traders is also not presented to the public. It bring up the question do they have the necessary skills to run a forex trading firm?

Investors need to be very careful with anonymous ventures because you do not know who they are or their location.  Therefore, you should not share your personal information with fraudsters. They can sell it to third-party or keep calling till you heed their demand.

Moreover, it might appear as though you are making profits but in reality, you are not. The amount will only be reflected in your portfolio. You will wait for an eternity before getting back your funds.

Trading Conditions of Eurmarkets

Eurmarkets is offering a spread of 2.2 pips which is not profitable to the investors. You will pay more if you decide to test the waters with them. The leverage is that of 1:400. The broker allegedly avails a web-based interface as well as an MT4 platform.

However, once you try accessing the MetaTrader interface you will get an error. It is also the case for the web-based platform. Therefore, this proves our assumptions that there are no trading activities taking place in this company.

Eurmarkets is just another Ponzi scheme in the marking. The firm will not make any genuine returns for investors. They should have noticed the error by now if this is a genuine firm. However, them being a scam the only thing that you will get from them is huge losses.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company allegedly accepts funds via Credit and bank transfers. Moreover, this firm does not disclose the minimum amount that you can deposit. Leaving out such critical information shows a lack of seriousness.

A fee of $50 applies if you decide to withdraw money. Unfortunately, we do not see any trading activities taking place in this entity. The minimal amount that you can cash out is 100 EURO. If you withdraw less than this you will be subjected to paying more charges.

It is a requirement that is not common with legit platforms. Additionally, for you to receive your funds on the same day you must send a request before 9 AM GMT. It is not possible to verify whether the information availed is trustworthy.

Regulation and Registration of Eurmarkets

Grtexo Ltd is the corporate that is managing the operation of Eurmarkets. The venture states that it is licensed by International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center and Exchange Commission (IFMRRC). The body is incomparable with reputable financial watchdogs like FCA, NFA, ASIC, or CySEC.

Moreover, majority of the ventures that have IFMRRC regulatory document turns out to be fraudulent. This is a non-commercial body that licenses forex companies. You cannot rely on them to offer security to traders. Additionally, there are several ventures that have already been blacklisted that are operating using their regulatory form.

Eurmarkets is therefore another rogue illegal forex trading company. It does not provide fund safety to its customers. Moreover, accounts of investors are not segregated. If you care about your safety refrain from depositing your hard-earned money in this scheme. Contact Details

Eurmarkets customer support team can be reached from Monday to Friday 6 AM to 7 PM GMT. The method that traders can use is either email, filling up a contact form, or calling them. The office address of this platform is allegedly at 13 Chapman Street London, UK.

However, this appears to be a formulated random address. This is a firm that is located in an offshore area. The problem with these kinds of firms is that you cannot trust them. The moment they decide to exit the market it will be hard to trace them down.

Eurmarkets will not answer your call and they can even blacklist you. The moment they achieve their goal which is to scam innocent investors they will close down their business. Stay away from brokers that have these characteristics.

The Domain Insight

The platform has been in the industry since July 2019. It is anonymously registered and the people managing their operations leave no information that can be used to incriminate themselves. The domain name shall expire in July 2021. Avoid investing with them at all costs.

Final Verdict

Eurmarkets is a company that is not licensed by the government. The broker states that it is based in the UK but they are not in the FCA database. It is collecting funds without having the necessary documentation.

Invest with licensed forex trading entities that have a trading history. You are going to earn reasonable returns. Your security is guaranteed when you trade with these ventures. Their support is also professional and responds in time

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