Euro Capital FX Review: is a Fraud

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Euro Capital FX Review
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A platform with a trading history is better than the one that has recently been established. At least you know what you are signing up for. Euro Capital FX is also operating anonymously.

Euro Capital FX allegedly provides premium trading tools for their clients. The entity claims it boosts the confidence of its clients. They have multiple trading tools for their clients. You can easily diversify your portfolio. The venture states it provides ethical trading conditions for investors.

They feature themselves as a reputable and trustworthy scheme. For starters, this is a bold claim coming from a venture that has not disclosed the people behind their services. Additionally, the scheme has recently joined the market. 

Euro Capital FX Review, Euro Capital FX Company

Hence, regarding being reputable, the firm is lying. We always urge investors to stick to genuine platforms. A platform with a trading history is better than the one that has recently been established. At least you know what you are signing up for. Euro Capital FX is also operating anonymously. 

We do not know the people that are behind the scheme. Hence, we cannot guarantee that experts are managing your money. Anonymous investment schemes are often to no good. They will leave you high and dry. They choose to remain discreet because the authority will put them behind bars if they avail concrete information regarding their whereabouts. Review

Ironically, Euro Capital FX states it handles the safety of investors’ funds seriously. Nonetheless, the broker fails to disclose information regarding the financial institution to keep the money safe. You risk depositing your hard-earned money directly to the account of the fraudsters. It is impossible to recover from it.

The company brags it executes a trade at lightning speed. Thanks to their superior trading platform. The entity also assures investors it charges a reasonable commission. They also have several lucrative offers that aim to make them earn more. Keep in mind that scammers tend to use bonuses to entice clients. However, some conditions apply for you to be able to cash out. Ensure that you read the terms and conditions of every firm before depositing money.

Furthermore, the regulatory bodies are against clients offering such lucrative. The account opening process is described as sweet. Avoid sharing your phone number or contact details with Euro Capital FX. They will keep reaching you until you heed their demands. Once they steal your funds, you become useless. However, scammers leave the market and resurrect with a new name. They can still contact you, promising to change your life. 

Many people tend to lose money by choosing the wrong venture. It takes time to become a successful trader. Con artists will advertise their superior trading bot, but it is only an attempt to defraud naive clients. Watch out for the obvious red flag. If a scheme does not have a license, avoid doing business with them.

Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the market. You will earn real-time returns with the broker. Their reading conditions are clear and precise. You get to enjoy top-notch security.

Trading Condition and Account

Euro Capital FX claims it is a legit ECN broker. They have superior trading tools. The platform is also innovative. They promise investors a tight spread and high leverage. They even claim to win various awards. However, there is no proof that the firm is recognized for anything.

The scheme has three trading accounts. The firm has a leverage of 500 for the standard account. The minimum trade lot is 0.01, and the spread ranges from 25 to 30 pips. The available products are; indices, shares, commodities, and forex. The entity is allegedly offering an MT5 trading interface. This is one of the superior and powerful trading platforms in the market.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment methods include; PayPal, Neteller, Perfect Money, Skrill, FasaPay, and BitPay. The least amount that you can deposit is $200. We cannot validate if the scheme is accepting what it displays. We have seen scammers accepting weird and shady methods that limit traders from issuing a chargeback. Review, Plans

Moreover, the withdrawal requirements are not disclosed. Their possibility of the offshore scheme not processing the withdrawal of traders is extremely high. We are yet to encounter anyone that successfully withdrew funds from the scheme. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

Euro Capital FX address indicates the firm is trading from St Vincent and the Grenadines. They have a phone number and an email address. It is impossible to reach an offshore broker after they steal your funds. The majority of the ventures shut down their system and deactivated their phone number. If you manage to get hold of them, expect unethical treatment. 

The main objective of Ponzi schemes is to get more money from their victims. If you request a withdrawal, the venture will start requesting taxation fees and other undisclosed charges. The entity also claims to have an office in Dubai, but this is false. Nobody knows where Euro Capital FX is carrying out its activities from. 

We recommend that you stick to legit companies as they hire professional support. They handle the queries of traders on time. Also, if you experience any hitch, you are assured that they are there to assist. 

Regulation Status of Euro Capital FX 

The entity originates from SVG. The country has a regulatory body, but they issued a statement indicating they do not oversee online trading activities. This is after multiple platforms continue to steal funds from innocent traders by purporting to operate in the country legally. 

Hence, the platform does not offer fund safety to investors. They do not work with a reputable financial institution. There is no segregation of funds in the scheme. Moreover, Euro Capital FX lacks a parent company. There is no one to go after once the venture exits the market.

The company is also operating anonymously. The government requires that all investment firms reveal information regarding the founder, financial analysts, and account managers. This ensures that qualified people get to run a platform. 

Offshore investment schemes can exit the market without notice, and going after the firm is nearly impossible. Dubai has a financial regulator United Arab Emirates (CBUAE). We checked on the database and couldn’t find Euro Capital FX. 

Moreover, the Ponzi scheme does not have a legal document. Therefore, there is nothing that binds the company to the clients. The firm can decide to apply hidden charges. Avoid unlicensed firms at all costs.

Clients Review

Euro Capital FX is a venture that does not have client testimonials. Without knowing their customers’ experience, you are signing up for something that you do not know.  The Ponzi scheme is untrustworthy. Legit platforms have reviews of their clients on third parties websites. 

Scammers, on the other side, use false information to attract traders. You will find a testimonial section that they have written themselves. Their marketers also overwork themselves deceiving naive traders they are earning from the scheme. 

Final Verdict

Euro Capital FX is a platform that is not genuine. Joining them, you are tosing yourself on fire. You will never attain a positive outcome by dealing with an unregulated scheme. You will spend most of your time panicking about the unknown. The scammers are tactical, and they leave the industry when you least expect it.

Invest with legit forex trading companies instead of risking your data and information with fraudsters. You will earn real time returns. Moreover, they have professionals and reliable support. 


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